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2021-01-30 04:27:27 UTC


2021-01-30 04:27:46 UTC


2021-01-30 04:35:52 UTC


2021-01-30 04:53:01 UTC


2021-01-30 04:53:52 UTC

That's pretty cool

2021-01-30 05:02:51 UTC

Guns Up Patriots

2021-01-30 13:09:03 UTC

Good morning family. What's this platform for? Wondering what to delete. Guns up!

2021-01-30 13:10:39 UTC

Mornin Honey Badge I was wondering if I could have ur phone number in case I come across some new recipes

2021-01-30 13:11:21 UTC

Hey, HB. General set this up last night. We have both visual/audio meeting room and a chat/text room all in one app. Houses up to 99 members at a time. If I'm not mistaken, he wants to try to get everyone rolled over to this platform tonight. At least that's what he said last night.

2021-01-30 13:12:23 UTC

I've got some stuff to do this morning, but I'll be on about 1pm to start helping people navigate the app and get set up to be on comms tonite

2021-01-30 13:14:27 UTC

I wouldn't delete anything until he says directly what we will continue to use

2021-01-30 13:16:19 UTC

Hey Chaos I never did get the push to talk to work rite last night maybe later this afternoon if u get a chance would u help me with that

2021-01-30 13:16:34 UTC

Sure can

2021-01-30 13:16:55 UTC

Thank u sir

2021-01-30 13:53:08 UTC

Tucker Carlson: The American government is at war with its own people

2021-01-30 14:04:56 UTC

I saw this General, and it was spot on. We will see more evidence of this as this year proceeds. More and more people, even Democrats, will not be able to deny, or even condone what is happening.

2021-01-30 14:15:15 UTC

Dixie - 206-697-3189

2021-01-30 15:45:27 UTC

Bastion VSF 3% checking in

2021-01-30 15:45:45 UTC

Morning brother

2021-01-30 15:45:58 UTC

Good morning sir !

2021-01-30 15:49:11 UTC

Heading to work. Catch you later.

2021-01-30 15:52:56 UTC

Roger that, I’ve been out here on the water since 0600 and it’s rough AF! I need a land job lol

2021-01-30 16:33:44 UTC

Good morning Patriots. I've been on discord for a couple of years now. I use it to work with some of the people that I play online games with. It's actually a pretty good platform from what I've experienced. I had forgot all about it until the general sent me the invite.

2021-01-30 16:36:31 UTC

Good morning everyone

2021-01-30 17:24:05 UTC

Checking in. Good morning to all.

2021-01-30 19:27:39 UTC

Checking in

2021-01-30 19:30:58 UTC


2021-01-30 19:35:49 UTC


2021-01-30 19:59:05 UTC


2021-01-30 20:15:15 UTC

Hope everyone’s having a great Saturday. I’ve heard of this app a lot but never used it

2021-01-30 21:17:31 UTC

Dog Soldier KYSF III %
Checking in

2021-01-30 21:19:00 UTC

I saw that "

2021-01-30 21:46:29 UTC

I'm in like General Flynn!

2021-01-30 22:12:54 UTC

Iceman checking in guns up

2021-01-31 01:05:37 UTC

1stLT Tannerite OHSF checking in

2021-01-31 01:05:58 UTC

Come to the video channel

2021-01-31 01:06:43 UTC

theman checking in

2021-01-31 01:06:55 UTC

come to video channel

2021-01-31 01:07:00 UTC


2021-01-31 01:07:14 UTC

I'm on

2021-01-31 01:07:43 UTC

LCpl Gryphon OHSF checking in

2021-01-31 01:07:51 UTC

Where is voice or video?

2021-01-31 01:08:07 UTC

I am looking for that too Scorpion

2021-01-31 01:08:08 UTC

swipe to the right, click on voice

2021-01-31 01:08:25 UTC

I am on my laptop

2021-01-31 01:08:43 UTC

because I thought I was going to need it for interviews

2021-01-31 01:09:10 UTC

left side of your screen look for "voice channels" click on the name for III% Security

2021-01-31 01:09:32 UTC

I did and not seeing how to go to video

2021-01-31 01:09:36 UTC

Then click the little camera icon

2021-01-31 01:09:50 UTC

i dont see you in the room

2021-01-31 01:10:05 UTC

right under text channel to the left

2021-01-31 01:10:09 UTC

It currently has a 10 beside it.

2021-01-31 01:10:17 UTC


2021-01-31 01:10:59 UTC


2021-01-31 01:11:48 UTC

In sir

2021-01-31 01:12:02 UTC

Come to video channel

2021-01-31 01:12:06 UTC

sapper, join the voice channel

2021-01-31 01:19:14 UTC

Check in

2021-01-31 01:19:27 UTC

move to the voice channel

2021-01-31 01:19:53 UTC

Receiving broken audio

2021-01-31 01:21:52 UTC

Axman checking in

2021-01-31 01:22:06 UTC

Driller checking in

2021-01-31 01:24:27 UTC

I can’t get any audio

2021-01-31 01:25:01 UTC

You have not made it to video channel yet

2021-01-31 01:25:15 UTC

driller, phone or computer?

2021-01-31 01:25:25 UTC


2021-01-31 01:25:47 UTC

swipe the screen to the left, it'll show you text channels and voice channels

2021-01-31 01:25:53 UTC

click voice channel to join

2021-01-31 01:27:08 UTC

find it driller?

2021-01-31 01:30:38 UTC

It keeps freezing up on me

2021-01-31 01:31:49 UTC

the app itself, or the cameras?

2021-01-31 01:34:22 UTC

Im not 100% sure. The voices are very choppy and then I get nothing. Have to exit and restart the app.

2021-01-31 01:34:45 UTC

The text is working great

2021-01-31 01:34:55 UTC

may be your internet connection

2021-01-31 01:35:09 UTC


2021-01-31 01:35:14 UTC

try now

2021-01-31 01:35:31 UTC


2021-01-31 01:35:32 UTC

swipe the screen to the left, it'll show you text channels and voice channels
click voice channel to join

2021-01-31 01:40:05 UTC

for push to talk settings:

2021-01-31 01:40:54 UTC

on phone: click the top 3 dots on your screen, go to voice settings, change from Voice Activity to Push To Talk

2021-01-31 01:42:57 UTC

on computer: click the little settings cog on the bottom left near your name. Go under app settings and click on Voice and Video. Scroll down to Input Mode and click on Push To Talk. Below that is a Key Binding shortcut button. Edit the button to whatever key you want to press for push to talk

2021-01-31 01:52:42 UTC

try clearing your cookies

2021-01-31 02:07:01 UTC

hang up and rejoin

2021-01-31 02:08:20 UTC

gonna go watch some TV with the wife. GUNS UP!

2021-01-31 02:16:28 UTC


2021-01-31 02:16:35 UTC


2021-01-31 02:30:55 UTC

Phones fixing to die guys. Going to go put it on the charger. Goodnight and Guns Up!

2021-01-31 02:31:13 UTC


2021-01-31 04:50:14 UTC

Guns up y'all have a good night

2021-01-31 11:38:54 UTC


2021-01-31 11:39:02 UTC


2021-01-31 11:39:19 UTC


2021-01-31 11:40:26 UTC


2021-01-31 11:44:54 UTC

Guns up!

2021-01-31 11:45:36 UTC

Good morning family!!

2021-01-31 11:52:48 UTC

Guns up good morning

2021-01-31 13:07:46 UTC

Good morning, Guns up!

2021-01-31 13:08:08 UTC


2021-01-31 13:08:42 UTC


2021-01-31 13:08:55 UTC

Good morning, Guns up!

2021-01-31 13:14:02 UTC

Made it finally! Man Discord gave me so much grief. Good morning!

2021-01-31 13:14:26 UTC

Yippie Kai yeah

2021-01-31 13:15:04 UTC

This app is better. Messages and voice, signal and zello in one

2021-01-31 13:18:35 UTC

Awesome! Is there video in case I wanna see your ugly mugs? 😁 I've got some learning to do. I've never conquered so many apps in such a small amount of time. I feel like an app tester. 🀣🀣

2021-01-31 13:19:03 UTC

Yep, video works in the voice channel

2021-01-31 13:19:40 UTC

On phone, swipe right

2021-01-31 13:23:22 UTC

I got the voice figured out. Trying to get video now.

2021-01-31 13:24:40 UTC

Just found out, on phone, swipe right for video but if you swipe left, you'll see people in the group

2021-01-31 13:24:58 UTC

Ok. Got it! Chaos was the lucky one that got to see me before I even got out of bed. 🀣🀣 Poor dude is gonna need to go wash his eyes out. 🀣🀣

2021-01-31 13:25:19 UTC

Lol😫 😫 😫 😫

2021-01-31 13:27:11 UTC

Nah, I'm a mess. Haven't even brushed my beard yet

2021-01-31 13:28:14 UTC

Haha! Your beard is fantastic! You looked great!

I don't wanna get up. Hence why I'm still a mess. Our big propane tank ran out someone in the night so it's freezing in the house! The hubs is starting a fire, but man. Unexpected. I'm a wuss. Thanks for the devotionals Chaos! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

2021-01-31 13:28:32 UTC


2021-01-31 13:30:03 UTC

No problem, I only show you the quick stuff. I dig a lot deeper in other morning devotions.

2021-01-31 13:30:43 UTC

Chaos....I have a trimmer, we can cut that shit off your face?? I can trim my dog so your beard will be easy

2021-01-31 13:32:43 UTC

Pshhh... my wife would castrate anyone who touches my beard lol. It's her favorite

2021-01-31 13:32:54 UTC


2021-01-31 13:33:41 UTC


2021-01-31 13:34:08 UTC

Sorry. Testing. For a minute the app wouldn't let me send messages.

2021-01-31 13:35:10 UTC

They said last night that no one would be allowed on this site until cleared hot...for safety.

2021-01-31 13:35:17 UTC

Good morning patriots

2021-01-31 13:35:19 UTC

This should be hood

2021-01-31 13:35:22 UTC


2021-01-31 15:32:46 UTC

Good morning fam and Guns Up !
][][][% πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

2021-01-31 15:33:46 UTC

Morning all! Guns Up!!

2021-01-31 15:35:10 UTC

Anyone in the mood for some gun porn this Am


2021-01-31 15:35:15 UTC


2021-01-31 15:35:26 UTC


2021-01-31 15:35:45 UTC

Ruger 308 precision

2021-01-31 15:48:29 UTC


2021-01-31 15:49:29 UTC

We went to the range yesterday and our AR is light striking and not firing so we are going to work on it today

2021-01-31 15:49:45 UTC

We also have a new one we need to pick up from our FFL πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰

2021-01-31 16:02:49 UTC

Finally came in


2021-01-31 16:03:17 UTC

A little more gun porn


2021-01-31 16:03:55 UTC

For anyone who wants som church this morning

2021-01-31 16:06:50 UTC

Anyone know I got the UV-82 and I think I figured out how to program the channels but have multiple options as far as Vox, offset and a handful of other options and the only thing I’ve been able to pick up is a half ass weather report so just an idea but if we have a big FTX a class or crash course by an experienced member would be awesome

2021-01-31 16:12:12 UTC

Mine is in route. Git it from Amazon but it's still on international waters I guess

2021-01-31 16:12:51 UTC

Can 2 hams be used as 2 way comms or do we need walker talkies ? I’m still a little confused on how and what you can broadcast to

2021-01-31 16:13:47 UTC

Not sure. Mine is the BaoFeng UV-5R8W High Power VHF UHF Dual Band Two Way Radio Portable Ham Radio with one More 3800mAh

2021-01-31 16:15:39 UTC


2021-01-31 16:16:05 UTC


2021-01-31 16:17:17 UTC

I think there is a program called CHIRP that allows you to open it up to perform

2021-01-31 16:22:55 UTC

I see it’s can ready😁

2021-01-31 16:34:35 UTC

Guns Up

2021-01-31 16:36:18 UTC

Yes sir. I just need to get a can now lol

2021-01-31 16:38:53 UTC

Can we communicate in relative close proximity radio to radio on an OP?

2021-01-31 19:03:22 UTC

Hi Big Kuntry!!

2021-01-31 20:22:59 UTC

Good afternoon Patriots. I hope everyone is having a blessed day. Thank you Chaos for all the church I got this morning. Lol. But really thanks. Never know when someone's going through something and needs to hear these. GUNS Up Patriots!!!

2021-01-31 21:13:50 UTC

My mother finally figured it out and got on station πŸŽ‡ πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸ‘πŸΌ

2021-01-31 21:35:37 UTC

πŸ‘ πŸ‘

2021-01-31 21:46:56 UTC

Good afternoon Guns up family!!

2021-01-31 23:49:33 UTC

Darn it. For some reason the Biden gaffe link won't open for me. πŸ˜’

2021-01-31 23:50:34 UTC

Well, it is a biden gaffe. Lol

2021-01-31 23:51:34 UTC

His whole life is a gaffe, so....

2021-02-01 00:07:59 UTC

Can anyone see this message?
Trying to figure this out. I don't know how to use the voice

2021-02-01 00:08:11 UTC

Yep, I see it

2021-02-01 00:08:18 UTC


2021-02-01 00:08:29 UTC

You have a live stream running

2021-02-01 00:09:11 UTC

I do? Where? Are ya'll talking or typing?

2021-02-01 00:09:33 UTC


2021-02-01 00:09:34 UTC

Typing right now. Swipe the screen to the left. You'll see the text and voice channels

2021-02-01 00:10:30 UTC

Got it. Thanks.

2021-02-01 00:10:45 UTC

Hang up from the voice channel, then log back into it again

2021-02-01 00:11:16 UTC

Sign out and log back in?

2021-02-01 00:11:44 UTC

No, swipe to the channels, click on the voice channel, then hit the red hang up button to leave the voice chat

2021-02-01 00:11:52 UTC

Then click the channel again to rejoin

2021-02-01 00:12:09 UTC

Don't log out of the system

2021-02-01 00:13:19 UTC


2021-02-01 00:13:31 UTC

This is weird

2021-02-01 00:13:35 UTC

Now go back to the voice channel and hit join

2021-02-01 00:14:24 UTC

Once your in the voice channel, you can hit the camera button to turn on video

2021-02-01 00:15:08 UTC

Make sure your microphone button is turned on as well

2021-02-01 00:19:45 UTC

One sec, gonna go to my office so I can hear you guys

2021-02-01 00:36:35 UTC

bottom right of the phone app, click the little discord symbol

2021-02-01 00:36:48 UTC

scroll down to app settings

2021-02-01 00:36:53 UTC

click on voice and video

2021-02-01 00:37:06 UTC

click input mode and change to push to talk

2021-02-01 00:37:31 UTC

then back up to the channel page again, and click on the voice channel

2021-02-01 00:38:04 UTC

I tried the push to talk but nothing. Have to use regular way

2021-02-01 00:41:37 UTC

scorp, try again, but make sure your microphone is turned on

2021-02-01 00:43:49 UTC

Kuntry, you are muted and your mic is off. if you are trying to say something

2021-02-01 00:47:40 UTC

if you need to change the volume, tap the screen and swipe up. then click change audio output

2021-02-01 01:10:22 UTC

the forum is compromised

2021-02-01 01:13:54 UTC

I’d like to find out what basement these f#€ks are hiding in

2021-02-01 01:31:47 UTC


2021-02-01 01:32:23 UTC

Choppy audio really bad on my end

2021-02-01 01:37:27 UTC

General, transmission is broken and choppy

2021-02-01 01:37:48 UTC

not receiving you

2021-02-01 01:40:28 UTC

Sorry guys, a friend just called with an emergency so I'm going to go help him. Everytime have a great and blessed night. GUNS UP!!!

2021-02-01 01:40:47 UTC

Guns up, Nightmare

2021-02-01 01:56:04 UTC

I’m not getting any audio on the vid chat

2021-02-01 01:56:15 UTC

nobody's talking right now

2021-02-01 02:07:08 UTC

A good external antenna for those Baofeng radios is the slim Jim, rolls up small and comes with 15 or 20 feet of coax. Easy to backpack, throw some paracord over a limb to raise the antenna and you get 3 to 4 times the range over the factory rubber ducky.

2021-02-01 02:08:33 UTC

[email protected] baofengs, order with a reverse sma connector

2021-02-01 02:12:49 UTC


2021-02-01 02:13:07 UTC

Anyone notice this on the bottom of the Twitter screenshot?

2021-02-01 02:13:37 UTC

Thanks Nuge, question for you, in a scenario where we needed comms and regular UHF radios are not available can we transpond and receive between elements directly with the ham?

2021-02-01 02:13:58 UTC

That was old way of letting new joins know to get on zello

2021-02-01 02:14:04 UTC


2021-02-01 02:14:13 UTC


2021-02-01 02:14:17 UTC


2021-02-01 02:14:19 UTC


2021-02-01 02:14:36 UTC

You're still in their head too, General.

2021-02-01 02:18:15 UTC


2021-02-01 02:19:35 UTC

Bastion, with vhf and uhf you’re limited to line of sight, you can figure about 1 mile per 6ft of antenna height. An HF radio bounces signals off the atmosphere giving you nationwide and even worldwide comms depending on what band you’re using. You need a ham license for that, but in SHTF no one would be checking licenses.

2021-02-01 02:20:34 UTC

I'll wait to see what I get and maybe buy another larger antenna

2021-02-01 02:21:26 UTC

Thanks Nuge, what chapter are you with ?

2021-02-01 02:21:39 UTC


2021-02-01 02:22:16 UTC

Nice, I have a shit ton of questions

2021-02-01 02:23:04 UTC

There are so many settings on that radio including offset, vox, hertz, ect and I don’t know what to run it on

2021-02-01 02:23:44 UTC

I’d like to figure it out and spend some money on a good one like an icom, or Yeasu

2021-02-01 02:57:12 UTC

fuck these Antifa trolls.. FUCK !!!

2021-02-01 02:57:42 UTC

Do we have any kind of Intel on who is leading leading atlanta antifa group?

2021-02-01 02:58:43 UTC

We need to infiltrate them

2021-02-01 02:59:52 UTC

That's what I was thinking too...

2021-02-01 03:00:57 UTC


2021-02-01 03:01:17 UTC

I'll do some digging on that

2021-02-01 03:02:16 UTC

Roger I know they were somewhat easy to embed via Facebook last year when they were recruiting hard

2021-02-01 03:02:53 UTC

I got on there trolling them and would immediately get removed

2021-02-01 03:03:11 UTC

Joshua Hollis Seems to be legit. Will do interview.
Waiting on the other new joins to respond to email I just sent.
It seems all email addresses are correct and not have been returned as undeliverable.
Trying to what this fucking mole. Bait has been cast.

2021-02-01 03:03:34 UTC

IP addresses for each have been recorded

2021-02-01 03:04:06 UTC

Antifa fags\n[REDACTED]

2021-02-01 03:08:04 UTC

Need to hire a hacker to get into their system or recruit a hacker

2021-02-01 03:08:15 UTC

was thinking the same thing

2021-02-01 03:30:58 UTC


2021-02-01 03:31:09 UTC


2021-02-01 03:51:33 UTC

This user was banned from the forum a couple of days ago.

2021-02-01 08:14:21 UTC

Never Trump Lincoln Project Founder John Weaver Accused of Sending Provocative Messages to Young Men https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/31/never-trump-lincoln-project-founder-john-weaver-accused-sending-provocative-messages-young-men/

2021-02-01 09:22:55 UTC


2021-02-01 09:39:50 UTC

Guns up!!!!! Good morning family!!

2021-02-01 11:21:56 UTC


2021-02-01 13:19:54 UTC

Good morning chaos!

2021-02-01 13:20:45 UTC

Good morning

2021-02-01 13:28:30 UTC

You all know we can Jump on voice like we did on zello... we don't have to have cameras on for that😁

2021-02-01 13:33:47 UTC

Good morning patriot family!

2021-02-01 13:34:31 UTC


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