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Someone say an Irish genocide?

Nil, Asians aren't good looking


2018-03-05 22:20:09 UTC [Backup Server #joins]  

Oy vey


Can I switch party

I just joined so it shouldn’t be too intrusive

The anarchist chat isn’t lit enough

I regret picking anarchist


I picked some 3rd party bullshit

With no one in it

If I vote for a fascist president

Will there be changes around here

What power does a president have

Hey eagle

Are u the leader around here

Can I ask u to switch party

I’m gonna take advantage of the anarchist party being small

And rise to the leader

Oh ty

I’m now red

gulag for u

Broke: the holocaust didn’t happen
Joke: the holocaust happened
Woke: the holocaust didn’t happen but should have

Jewish conspiracies seem to be 90% of the conversations in here

I swear to god

Is that “fascism is unstoppable” persons pfp real?

it better not be her

Cause if that is her she’s 110% a trap

Fascism -2 = 2

2+2 = fascism


What’s ur view



The election is rigged

Democracy as a whole is 👎

it means the general population get the decision

And the general population are retarded

Shut up

Fennelon is a convicted rapist btw

He got arrested for it once

I’ve known fen for a while

In fact I have a folder on my laptop

Full of his topless pics

He sends them quite often

I’m a candidate for the senate

Time to use the tactics I was tought back in the Kremlin

hack hack hack

How long do they have to declare themselves as candidates

I don’t see any other party running in the British isles

Yeah there are a good few Celts there

I’ll have their votes secured


Race is biological

Nazbol is the best of both worlds

make the winners do a winners battle

Like the plot of the actual hunger games

so they all die in the end

Do you think the FBI cares about people saying they want to kill niggers

This happens in every server

It isn’t exclusive to this place

They do the school shootings

Trigger finger

pew pew

When did guns being illegal stop crime anyway

London’s murder rate is higher than New York’s

They use acid and knives


That’s personal preference

Is this guy a homo?

Seize the means of reproduction

Why are there no server emotes

Women are property under the NAP

State issued waifus


If u were flexible enough to give urself a bj

Would it be gay



A hose tube stuck to a car exhaust is great

Tie a plastic bag around ur face then jump into a lake

Wasn’t fruity the presidential candidate for the commies?


If he became president

Is fruity a gay nigger?



If he ran for president irl they’d let him win

This server is so edgy

A black living in Germany

What’s new

I didn’t believe the dude that said this place was gonna get shut down earlier

But man

Wojtek are u a Slav

Not propaganda

Just pure fact

scat is ok tbh

it’s natural

It’s just some hot chick playing with her waste



I hate my privilege

Fuck my gender race and country

I wish I was a poor transformersexual Black single mom living in the hood


Shut the fuck up

Hitler did nothing

I’m gay

Ching Chong i’m the vet cong



How’d u know

Traps aren’t gay cause being attracted to something that looks like a woman isn’t gay

It’s pretty straight

Where’d you hear about the chef thing

I’ve never seen u in arena


shoah’d down

We are all dumb

Just some are dumber than others

Actually no one can rly be dumb

Cause knowledge is a social construct

if someone says 2+2=4
And you say no 2+2= 3

You’re both right

Cause math was made up


It’s not natural

someone had to come up with it


Hey silver

Did u come back to arena

The ban list was cleared if u want

libertas is gone

Thought you knew that

Well yeah

What did u do again

Posted a decapitated dude r smthn

That doesn’t seem like a bannable offense

I bet serty did it

I unbanned everyone to piss off serty

So if u ever wanna come back

Ur Turkish aren’t you


Sorry they’re near each other

Got mixed up

Pedophilia is sort of more natural than homosexuality

Cause a 60 year old banging a 14 year old is still reproduction and natural

homosexuality is wrong by nature

Pedophilia Is wrong by society

not nature

why wouldn’t humans find younger looking people attractive

an adolescent girl has the ability to give birth

society has declared it not good

Join the British isles region

there’s a channel somewhere

Called region join

Or smthn along the lines

It’s not ghe party

It’s the region you join

For voting


@🕋 ⚔ شیرخان (Khan) 🕋⚔ gg I’m relying on u to vote for me when the time comes

Niggers in Germany have a good track record with 17 year old local girls

@Deleted User run for senate

West Virginia sounds based

@ian™ vote for me cause I’m gonna kick all the Anglos out

Make Dublin the head of government

The city

I’m Allah and I command you to vote for the communists in the regional election

@ᵈˢʳ✪ I rly need you to vote

In <#451254056330067968>

vote for the communists

Not retarded

Just arrogant


Can the senate impeach a president?

Yeah ik

We need to make sure they don’t have a majority

How’s the Pacific election going

Who’s gonna win that


In the british isles

It’s 10- nationalist

5 - monarchist

5- communist

I expect to get most of the monarchist voters on my side if they get knocked out though


Vote anarchist

we don’t need another nationalist in the senate

This server has too many fash

need to do some ethnic cleansing

Here’s more than double the amount of fash than commies

Hey, I think the fact that people know the ongoing results of elections means people can vote tactically @🦅 𝓔𝓪𝓰𝓵𝓮 𝓔𝔂𝓮 🦅


In the British isles, the nationalists are going to shed some of their voters off to kick out a 3rd party

They wouldn’t do that if they didn’t know the results

Why aren’t you a commie wes

Capitalism is gay



That dude is pretty noble

Not accepting the 5 dollars

Cause money is evil

Can we check when <@453287475922599966> joined the server

What’s the command

?userinfo <@453287475922599966>

He’s obviously an alt

Joined server 1 minute after making the account

Can he be removed from the voting

Hes only messaged in the British isles region chat

It’s obviously an alt used to sway the vote

And should be banned

Good morning James

I’d like to file a complaint

About <@453287475922599966> being an alt and illegally voting in the regional elections




Default pfp

Joined server instantly

He couldn’t have

He’s a communist

Seems like a lot of effort that will put new members off from joining

with the name of the server wrapped around it



Aw fuck

One vote behind in British isles



I did

No reply

His vote was removed

All the messages were in the British isles channel too

Oh it was removed a second ago

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