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I can't have kids since I got a sex change, so I'm adopting once my financial situation is stable.

@Steven do I like boys or girls as in what kids I want?

What do you mean by "preference?"

@Steven so you mean sexual orientation

I'm bisexual


He's a meme

@Ezra transfemale


It going well

@Ezra idk of her lemme do some research

@Ezra that's cool of Obama to pardon her.

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe why do you ask? Just curiosity?

@gabe_brouse I am trans lol

I'm from the US

Who is Alex?

I think optics is a fine word

I've never heard of rebel media and I know the word

Not sure if ironic or not

Jesus, this is getting toxic.

I had her as my avatar in the past

I haven't gotten around playing Touhou

@Steven idk it's one of those empty Internet insults.

I don't know what you're referring to

I don't have to consume a piece of media to use an avatar from it lol. It's just an avatar and I know the girl shares my name


I'll talk to you guys later. This group is a lot less serious than I was hoping.

@Verm I don't do voice


That's not very ethical

Like me

@Steven Alex Jones is pretty bad ye

Is Democratic socialist the same as national socialist?

Then no, because I believe Bernie is a democratic socialist

There's a channel guy memes

@Cœur de Lion see that's why I joined this server. I thought it'd be anti-antifa but it just seems to be generalizing the entire left as Antifa; thus it just seems like an anti-left group in general.

@gabe_brouse I've watched LoGH

Was in my top 5 when I finished it. Now it's top 15

@Iamawesom once you get to ep 50, you'll speed through the second half

Took me 5 months to get to the halfway point and less than one for the rest

Oh you need something uplifting?

@Iamawesom watch some iyashikei like Aria or Flying Witch or something like Kiniro Mosaic

TTGL is great

I'm not a huge fan of NGE but I feel I need to rewatch it

It's been like 3 years since I watched it last

I'm still waiting to watch the rebuilds

@D3VNT you got MAL or Kitsu or anything?

I know some people over two years

I guess D3 died

@Bluesy yes you did

I feel like there's quite a bit of detail in the soldier on the right than anything else in the image lol

Also placement on right and left lol

Pretty sure less firearms is what they want

@Iamawesom so I take it you're fairly new to anime?

@GunsNdrums do they? Those that call themselves Antifa seems to be okay with using their fists and other objects

@Iamawesom when did you start?

I see. Any favorites so far?

@Iamawesom nice, what was your gateway?

@Iamawesom oh nice I love OPM.


This image is totally true

These phone comics are amazing

@Verm ayy I've read that one

Are you guys saying Notch is an SJW because he said minecraft has no genders?

I mean it makes sense since any animal can breed with any animal so long as it's the same species in minecraft. Same goes for villagers. Plus, that article is 4 and a half years old and the game has sinceybeen updated with very obviously female-looking skins. Story Mode also has female characters.

@­čů▒arD all animals are the same in minecraft

Traps are great

An SJW tried telling me the other day that the word "trap" is oppressive to trans people and feminine men

I'm trans and I'd take "trap" as a compliment lol.

Some trans people only cross dress too


You sit when you pee lol

It can't end up on the seat


Well you gotta see two definitions of gender

Biological sex vs socially determined gender identity

The definition of transgender requires both

@Burnside what do you mean by reproductive capacity?

@Burnside there are many ways to have children as a transfemale.
You can freeze your sperm for later use with a spouse or a surrogate mother. Some of them stop taking hormones for a while in order to have kids. Personally, I'm going to adopt.

Idk who that is

I don't really care about my own genes.

Why throw another kid into the world when there's one that wants a family.

Plus I'll probably be infertile by the time I want a kid.


I think it's a pretty selfless act to adopt.

By your logic, I can adopt a kid who has healthy genes. And raise him so he or she can have healthy kids

How is it only selfless if I already have my own kid?

I don't think that really matters

Once again

I can adopt a perfectly healthy orphan

And let them continue their bloodline one day

If you're so concerned about my genes


Not necessarily.

Some people can't have kids

That doesn't mean their life is without purpose

By adopting am I not giving a kid another chance?

You fail to give any reason why adopting cannot replace having biological kids

Plus my brother will continue our family line

Idk what a tendie is

Idk what gbp is

@erin6713 you're assuming he's unwanted

He or she *

@erin6713 his parents could have died

Not necessarily

You're really generalizing here

It doesn't have having a kid to learn how to raise and love a child

I helped raise my younger brother who is 11 years younger than me.

So I'm pretty sure I know how to help raise a kid.

I'm not taking it personal.

I'm just using myself as a counterexample

@D3VNT you have me too

@D3VNT nah I might be looked down upon for disagreeing with most of the people here, but that's no reason to leave hehe

I'm in 13

That's after I left a few uninteresting ones

@D3VNT do you have MAL?

Are these guys really commies tho? They just seem like a bunch of immature kids that wanna break shit/ anarchists because "fuck the system"

That's what I mean tho. I was hoping this group would be a designated anti-antifa group, but it's just an anti-left group in general

@D3VNT what's your MAL. I just wanna see your faves


What's your username

I'll just find you

Completely empty account

@Verm I always laugh when I hear a phrase along those lines, "I don't like [medium] but [name] is great."

It always sounds like the speaker is ashamed

Rip bot

Why is there a voice channel for afk/muted? Why not just like leave?

@D3VNT original GitS or SAC?

@D3VNT nice. I like both but I personally like SAC a bit more

@Verm stole my horse of course there's an easy way to mass delete: delete the server


I gotta watch this


I like her hair

What even

Wo @Iamawesom got promoted to interrogator

Woah, everyone's green now

is vetting decided by time?

I see

That would be me I guess

I figured I got it just because I've been in here for a while

Like the day after this was started

I only pop in here like once a day

r/socialism is cancer

They definitely don't represent the left like they say they do

or at least the left I consider myself a part of

whenever I see an SJW use the word "initialize" to refer to anything anime (or in this case, the cat girls), I cringe

What do you mean?

What's with the hostility?

I'm in here because I was interested


I've been in here since day 2

I joined because I was told it didn't matter about left or right, just that you didn't support the desructive Antifa movement


one sec lemme find the file

just looks like fanart in fanmade casual clothing

moderate best

but I think lewdly all the time


best girl of youtube

I'm adopting kids anyway

but last time I said that here I got attacked, so let's not go there

does it matter?


@JimmyBobs Ye you get it. 2D best

my parents were 16 and 17

nah, let him. I'm sure he gets some sort of satisfaction out of it

idrc if he insults me

I masturbate to hentai all the time. what's it matter though lol

gee I wonder where the insults are

What do you mean? I'm the first one in my family to even go to college much less get a degree.

English with concentrations in linguists and education and minors in Japanese and anthropology

yeah see, this is why I said didn't want to get on this topic. This is how it was last time

@I'mGoingBerserk I never said I was offended though?

I said the exact opposite

>nah, let him. I'm sure he gets some sort of satisfaction out of it
>idrc if he insults me

because you're just trying to insult me rather than discuss things

clearly you do have something against me lol, you did just because I said I identify with the left

I'll just come back later. this guy clearly has something out for me

I came to chat with peeps not just get tossed blind insults by some white elitist prick

No, you're just presumptuous

I'm adopting because I can't have kids

My advice would be to ask first instead of jumping to conclusions and being judgmental

because it's not super rare that someone can't have children


and then you rationalized some

that's what happened with me

this sounds like initiation into some sort of frat lol

I"m a girl tho

do I get my own sorority


a transitioning transfemale

no, right now i'm somewhere inbetween

since I've started the transition

Chromosomes are only 1 of 5 factors used to define biological gender

@Iamawesom ­čĹî

what happened to this being a chat of peace?

yeah yeah

I've heard all of this before

I don't really care what you think

@GoGo I got that lol

it's okay, I'll call all of you women

@­čů▒arD cool thanks. I'm often told that this chat is pretty cancerous compared to what you guys do in voice.

I am bisexual

and I'm pretty feminine


I literally didn't get offended

I literally said I don't really care

this is so weird lmfao

that's three times tonight that like I've responded in a clearly not upset way but it's insisted that I'm offended.

it's like you guys are so used to actually saying offensive stuff that you don't know how to react when no one actually is offended

@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe I get you guys are. I'm mostly referring to berserk

he just keeps insisting i'm offended even when I ignore him lol

that's like literally all you've been doing tonight lol

I'm just trying to chat with peeps

how about

we set up a noose and stool around you

just try not to twitch okay


I don't do voice chats, sorry


I've said this multiple times in this chat before


putting on airs about what?

that I'm trans?

@I'mGoingBerserk Watch LoGH. You'd probably like

I'm sure that one dude with the Reinhard avatar will agree

@Burnside Emotionally vulnerable in what way?

@Burnside Actually, I don't know what you're talking about.

@Burnside Sorry, I have a girlfriend

we can be friends tho

This is really random but my roommate just came back with 119 packs of banana hi-chews that he got for free lmao

@Rasenemus I wouldn't say Trump's "pussy" comments are on the same level as his tax returns. Those returns are supposed to be updated yearly whereas the pussy comments are something he could very well still believe.

I mean they are something to care about in some ways. They speak into who he is


@Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe it's alright. Do you know why it happened?

Ah well you don't have to worry about me being one because Idk where tf I sit on that scale lol

This is a bad meme


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