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2018-08-31 05:21:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #members-log]  

$setversion KJV

2018-08-31 05:43:58 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Plugging and pinning my research server here ๐Ÿ˜ƒ https://discord.gg/Kv997t4

2018-08-31 05:44:45 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@Citizen Z I can't pin, can you do it

2018-08-31 05:48:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2018-09-03 14:03:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@Soldz (CF) Hows the access now, and check <#484538051415113748>

2018-09-03 14:57:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@everyone My HQ research server https://discord.gg/zu7Ga46

2018-09-03 14:59:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

If invite is dead, you're probably banned. I will take requests for unbans

2018-09-03 14:59:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2018-09-03 15:00:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Good resources on all models of Earth

2018-09-03 15:00:46 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

and other misc stuff

2018-09-03 15:01:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2018-09-03 15:01:39 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Yeah I got stuff on that.

2018-09-03 15:02:03 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Wrong they get banned because I can cross reference multiple servers

2018-09-03 15:02:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Mod everywhere as well.

2018-09-03 15:02:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Nice try though

2018-09-03 15:12:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

We get it Puppy you're still in fantasy land

2018-09-03 15:13:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You have nothing to discredit because I don't think you've done any experiments or anything or?

2018-09-03 15:14:40 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Alright post them if you have them still

2018-09-03 15:21:10 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@Satan Citizen Z privilegeS

2018-09-03 15:22:24 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@Satan Get rid of your angry emoji on the announcement

2018-09-03 15:22:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2018-09-03 15:23:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Na I'm good

2018-09-03 15:23:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

However I'm not going to do it again

2018-09-03 15:32:25 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Make up ban reasons if you want, I don't ban everyone and people from 24/7 vote on things.

2018-09-03 15:33:30 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You are though

2018-09-03 15:33:36 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

and I just checked your history

2018-09-03 15:34:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@xXPuppyLoverXx You were banned because of Citizens report and people on 24/7 voting on you. You lied.


2018-09-03 15:34:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2018-09-03 15:34:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  


2018-09-03 15:35:47 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I don't really have time to deal with triggered and bias people anymore, I will get you unbanned in public servers if you can get along with people.

2018-09-03 15:37:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Do you think it's weird that you ditched the aether and are dogmatic about relativity, and rely on things you've seen on a screen as evidence? Enjoy your time man.

2018-09-03 15:42:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

You're too far gone in your indoctrination. Have you ever done a laser test accounting for refraction before Puppy?

2018-09-03 15:46:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

It's late here, but you can post how you would account for it and i'll fact check our work. Of course we'll never change your mind, but rectilinear exeperiment and finding some unbias engineers and surveyers could be good also.

And really thanos meme

2018-09-03 15:46:42 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

I don't think you have

2018-09-03 15:47:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

Anyay bye for now

@Eloha Lol that entire thing relies on a secular approach. An atheist changing the bible to suit his worldview and saying things like the authors didn't get it right? typical from the owner of Round Earth Society I suppose.

On second thought, I won't go into detail where it's wrong and instead save it to refute it if anyone tries using it. I don't like giving dedicated debunkers any pointers.

You have fixed stars and wandering stars. The word planet comes from the original languages used in the bible


@Terra Australis It's not, we had a couple porn spammers come in... I banned one, got him now.

2019-08-27 05:59:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@Rigg5 kek ๐Ÿคฆ

2019-09-02 07:12:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

@derpydogz025 Are you actually saying that if the movement of the stars was caused by a torus shaped magnetic field that the earth therefore is a donut? ๐Ÿคฆ you have to be trolling

2019-09-02 07:24:40 UTC [The Ice Wall #lounge]  

[3:13 PM] derpydogz025: Earth isnโ€™t a donut
M] derpydogz025: Are you actually
[3:16 PM] derpydogz025: Saying the worlds a donut
[3:16 PM] derpydogz025: And you really think it too```

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