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2018-03-06 07:12:47 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

1. What is your age, are you over 18?
2. What is your ancestral background and where do you currently reside?
70% germanic 25% celtic 5% anglo, usa
3. What are your religious beliefs?
esoteric Fascism
4. Where did you get the invite to this server?
5. Why are you here?
Dunno nigga do sum shit
6. What is your preferred political ideology?
None i follow the worldview of fascism
7. Define said ideology.
Ideologies are false
8. What got you into your current ideology?
9. What literature have you read to form your ideology?
none. Ive read the turner diaries, mein kampf, im fanatical in my execution and wish to save the white race. Im a fascist and i wish to hang all non fascist
10. Do you have any skills?
hanging niggers with a rope

2018-03-06 07:13:32 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  


2018-03-06 07:15:39 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

thank you i major in it

2018-03-06 07:16:21 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

@feds watching me, i do not hang niggers

2018-03-06 07:16:26 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

but i know how to

2018-03-06 07:17:49 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

read dat

2018-03-06 07:18:54 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

its written like shit but itll give you a basic understanding of the world view if you wanna become a fascist

2018-03-06 07:20:57 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

np its only 60 pages its a real short read

2018-03-06 07:22:21 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

theres a bit more to fascism than being a racist

2018-03-06 07:23:38 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  


2018-03-06 07:23:50 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

msg me when you finish it aight

2018-03-06 07:28:50 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

he'll yeah

2018-03-06 07:32:05 UTC [20th of April Division #the-gates]  

this is also a good video

2018-03-24 02:36:49 UTC [Hate Network #vetting]  

2018-03-29 22:23:40 UTC [Hate Network #vetting]  

is killing niggers allowed here



kimmy boy is a baste


north korea is baste

@notjojo get on the helicopter please

but on some real shit fuck pinochet

pinochet was a fucking capitalist zog bot

fuck him

throwing commies off of helicopters is funny but he shot nazis as well

@notjojo prove to me we're all equal


let him give his shit reasoning

aight this dudes a retard

stop giving this dude attention

literally just dont talk to him


you guys are dumb asf

on god

giving this fag attention is rarted



shit your frick up


thats what im saying

he's probably some dumb lolberg trolling a "ebil treading nazis"

implying he isnt a lolberg by his tone of autism

i want to talk about big black cock

god i hate learners



kill blacks

heil hitler

dont question the jews <@&450417914009616405>

thats bad oy vey


the fascist party is winning



how do i become president here?

im president


@FLanon shut up

im president now

shut up commies

@FLanon im now president here

im president faggot

@FLanon im now the president

i know i already am but

i want to re run


>being a monarchist

i want to become president again


aye nigga

im already president

how do i re run

no thatd be me

i mean

in a democracy they do

@Lฯ…cัั”ั‚ฮนฯ…ั• this is a larp server dumb fuck


the name


politicord simulator

holy shit

youre so dumb

can i start my own party

my party is the national socialist killing niggers party

make the NSKNP party please

i have a flag for it already


wowee the nigga with the american flag pfp is gonna ban me

im so scared

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