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2021-02-02 23:21:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Checking in.

2021-02-03 00:50:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'd the meetings here now or jitsi?

2021-02-03 00:50:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I been out of commission for a week...need to catch up....had Wu-flu.

2021-02-03 01:21:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Is there a meeting here tonight?

2021-02-03 01:21:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Okay I can't hear anything???

2021-02-03 01:24:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Thanks I have head phones on and setting is on headphones so I will back out and try again. Please let them know I am trying but I'm a big techtard!

2021-02-03 01:28:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Settings say I only have a text channel...the settings for a voice channel is empty.

2021-02-03 04:32:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This is sad...listen for the "f" bomb!

2021-02-04 02:57:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I was on the new site tonight...definitely like jitsi much better.

2021-02-07 00:46:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I can't make comms tonight...daughter drove into made a surprise visit. Will see you all tomorrow.

2021-02-08 01:00:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Hope you feel better soon!

2021-02-08 11:22:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning ya'll! Yea, I heard about it in January.

2021-02-08 14:51:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes, I thought it was it from a friend that follows various police blotters. Plus the MSM doesn't report a lot of stuff. I follow forgein news outlets too. So very much happening in the world that our MSM just leaves our or twists the truth to their narrative.

2021-02-08 18:15:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-09 04:42:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-09 20:32:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-09 20:39:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We can practice at home. Don't think my hubby will appreciate it. Lol

2021-02-09 22:57:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Buffalo, Minn. β€” Authorities say five people were shot and wounded in an attack at a Minnesota health clinic on Tuesday and that they arrested a 67-year-old Gregory Paul Ulrich is the suspected gunman in the Buffalo, MN, clinic shooting. The five people were taken to hospitals after the attack at the Allina clinic in Buffalo, a community of about 15,000 people roughly roughly 40 miles northwest of Minneapolis. Kelly Spratt, the president of Buffalo Health, said during a news conference that he didn't know the condition of the wounded. Gov. Tim Walz said at a news conference that β€œsome improvised explosive devices” were part of the attack, though he didn't say whether any were detonated. He also said he didn't have confirmed information on how many people were hurt.

2021-02-09 22:58:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Interesting how this happens on opening day of the impeachment. Another reason they will use to push red 🚩 and anti - IIa laws down our throats!

2021-02-10 10:15:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning all.

2021-02-10 12:05:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Honey B...yep I will be there...looking forward to it!

2021-02-10 12:20:30 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Scorpion...I don't see the FTX dates on the VA signal. If the dates have changed, please post it on the new forum.

2021-02-10 12:21:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-10 12:21:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes, I will be going to the GSF.

2021-02-10 12:22:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-10 12:24:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Okay, when ya'll decide foe sure,, let me know. I already have plans to be in another state for rhe March dates.

2021-02-10 12:33:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-10 12:36:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm just say'n!

2021-02-10 17:25:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don't have admin rights...I will ask snowdog to add you. Thanks.

2021-02-10 18:42:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog Solider...VA has been doing this county buy county and city by city to combat our crazy governor north ham. Glad they are making a stand but tough to keep up with which ones are not 2a friendly easier if whole states fo it.

2021-02-10 18:44:41 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

NOTHING...I hear ya Dog Solider! πŸ‘ πŸ’―

2021-02-10 19:35:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-10 20:57:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yep, that section of 64 and on HWY 58 from Suffolk to Emporia.....notorious speed traps.

2021-02-11 00:20:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-11 00:22:36 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It's not harassment if ya like it lol

2021-02-11 00:22:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They are all RINO's!

2021-02-11 00:29:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Pat1...I hope you are correct! Rimney is the #1 RINO in my book!

2021-02-11 10:23:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning all!

2021-02-11 14:05:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-11 14:06:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Time to call again today...will call each and every one every day ofvthe impeachment trial. To let them know they are disgusting!

2021-02-11 18:37:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Holy shit...she just gutted Chris Hill in rhw trial!

2021-02-11 18:37:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-11 18:37:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Such BS!

2021-02-11 18:38:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Nothing but verbal diarrhea being spewed for hours!

2021-02-11 19:13:12 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I took a video of the statement will try to post it to the forum.

2021-02-11 19:22:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes, I cannot get on the forum either. I will go to FCC and try to post it in the text section.

2021-02-11 19:25:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Okay, I can't post it on FCC, will try here.

2021-02-11 19:26:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It is too big for here too.

2021-02-11 19:27:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Maybe. I will try to log on to FCC tonight via my computer so I can play it for you guys from my phone.

2021-02-11 19:53:38 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Little Marco us a RINO too!

2021-02-11 20:12:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf] ok?

2021-02-11 20:16:37 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ugh! Hope you and your brother are okay. Well, try to relax and enjoy the forced time off...I am sure you deserve a break! Just sucks that ot is not on tour terms.

2021-02-11 20:16:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Tour = your

2021-02-11 20:20:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Me and my old man just got over the Wu-flu. I gave a big middle finger to the health dept when they called to do contact tracing...none of their business where I go and who I see!

2021-02-11 20:20:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I refuse to wear a mask an not one person said a word to me today.

2021-02-11 20:22:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I get your lively hood...I actually quit when they made masks mandatory at my work. They need a turnover from me so they me stay on the full 2 weeks without a mask.

2021-02-11 20:24:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I few complained and I said fire me...I'll collect unemployment for the first time in my life. I'm incoragable and encouragable! Lol

2021-02-11 20:25:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Well hell...listen to Scorpion have a beer!

2021-02-12 23:22:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog Solider...thanks - I love Creed Fisher!

2021-02-13 00:46:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I love it! Going on vacation to FL to support DeSantis.

2021-02-13 12:55:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm just say'n!

2021-02-13 22:56:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-13 22:57:36 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Current GOP RINO's!

2021-02-13 23:01:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I guessing that "Andy & Annie Tifa" will flake out tonight and have "mostly peaceful" protests in citiess across the country.

2021-02-14 04:21:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-14 04:23:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm just say'n!

2021-02-14 04:25:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes sir he is!

2021-02-14 04:26:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-14 04:26:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-14 04:28:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes, sir. I was at every rally in November, December and January....I will be there when he returns.!

2021-02-14 04:29:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-14 04:31:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Except Trump and a few other white hats!

2021-02-14 04:31:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-14 04:33:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@driller ...very interesting !

2021-02-14 04:53:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@Dog Solider great sack cloth & ashes video!

2021-02-14 05:00:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

@Dog Solider Luv C Fisher...great song. The working man only gets half pay 'cause the other half goes to the gov't!

2021-02-14 05:02:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Nope it is not fair one bit!

2021-02-14 05:12:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

OMG...just saw the porch honky video...awesome! Porch settings in my soul! True Story, I used to have a pet raccoon. Lol

2021-02-14 05:13:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes, our government is bad a almost every level. The common gov't worker is a good man just rhe upper elites are bad!

2021-02-14 05:16:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They are smart an have an ornery streak but neat as hell! Also has a pet skunk...was hit by a car, so I saved her...named her blossom.

2021-02-14 05:17:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The raccoon, Ricky" was injured by our bailer in his rescued him too.

2021-02-14 05:19:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ya'll have a good to get to bed before my old man shoots me. Lol

2021-02-14 12:54:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Great to see the blood "thirsty" media told the truth!

2021-02-14 13:18:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm in for an FTX in HI...I used to get up at 0400 and drive to the trailhead of the Makapu'u Light House. Would hike in the dark to see the sunrise and then have breakfast while watching for whales.

2021-02-14 13:20:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

So sick of the 3 weeks of cold rain. If the weather is going to be miserable...give me snow so I can play in my jeep! Lol

2021-02-14 13:22:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You ever got to Bellows Beach...loved the white surgar-like sand. Also always saw a lot of sea turtles near there.

2021-02-14 17:15:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I lived in Japan for 5 years, we have joint training exercises several times a year with them too.

2021-02-16 10:22:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning! πŸ˜ƒ

2021-02-17 18:46:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-18 10:34:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning.

2021-02-18 14:05:54 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ugh...stay safe!

2021-02-18 15:33:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Lol, a cow has to do what it has to do to keep warm! I'm just say'n! Actually as a kid in the 70's I was riding in an old station wagon across open range in Colorado and bull from a heard of cattle crossing the road decided to sit on the hood and roof of our car. We all climbed to the very back. The sond of the windshield burst and the roof collapsing scared him off. Once he moved on my mom had to kick out the front window to drive home it totaled it. Lol

2021-02-18 20:43:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Really??? How about...thank you for your service military members?

2021-02-19 01:15:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Lol, so funny!

2021-02-19 02:14:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They are relentlessly attacking him for just doing his job!

2021-02-19 02:15:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It is a spiritual war of good against evil! Pray for us all!

2021-02-19 12:18:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning. This is crazy!

2021-02-19 16:22:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-22 00:20:12 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Note to all porch pirates...that's my answer too! I'm just say'n!

2021-02-22 01:29:30 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Bad comes on voice channel so got off. Will see ya'll tomorrow.

2021-02-22 01:59:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-22 01:59:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

H2K me too, it just can't handle too many at the same time.

2021-02-22 02:02:11 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I had my video off bit still garbled comms.

2021-02-22 02:03:43 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ok, thanks.

2021-02-22 10:09:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good to Morning.

2021-02-22 10:23:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Hey Driller, have a good day. Yeah, I'm usually out around 2330 then up by 0430 to get my old man out the door.

2021-02-22 10:25:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Scorpion looks like they are gonna resort the old tricks of throwing the book and then some at them in hopes something will stick!

2021-02-22 10:26:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Lol I know, Mondays are the worst...trying to catch up from 2 days off. At least it usually goes faster than the other days. A video would be cool to see.

2021-02-22 10:27:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I love seeing cool stuff!

2021-02-22 13:10:36 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This is long but the information connects a lot of dots. Ya'll get what is happening...this is good to share to those who see some aspects but can't put it all together.

2021-02-22 17:59:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

SCOTUS is what we thought they were!

2021-02-22 18:01:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog Solider...they will get us as many was possible...part of the NWO depopulation plan.

2021-02-22 21:08:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The whore of Babylon! I'm just say'n!

2021-02-22 21:18:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This is how they made TX "snowmagedon".

2021-02-22 21:19:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It is part of it...have other ways to make it worse.

2021-02-22 21:22:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yep, but their true colors has to be shown to wake some more "sheep-people". Of course some are so brainwashed they will never wake.

2021-02-22 21:23:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-22 21:29:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yep! As of now it is a spiritual and digital war. But there will be a time where "fence sitting" will not be an option...all will have to pick a side. Your either with us or against us!

2021-02-22 21:32:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

RINO's like Romney, Graham & "batch Mitch" are against us and need to go be the "Demon-rats" they are!

2021-02-22 21:32:27 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-22 21:33:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Typo... I hate spell check!

2021-02-22 21:35:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-22 21:36:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

5150, yes spiritual...good vs evil for sure!

2021-02-22 21:36:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-22 21:38:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-22 21:39:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-22 22:01:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-22 22:22:20 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog Solider...that was hysterical! Lol

2021-02-22 22:37:50 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Experimental my ass!

2021-02-23 04:07:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Probably another lie but I am sure those arrested for January 6th would find it very interesting.

2021-02-23 04:09:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Wow it choses to stuff its pie hole with shit and now it is a disability. WTF!

2021-02-23 04:11:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I can't even stand to look at that thing...sorry it is hard on the eyes! Gonna have nightmares over that last one!

2021-02-23 04:11:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes the butterfly effects.

2021-02-23 04:13:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

When a similarly small event effects the future.

2021-02-23 04:14:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

3 times I am sure.

2021-02-23 04:17:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Everything has consequences even nothing...sometimes has more consequences than the something we failed to do.

2021-02-23 04:18:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Chaos can destroy or forest fires.

2021-02-23 04:19:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Can a butter fly flapping wings in VA cause a tornado in KS?

2021-02-23 04:22:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I lived in Colorado, monarch butterflies in migration can appear on the radar as a tornado. I have seen it.

2021-02-23 04:23:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I agree, must stay grounded and aware.

2021-02-23 04:27:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

First, you have to be aware of what is..but what is can be fiuld...stay aware. Prepare and consider the unknown possibilities. Then take the best option available. Be aware for the conditions and adapt as needed.

2021-02-23 04:29:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Seeing and knowing...a blind man may not see but he will know!

2021-02-23 04:30:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

People like us have known for a while and are seeing it happen. Most are seeing it happen so are now knowing. Big difference.

2021-02-23 04:35:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes, every change begins with an action. An action can disrupt a pattern...does it change the future? Some time yes.

2021-02-23 04:39:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Truth has three sides: his side, her side and the actual facts. Neither side lied..their side is from thier perspective. Therefore the truth is the casually that lies somewhere in the middle.

2021-02-23 04:40:21 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

BTW, you can't scare me...I'm to ornery. Lol

2021-02-23 04:41:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We know how it ends...God wins!

2021-02-23 04:44:51 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Old Lakota saying...Within all of us we have a good wolf and and evil wolf...the wolf we feed is the wolf that lives.

2021-02-23 04:45:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes 100%!

2021-02-23 04:46:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

But we are here at this time for a reason...we must decide what we do with this time.

2021-02-23 04:47:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes...I love talking to just get it. I scare most people .

2021-02-23 04:56:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Wold tribe, nice . I have Cherokee on my mom's side and Lakota on my dad's side.

2021-02-23 04:59:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It is crazy times right now but I know...know God is with us...he does not lose! I have no right to know his plan...just have to believe and I me peace.

2021-02-23 04:59:28 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Amen brother!

2021-02-23 05:00:34 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

But we must always be prepared to Don the armor of God, literally and figuratively!

2021-02-23 05:02:17 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Make no mistake...we are at war with the Devil himself and he will try to find chinks in our armor. Must get right and stay right with God! Now more than ever!

2021-02-23 05:02:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes sir, amen!

2021-02-23 05:03:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Glad I have brothers and sisters like you to walk this road.

2021-02-23 05:09:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yes you are correct. I am glad you have the gift of seeing. Although to some it may not seem so much as a gift at times. Please share.

2021-02-23 05:36:45 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

God has a purpose for you. Thanks for sharing his words and works through you with me.

2021-02-23 05:38:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

GOD BLESS and guns up!

2021-02-23 10:36:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning ya'll.

2021-02-23 10:43:18 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

What an idiot! Be to be fair, antifa is now to the right if the Communist Demon-rats in control now. That photo is all proven antifa members.

2021-02-23 10:43:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Morning smokin joe

2021-02-23 10:47:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Hope he enjoys a "long stay in Gitmo" for his actions and lies.

2021-02-23 12:13:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf] I wish I was milestone birthday is 60 in a couple of years...if I make it that far...old bones starting to give out. Lol

2021-02-23 12:18:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

My Nana would say it is okay stay up and hoot with the owls as long as you can soar with the eagles at daylight.

2021-02-23 12:19:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I'm okay at daylight come mid- day, I want a nap unless I keep busy. Lol

2021-02-23 12:28:10 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Honey B...they are going after 1A because 2A has not worked like they want. If we can talk to each other about our rights and their evil deeds...they will then have full control to take 2A from us si we can't fight back against the tyranny they seek to impose upon us. We must all resist and educate the sheep-people around us...break them from the herd.

2021-02-23 12:29:48 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They want this too....

2021-02-23 12:31:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-23 12:32:46 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

And we are here now.

2021-02-23 12:35:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You, me and anyone with a brain.

2021-02-23 12:37:52 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This is their ultimate obedience our of fear.

2021-02-23 13:59:29 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Just now on Newsmax part of the Covid-19 relief bill has $100 million dollars ear marked to build a tunnel from Nancy Pelosi's District HQ tobthe Facebook HQ.

2021-02-23 14:02:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Also, loans to farmers that are female or ethnic....white men need not apply! Again be less white??? WTF!

2021-02-23 14:02:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don't drink soda much but if I do, it won't be a coke product.

2021-02-23 14:07:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They have to sort the herd in separate pens to cause division. Also makes it easier to make preps for the auction block or glue factory. Also easier to poke the ones you want to get a reaction from.

2021-02-23 14:08:30 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Poking the bull.

2021-02-23 14:13:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

CWO G and Honey B agree 100% crazy and frustrating!

2021-02-23 14:15:42 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

When you look at the actual...not reported numbers...we out number them. Also, those with buyers remorse are waking up will move to our side...won't trust them one bit still.

2021-02-23 14:18:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

All we can do right now is stay aware, plan and prepare our loved ones. And try to educate and wake the sheep-people.

2021-02-23 14:19:12 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

You gal from GA and some states are taking steps to mitigate the madness...have to support and encourage them to continue.

2021-02-23 14:19:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Your gal Green I think is her name is awesome!

2021-02-23 14:39:16 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

The corporatocacy is just warming up its engines....if they have their way we will only be allowed to work and we will be so brainwashed our fellow sheep will be the strong arm to keep each other under control. Yes, 1/6 was an antifa operation for sure.

2021-02-23 14:40:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Notice how many cameras were in all the right places? Was a production...just like MSM is a fake.

2021-02-23 14:41:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ya'll take care have to run errands for a few hours. Guns up!

2021-02-23 14:54:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-23 14:54:57 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Let's layoff coke products...all they care about is money...hit them in the wallet.

2021-02-23 18:50:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Amen. Explained very well.

2021-02-24 10:20:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Morning all.

2021-02-25 00:58:05 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yep, been used for eons...turmeric is good to reduce inflammation as well.

2021-02-25 12:47:12 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog Solider...thanks for the FB article yesterday...very good. All need to watch it and share.

2021-02-25 12:47:31 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Good morning Honey Badger.

2021-02-25 12:48:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

This one.

2021-02-25 12:49:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

How are your puppies Honeybadger

2021-02-25 12:59:03 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I don't have have Facebook either and won't even normally click on FB links but Dog Solider put great stuff out so I clicked. I love puppies even the smell of puppies breath! Lol

2021-02-25 13:00:01 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I saw that he dies it everywhere he goes.

2021-02-25 13:00:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Awe those puppies are so sweet!

2021-02-25 13:00:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I just want hug and kiss on each one!

2021-02-25 13:42:14 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-25 13:43:25 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Dog Solider you posted some great info. Thanks.

2021-02-25 14:19:58 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It's not abuse if you like it! Lol

2021-02-25 14:20:32 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

That's what I tell my old man when I take a rusty pipe to him. Lol

2021-02-25 14:21:24 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

If he didn't like it he'd stop doing what he shouldn't be doing. Lol

2021-02-25 14:24:44 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Lol, not mad think tatoo bit is hysterical.

2021-02-25 14:26:49 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

My youngest is a welder...carried many a rod bucket for the old dude bur learn the tricks of the trade that she couldn't learn any where ekse.

2021-02-25 14:27:33 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Travel safe Dog Solider.

2021-02-25 14:36:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Honey Badger...thanks for all the time and effort you and LOD are putting into our comms, website and forum. We are very luck and grateful you're our family.

2021-02-25 15:13:47 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Too funny! Luv it Mike1976.

2021-02-25 15:31:20 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I have a percolator and a coffee press.

2021-02-25 15:35:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It is as French as French fries.

2021-02-25 15:36:08 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Coffee press for snowflakes...oops my bad. Sorry, not sorry! Lol

2021-02-25 15:37:00 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

They just want zombie walk and talk. F them!

2021-02-25 15:37:53 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I will not comply!

2021-02-25 15:39:13 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  


2021-02-25 15:40:20 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

A crazy upside down world right now. The government is doing themselves in daily!

2021-02-25 15:44:02 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I tune in just to laugh at the ridiculous and veil verbal diarrhea that is spouted out daily on MSM.

2021-02-25 15:44:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Vile....I hate spell check.

2021-02-25 15:48:06 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Yesterday stickied on Newsmax made a funny collage if Biden to rhe Muppet song by Animal. Do do do do do do..minmunminna! Was in last 2 minutes of his show...was hysterical!

2021-02-25 15:48:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

It was on Stitchfield show.

2021-02-25 15:49:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

LDLG...that one is classic!

2021-02-25 16:23:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

She is awesome...we need more of her type!

2021-02-25 16:29:19 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

I will not unite or comply with RINO's.

2021-02-25 16:35:40 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Ya'll have a good day...gotta prep my gear for my gold panning ....have about 5 gallons of pay dirt from WA I need to hit. Gonna check out my claim this weekend to see how tough winter has been on it. Last winter the road was so bad, I lost a fender on my jeep, just getting to it. But that's what jeeps are made for.

2021-02-25 22:01:07 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Okay see you then.

2021-02-26 00:33:04 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]

2021-02-26 00:39:56 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

No, where did you hear that?

2021-02-26 12:07:09 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

We are looking at land in various states and the land laws in most of them have land use regulations that do not allow RV's. They are only going to get worse with Agenda 21 effects the local levels too. Hell some will not even allow rain water collection and also regulate how many andxwhat type of structures you can have.

2021-02-26 12:09:39 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Honey Badger did you see the article that H2K posted late last night?

2021-02-26 12:10:26 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Mike, yes, another part of the NWO.

2021-02-26 12:10:55 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Post mark 2330ish I will try to report it.

2021-02-26 12:12:15 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Article above was from H2K last night.

2021-02-26 12:12:35 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

He found the rat!

2021-02-26 12:13:22 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Talia Lavin

2021-02-26 12:14:59 UTC [III% Security Force #3sf]  

Used a fake name to infiltrate but gave the may be able to look at records to confirm the alias that was used.

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