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2021-01-30 04:27:27 UTC


2021-01-30 04:27:46 UTC


2021-01-30 04:35:52 UTC


2021-01-30 04:53:01 UTC


2021-01-30 04:53:52 UTC

That's pretty cool

2021-01-30 05:02:51 UTC

Guns Up Patriots

2021-01-30 13:09:03 UTC

Good morning family. What's this platform for? Wondering what to delete. Guns up!

2021-01-30 13:10:39 UTC

Mornin Honey Badge I was wondering if I could have ur phone number in case I come across some new recipes

2021-01-30 13:11:21 UTC

Hey, HB. General set this up last night. We have both visual/audio meeting room and a chat/text room all in one app. Houses up to 99 members at a time. If I'm not mistaken, he wants to try to get everyone rolled over to this platform tonight. At least that's what he said last night.

2021-01-30 13:12:23 UTC

I've got some stuff to do this morning, but I'll be on about 1pm to start helping people navigate the app and get set up to be on comms tonite

2021-01-30 13:14:27 UTC

I wouldn't delete anything until he says directly what we will continue to use

2021-01-30 13:16:19 UTC

Hey Chaos I never did get the push to talk to work rite last night maybe later this afternoon if u get a chance would u help me with that

2021-01-30 13:16:34 UTC

Sure can

2021-01-30 13:16:55 UTC

Thank u sir

2021-01-30 13:53:08 UTC

Tucker Carlson: The American government is at war with its own people

2021-01-30 14:04:56 UTC

I saw this General, and it was spot on. We will see more evidence of this as this year proceeds. More and more people, even Democrats, will not be able to deny, or even condone what is happening.

2021-01-30 14:15:15 UTC

Dixie - 206-697-3189

2021-01-30 15:45:27 UTC

Bastion VSF 3% checking in

2021-01-30 15:45:45 UTC

Morning brother

2021-01-30 15:45:58 UTC

Good morning sir !

2021-01-30 15:49:11 UTC

Heading to work. Catch you later.

2021-01-30 15:52:56 UTC

Roger that, Iโ€™ve been out here on the water since 0600 and itโ€™s rough AF! I need a land job lol

2021-01-30 16:33:44 UTC

Good morning Patriots. I've been on discord for a couple of years now. I use it to work with some of the people that I play online games with. It's actually a pretty good platform from what I've experienced. I had forgot all about it until the general sent me the invite.

2021-01-30 16:36:31 UTC

Good morning everyone

2021-01-30 17:24:05 UTC

Checking in. Good morning to all.

2021-01-30 19:27:39 UTC

Checking in

2021-01-30 19:30:58 UTC


2021-01-30 19:35:49 UTC


2021-01-30 19:59:05 UTC


2021-01-30 20:15:15 UTC

Hope everyoneโ€™s having a great Saturday. Iโ€™ve heard of this app a lot but never used it

2021-01-30 21:17:31 UTC

Dog Soldier KYSF III %
Checking in

2021-01-30 21:19:00 UTC

I saw that "

2021-01-30 21:46:29 UTC

I'm in like General Flynn!

2021-01-30 22:12:54 UTC

Iceman checking in guns up

2021-01-31 01:05:37 UTC

1stLT Tannerite OHSF checking in

2021-01-31 01:05:58 UTC

Come to the video channel

2021-01-31 01:06:43 UTC

theman checking in

2021-01-31 01:06:55 UTC

come to video channel

2021-01-31 01:07:00 UTC


2021-01-31 01:07:14 UTC

I'm on

2021-01-31 01:07:43 UTC

LCpl Gryphon OHSF checking in

2021-01-31 01:07:51 UTC

Where is voice or video?

2021-01-31 01:08:07 UTC

I am looking for that too Scorpion

2021-01-31 01:08:08 UTC

swipe to the right, click on voice

2021-01-31 01:08:25 UTC

I am on my laptop

2021-01-31 01:08:43 UTC

because I thought I was going to need it for interviews

2021-01-31 01:09:10 UTC

left side of your screen look for "voice channels" click on the name for III% Security

2021-01-31 01:09:32 UTC

I did and not seeing how to go to video

2021-01-31 01:09:36 UTC

Then click the little camera icon

2021-01-31 01:09:50 UTC

i dont see you in the room

2021-01-31 01:10:05 UTC

right under text channel to the left

2021-01-31 01:10:09 UTC

It currently has a 10 beside it.

2021-01-31 01:10:17 UTC


2021-01-31 01:10:59 UTC


2021-01-31 01:11:48 UTC

In sir

2021-01-31 01:12:02 UTC

Come to video channel

2021-01-31 01:12:06 UTC

sapper, join the voice channel

2021-01-31 01:19:14 UTC

Check in

2021-01-31 01:19:27 UTC

move to the voice channel

2021-01-31 01:19:53 UTC

Receiving broken audio

2021-01-31 01:21:52 UTC

Axman checking in

2021-01-31 01:22:06 UTC

Driller checking in

2021-01-31 01:24:27 UTC

I canโ€™t get any audio

2021-01-31 01:25:01 UTC

You have not made it to video channel yet

2021-01-31 01:25:15 UTC

driller, phone or computer?

2021-01-31 01:25:25 UTC


2021-01-31 01:25:47 UTC

swipe the screen to the left, it'll show you text channels and voice channels

2021-01-31 01:25:53 UTC

click voice channel to join

2021-01-31 01:27:08 UTC

find it driller?

2021-01-31 01:30:38 UTC

It keeps freezing up on me

2021-01-31 01:31:49 UTC

the app itself, or the cameras?

2021-01-31 01:34:22 UTC

Im not 100% sure. The voices are very choppy and then I get nothing. Have to exit and restart the app.

2021-01-31 01:34:45 UTC

The text is working great

2021-01-31 01:34:55 UTC

may be your internet connection

2021-01-31 01:35:09 UTC


2021-01-31 01:35:14 UTC

try now

2021-01-31 01:35:31 UTC


2021-01-31 01:35:32 UTC

swipe the screen to the left, it'll show you text channels and voice channels
click voice channel to join

2021-01-31 01:40:05 UTC

for push to talk settings:

2021-01-31 01:40:54 UTC

on phone: click the top 3 dots on your screen, go to voice settings, change from Voice Activity to Push To Talk

2021-01-31 01:42:57 UTC

on computer: click the little settings cog on the bottom left near your name. Go under app settings and click on Voice and Video. Scroll down to Input Mode and click on Push To Talk. Below that is a Key Binding shortcut button. Edit the button to whatever key you want to press for push to talk

2021-01-31 01:52:42 UTC

try clearing your cookies

2021-01-31 02:07:01 UTC

hang up and rejoin

2021-01-31 02:08:20 UTC

gonna go watch some TV with the wife. GUNS UP!

2021-01-31 02:16:28 UTC


2021-01-31 02:16:35 UTC


2021-01-31 02:30:55 UTC

Phones fixing to die guys. Going to go put it on the charger. Goodnight and Guns Up!

2021-01-31 02:31:13 UTC


2021-01-31 04:50:14 UTC

Guns up y'all have a good night

2021-01-31 11:38:54 UTC


2021-01-31 11:39:02 UTC


2021-01-31 11:39:19 UTC


2021-01-31 11:40:26 UTC


2021-01-31 11:44:54 UTC

Guns up!

2021-01-31 11:45:36 UTC

Good morning family!!

2021-01-31 11:52:48 UTC

Guns up good morning

2021-01-31 13:07:46 UTC

Good morning, Guns up!

2021-01-31 13:08:08 UTC


2021-01-31 13:08:42 UTC


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