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2017-09-29 18:36:31 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  





@!Co-Owner! beck nibba

Nigga the autocorrect

Anyone else here an ancap?

Nigga the UK ruled 1/3 of the world

This nigga mad

Living in the past is not rational, remembering is

This country went from nothing but trees to the world's superpower in only 250 years

The Enlightment?

Do you not like the enlightment?

Can somebody catch me up to what the debate exactly is about

In chat

The UK's following the path of all Europe

Why is the don't tread on me guy so loud

Fuck Theresa May

Corbins sadly gonna win

Pro EU?

Nvm then

EU is a fucking former Nazi plan

When the Nazi government drafted a plan similar to the EU


Socialist faggot

Richard Spencer is a socialist faggot

He fucking supports socialist policies

Muh whitness

White genocide is ok

Spencer's haircut is ok

@✨D'Anglo✨ Me as well

Anyone intrested in a informing on German politics rn, I am too lazy to look shit up and am intrested

ATM at least




I'm pro life though

You can't really do that though




No state

What is with this girl and mexican

Does she not realize some mexicans are legal

Nibba they have some of the hardest border restrictions

Extremism, hate speech, and racism are not tolerated at all.

1. Extremism, hate speech, and racism are not tolerated at all.

Rules one in the rules

Not you

In general

?rank Libertarian

!rank Capitalist

?rank capitalist

?rank Conservative

?rank Social Conservative

?rank Constitutionalist

?rank newcomer

>Forgets Asian societies existed that were similar in scale and power as the Western world

2018-10-11 19:42:55 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

^ Agree with he statement above

2018-10-11 19:43:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

If you live in New York this is especially true

2018-10-11 19:43:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

Molinaro is not the best we have, but he is a step in the right direction

2018-10-11 21:32:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

It really depends on how Trump does in this trade war. If Trump can exploit the vulnerabilities in the Chinese economy then China will crash and have a tough time trying to recover

2018-10-11 21:32:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

I wouldn't give up

2018-10-11 21:33:27 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

Look at California where Republicans are making significant gains and barely lost a n election they get destroyed in most years

It's hard to deny that, especially since we asians are smarter than you whites (I'm mostly meming, but we have a higher average IQ)

I'm curious to how it could be disproved

IQ is not learned ability my friend, it is the born intelligence of a person, or would not matter if they were poor or wealthy

And Asians are more than China

Its India, Pakistan, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Signapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangladesh

IQ is not the same thing as knowledge, that is what Education provides, intelligence measures critical thinking and problem solving

I will admit I'm a bit wrong in saying it cant be changed

But it is largely genetic

Skills not the inherent ability to do so

I did not say that

I said that intelligence in terms of critical thinking and problem solving is genetic

I did not, I said we have a higher average iq

IQ is largely genetic. You cannot teach someone intellectually challenged t not be intellectually challenged

Both do

I admitted that

Functional is different than intellectually gifted

As well there are varying degrees of autism

You are thinking of problem solving as like doing a math problem rather than identifying problems and coming to solutions from within your own intelligence rather than being influenced by a formula

Again that's not what I said. Do you know what gene expression and developmental learning is? As you grow up intelligence improves as more Gene's are expressed

Again you keep thinking I'm saying IQ is only genetic, I conceded it is influenced by learning and experience, but not to the degree of genetics, otherwise you wouldn't see things such as wealthy blacks having similar IQs to poor whites or consistent lower IQ of products of incest.

It would likely change, but not by great degrees

As well to get to the main point of the argument I said Asians have a higher average IQ, meaning taking all the IQs of asians versus whites and averaging them out, of which asians have a higher one

Why does it have to be intellectual field, would it not matter by your logic of education and higher economic status

According to all IQ surveying Asians are higher than whites

You disagree with them all?

That's not sufficient evidence, find me a stat that would counteract that, any survey that shows asians having a lower or equal IQ

I'm talking about the numerous studies done that surveyed the whole race or population of a country

For example

Just a few

Income of the nation as a whole

Not individual classes in the country

The third

The third stated asians IQs

And how it was obtained

They didn't prove your point, what? Because they pointed out income led to a trend of higher IQ. You would have to prove this higher IQ would be the cause of higher wages that led to their education

The fourth?

The fourth is literally titled IQs of Races in US

Asians are a few points ahead

They come closer, but not above

As well the other studies when income was a factor, they never said they looked only at high income areas, they sampled the whole country

They lead in two sections of the SAT that's it

Asian leads everywhere else, including overall SAT IQ

I know so why did you use it as evidence, when he had actual IQ calculations elsewhere?


I agree, my point was never that asians are better than whites btw

Just that they had a higher average IQ

That's it

Not necessarily

We were talking about better as a race an culture, of which they are equivalents

In terms of intelligence, by a small, small margin

I think we largely agree, but disagree at a small point of are asians slightly better in terms of just intelligence

Hmm well I guess that's close enough to say we agree

2018-10-13 23:11:09 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Joe Manchin is a more sensible Democrat than most of his colleagues

2018-10-13 23:11:25 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Not much else to say about him

2018-10-13 23:11:52 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Also @Da_Fish it is two thirds @L0GAN

2018-10-13 23:12:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I would use the term less exciting

2018-10-13 23:13:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Yes it's quite boring

2018-10-13 23:13:29 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Before Trump the most exciting it got was on social issues

2018-10-13 23:14:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Pre Trump and Post Cold War is super boring

2018-10-13 23:14:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Only thing pre trump I found exciting politically was the rise of the tea party

2018-10-13 23:15:09 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Nixon was quite an interesting thing in our history

2018-10-13 23:16:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

How so? @The Big Oof

2018-10-13 23:17:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Well Boomers were the majority of voters then

2018-10-13 23:17:29 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

So of course it would be

2018-10-13 23:18:15 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I thought the Tea Party was great in helping inspire more libertarian thought in the party

2018-10-13 23:19:00 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-10-13 23:19:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I meant to paste only rule 8

2018-10-13 23:19:36 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Question of the Day

2018-10-13 23:19:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Oh shit nvm then

2018-10-13 23:20:05 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

*Autism Moment*

2018-10-13 23:22:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I mean if you derail a serious conversation multiple times I would agree with that

2018-10-13 23:24:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

You mean before Islam?

2018-10-13 23:25:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

With their slave trade predating Europe's by 700 years

2018-10-13 23:25:28 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

And being larger and more barbaric

2018-10-13 23:26:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #news]  


2018-10-13 23:27:01 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Cause its majority american

2018-10-13 23:30:58 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I wasn't saying you derailed it O was giving a reason I would be ok with seeing someone deported over it

2018-10-13 23:31:10 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Its ok

2018-10-13 23:31:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I should have worded it better

2018-10-13 23:31:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

But please continue

2018-10-13 23:39:35 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Libertarians are some of the biggest supporters of charity and humanitarian work. They just recognize all human interest is self interest. You do not help others for others sake alone, but for your own as well.

2018-10-13 23:40:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

The owner literally said it was

2018-10-13 23:42:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Actually the server is 99% Somalian

2018-10-13 23:43:36 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Libertarians are not against class collaboration

2018-10-13 23:44:57 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

John Paul Jones, correct?

2018-10-13 23:45:23 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Is he not?

2018-10-13 23:45:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Oh shit my bad

2018-10-13 23:45:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Yea that's suprising

2018-10-13 23:46:06 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I did not know this

2018-10-13 23:46:28 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

That's smart

2018-10-13 23:46:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Also what does it entail to be a son of Anon

2018-10-13 23:47:29 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-10-13 23:47:43 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I am part slav

2018-10-13 23:47:50 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Does that count

2018-10-13 23:48:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

But I'm more asian than slav

2018-10-13 23:48:54 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Are slavs Trotsky's white negros?

2018-10-13 23:49:19 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I agree

2018-10-13 23:49:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Tbh would you rather have Stalin or Trotsky as head of USSR?

2018-10-13 23:50:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I would take Trotsky cause it would have died faster

2018-10-13 23:50:38 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Cause he would have bankrupt them faster

2018-10-13 23:50:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

The Ethopian Empire

2018-10-13 23:51:52 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

They were always on 4chan

2018-10-13 23:52:02 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Just on lefty pol and a minority

2018-10-13 23:52:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

Oh when they did math and science shit

2018-10-13 23:54:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Same difference

2018-10-13 23:55:38 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

And if you cuck me again I will unleash my NPC followers

2018-10-13 23:56:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2018-10-14 00:00:30 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Oh I can assure I didn't use the wrong emote

2018-10-14 00:00:34 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Its a bluff

2018-10-14 00:00:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I would never surround myself with NPCs

2018-10-14 00:01:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

He called my bluff

2018-10-14 00:04:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

Ahh those were the short days of the Arab world

2018-10-14 00:04:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Are you talking to @The Big Oof

2018-10-14 00:04:55 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-10-14 00:05:37 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Also you might want to revise the question

2018-10-14 00:07:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Well I can tell you from personally living in a ghetto and near ghettos most of my life, a large majority of latino and black minority groups are criminal, lazy, immoral, and anti American, but there are exceptions, exceptions who I have made friends with and kept in my personal life.

2018-10-14 00:07:34 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I do not believe race and region are the sole factors in their behavior, but influence it

2018-10-14 00:08:14 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

We know this from DNA data showing those minority populations have higher rates of incest which lead to unfavorable genes

2018-10-14 00:09:04 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Would you consider sexually promiscuous, uncaring for their children, and a general lack of regard for others immoral

2018-10-14 00:10:05 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Anyone is others

2018-10-14 00:10:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

No one is saying all of them

2018-10-14 00:11:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The crime rate is disproportionately high for their population

2018-10-14 00:11:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I said in my personal experience

2018-10-14 00:11:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

In ghettos

2018-10-14 00:12:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

And only ghettos

2018-10-14 00:12:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-10-14 00:13:35 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I am not saying that, I am only speaking on my experiences. As for outside of these areas I dont full well know but I do know they have disproportionately high crime rates for being such a small part of the population

2018-10-14 00:14:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

In suburban communities, as the one I now live in these traits I have found less common

2018-10-14 00:14:20 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

But I have only lived in three suburban areas

2018-10-14 00:14:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I cant speak for all

2018-10-14 00:14:28 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2018-10-14 00:16:25 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I do believe it can be a factor

2018-10-14 00:16:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I never said race or location was the only factor

2018-10-14 00:16:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I said the opposite

2018-10-14 00:17:01 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Yep I can agree to that as well

2018-10-14 00:18:05 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

East Europe is a shithole is what he is saying

2018-10-14 00:18:14 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

And in Asia I can name a ton of countries

2018-10-14 00:19:36 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Minority groups have more access to resources than ever

2018-10-14 00:20:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Minority groups are disadvantaged by their own cultures, I know cause I was in them

2018-10-14 00:21:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Ok bye

2018-10-14 00:21:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

And they are faring the best

2018-10-14 00:21:52 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Out of a groups

2018-10-14 00:22:10 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

<--- East asian master race

2018-10-14 00:22:34 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

Ottomans were not always great

2018-10-14 00:24:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

Under like the Shah?

2018-10-14 00:25:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

Of Iran

2018-10-14 01:51:30 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

What about Taiwan true China?

2018-10-14 02:03:00 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  


2018-10-14 02:09:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #serious]  

Oh boy my joke caused a big discussion

2018-10-14 23:56:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

It did trade military assets for Pepsi

2018-10-15 00:41:00 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I think he means black African countries

2018-10-15 00:41:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

No arab north Africa

2018-10-23 23:19:21 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Any New York boys watching the gubernatorial debate?


What is happening?

The Renissance was not the enlightment

The Enlightment ideas were influenced by the renissance, but it did not create the enlightment

Society has been moving agnostic for a long time

Well by society I mean western societies

Paganism is so broad and poorly defined it's stupid to call yourself one or label something as Pagan

Republicans only care about demographics if they dont vote for them

Which their strategy now is appeal to these groups

Oy vey I get fucked by quarter jap blood

Asian-White ethnostate

East Asisn*

2100 is a jew confirmed

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