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I am a Democratic Socialist

Is this in power or irl

in power I am a Green

its a game

I have a quora account that my views are on

I might be starting a blog

right now I just answer what I get

should I post it here or should I DM it?

2018-05-11 21:19:55 UTC [Elections #anything-else]  

the account

2018-05-11 21:20:43 UTC [Elections #anything-else]  


I would also say MT

for senate

and maybe TN

I think all nationalists are horrible

They dont see that governments are to protect you, not to create a national identity

and with manifest destiny, we were made under the social contract theory, the idea that government rules a land and not a people is messed up

your rifle is the model that people use to kill

your supposed to take his gun and burn it

use something

we have knives


a gun is a weapon of war

destroy them all

Why was the gun produced outside the military in the first place

So arrest the dealer

I think they will surrender, to a military squad

Republicans called parkland fake

I mean hardcore freedom caucus republicans


but why

you saw what happened at parkland and columbine

he bought the gun legally

from a local gun shop

even though the FBI went to him 37 times he got through the background check

I can understand guns and a gun range or handguns

bun rifles and assault rifles?

I will show my map in a second

here are my senate predictions

<@&444210329946423306> can I post images?

My predictions for the 2018 senate elections


sorry what?

I was uploading my senate map

I was making the map

one moment let me read

but Manchin is popular

So during the assault weapons ban in the US everyone was good

the shootings decreased

read time magazine

it said so

they are from your conservative media

even trump in 2000 agreed

they come from merideth co

Merideth co comes from Koch

It is barely highlighted dem

it's parent company is parented by the Koch brothers

that wont happen

the dems are definately taking anything in the two bluest shades of my map

where is that from?

sorry to break it but the first site, no

You used a graph

BBC in my head was second

But BBC and CDC are credible

both my parents are imigrants

it just hamilton

ok look, guns are an issue

I am ok with ranges and handguns

but military grade weapons belong in the military, not on civilian hands

hunting is ok

and and AR-15 belongs in the military

If it is for hunting, I dont like hunting but I can allow it

and David Hogg is a parkland survivor

Any gun you can kill someone on the military in battle with is a military gun

No you dont

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