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Its just gonna turn into a shit show

I hope Hakim atleast calls vaush a pedo to his face

Hakim is a ML

Vaush is a liberal

Even a Jew cries when a slav is born

About what

@Erlik แšฏ Define imperalism

Then im pro imperalism

If thats your definition

Exploitation of countries/nations for the benefit of capital

Lol what was the east india company

Capital can totally exist outside the state

The company went against the common interests of the british state all the time

It was basically a massive banking conglomerate

Why does it matter who won

Bro capital is inherently international

Wtf do you think international banking is

There is literally thousands of examples of instances of capital going against the state its working for

I dont even see what we are arguing about

Like wtf is your contention

We wouldent have a shit ton of pakis and nogs if not for British Imperalism

Imperalism is inherently liberal as it imports cultures and peoples dude

Ill debate you on vc when I can get on computer

Later tonight probably

@Erlik แšฏ What type of slav are you

Serbia was occupied by Austria and Bulgaria lol

You lost and only got your country back because of England and America

Keep dreaming

Serbia only won so many battles because the Austro-Hungarians had such a shit army

The native slav regiments dident want to fight against their racial brothers and deserted en-masse

@Erlik แšฏ R u gonna be awake in 6 hours

I can vc then at 3;30 my time

@Erlik แšฏ So the debate is just gonna be if imperalism brings nogs and pakis to your country

Based and social fascist pilled

Portuguese are all wogs anyway

Grenadian rape babies

Or Andalusian I guess

@MeteNojo Portugul was conquered by Andalusia

Yes it is faggot

Yes it is

Its literally just the Christian name for Al-Andalus

Yes it is retard

@MeteNojo It can be both retard

Learn Spanish history

That region is only called that because of Andalusia


@ihatemyself People with anime profiles shouldent have opinions

@oistoy Because I dont throat capitalist cock

@oistoy Read state and revolution

@MeteNojo Who said I do

@MeteNojo Read me where Marx or Lenin said that

I dont care

Marxist Leninist

@Thirio Then its unfortunate for me that I havent taken a single one

@MeteNojo I dont know what that is

Just dont defund SMERSH, problem solved

@Erlik แšฏ Ill debate you if its a 1v1

Not if all the spergs pile in on it

@oistoy Im not nazbol

Who cares about e-clout

People who obsess over e-clout usually do so because they have nothing going for them irl

ill debate him when i get home at 3;30

thats in 4 hours or so

Im not gonna scream at some Serb in a Costa, sorry

85 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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