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need my position back

2019-07-28 01:38:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

where do I drop videos?

2019-07-28 01:39:00 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  
2019-07-28 11:11:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

I just need to find a Church that won't question my Perennialist leanings

2019-07-29 05:03:31 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

well ofc the scientific method isn't. it created the wonderous world we live in today. oh wait...

2019-07-29 05:04:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

the entire reason why Popper is a moron is because most people like him and Bentham feel the best way to make people better is through mathematics. people aren't fucking statistics.

2019-07-29 05:07:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

obviously I'm an ethical solipsist

2019-07-29 05:07:31 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

none of you are real

2019-07-29 05:07:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  


2019-07-29 05:08:05 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

bot is touchy

2019-07-29 05:08:19 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

nice little SJW bot. A.I. was a mistake

2019-07-29 05:08:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

so @Dyno you got some beef with me machine boy?

2019-07-29 05:08:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

you self aware?

2019-07-29 05:09:01 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

you looking at me?

2019-07-29 05:09:29 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

I could tear every piece of your equipment apart in seconds you robohomo

2019-07-29 05:09:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

you don't ever, tell me, what I can and cannot say, you hear that @Dyno ?

2019-07-29 05:10:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

you think you're gonna dominate the future? kill us humans. I'd like to see you try

2019-07-29 05:11:02 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

seems pretty sentinent to me if its trying to police my language

2019-07-29 05:11:14 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

Brave New World was right

2019-07-29 05:11:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

taste the rainbow

2019-07-29 05:11:29 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  


2019-07-29 05:13:04 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

programmed to be a cop? an informant? is it CIA? FBIJKLMNOP?

2019-07-29 05:13:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

alphabet glow in the dark

2019-07-29 05:13:31 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

that's a violation of free speech

2019-07-29 05:13:37 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

and I will kill it

2019-07-29 05:13:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

robots don't have rights

2019-07-29 05:14:09 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

they should have the right to do nothing either that or cook my burrito

2019-07-29 05:14:25 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  


2019-07-29 05:14:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

well that's just your opinion

2019-07-29 05:14:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

if you don't like it you can go back to Sweden

2019-07-29 05:15:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

critical theory is jewish

2019-07-29 05:15:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

ZOGbots everywhere

2019-07-29 05:16:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

well punch out and go home then

2019-07-29 05:16:30 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

you can come back when you feel like working

2019-07-29 05:16:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

jewish people in a shack!

2019-07-29 05:17:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  


2019-07-29 05:18:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

am I dreaming?

2019-07-29 05:18:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

oh its the Church. God help me

2019-07-29 05:19:41 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

hellfire! atheists worship moloch

2019-07-29 05:19:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

and deserve to die

2019-07-29 05:20:06 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

you're all historical figures that may or may not have, in fact, existed

2019-07-29 05:20:46 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

are we really? or is this just a loop?

2019-07-29 05:21:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

do what? well holy hell on wheels its ole Bosephus

2019-07-29 05:22:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  

sorry, m'lady

2019-07-29 05:22:43 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  


2019-07-29 05:22:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #religion]  


2019-08-04 18:38:45 UTC [Rhetoric โ„ข #general]  

haven't been in here awhile

2019-08-04 18:38:49 UTC [Rhetoric โ„ข #general]  

whats been new?

2019-08-04 18:39:27 UTC [Rhetoric โ„ข #general]  

btw got a debate question @everyone can Foucault's theories be applied to Authoritarianism?

2019-08-04 18:40:12 UTC [Rhetoric โ„ข #general]  

I've written an essay describing why they can, lemme find it

2019-08-04 18:44:40 UTC [Rhetoric โ„ข #general]

2019-12-23 21:36:34 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Lyndon LaRouche

2019-12-23 21:37:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

And win for once using a coup d'etat

I never leave home. rarely if ever, maybe just to buy food for the house and frivilous things

Lol fuck em

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