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2019-03-23 21:17:12 UTC [The Ice Wall #members-log]  

2019-03-23 21:22:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #vaxx-discussions]  

that depends on the situation actually

2019-03-23 21:23:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #vaxx-discussions]  

@BlueBuffer can you pass me the evidence for that?

2019-03-23 21:24:27 UTC [The Ice Wall #vaxx-discussions]  

bit rude

2019-03-23 21:26:04 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

no protective barrier?

2019-03-23 21:27:32 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

it's called gravity

2019-03-23 21:28:15 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

and you think the earth being flat means that those gases are likely to stay?

2019-03-23 21:28:19 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

how does it make a difference exactly

2019-03-23 21:29:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

we don't have an object with sufficient mass to create a gravitational pull able to model that of the earth

2019-03-23 21:29:40 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  


2019-03-23 21:29:44 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

how does the earth being flat change that

2019-03-23 21:30:02 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

answer my question

2019-03-23 21:30:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

I answered yours

2019-03-23 21:30:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

answer my question

2019-03-23 21:30:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

I've asked you four times to answer my question

2019-03-23 21:30:40 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

how does the earth being flat change that

2019-03-23 21:30:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

don't avoid it

2019-03-23 21:31:35 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

so how does the same issue not relate to a flat earth

2019-03-23 21:32:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

it's the <#484516084846952451> channel

2019-03-23 21:32:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

so what do you suggest keeps gases in instead?

2019-03-23 21:33:38 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  


2019-03-23 21:33:54 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

I'll take that as a "I believe this but don't have an alternative possibility"

2019-03-23 21:34:03 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  
2019-03-23 21:36:22 UTC [The Ice Wall #vaxx-discussions]  

one's feelings on the morals of abortion is purely subjective so it's pointless to argue it

2019-03-23 21:36:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #vaxx-discussions]  

not what this channel is for anyway

2019-03-23 21:43:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #conspiracy-discussion]  

because they want to control humanity from behind the curtains and manipulate world events, clearly

2019-03-23 21:43:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #conspiracy-discussion]  

that's sarcastic by the way

2019-03-23 21:44:06 UTC [The Ice Wall #conspiracy-discussion]  

I don't get it either lol

2019-03-23 21:44:42 UTC [The Ice Wall #conspiracy-discussion]  


2019-03-23 21:46:59 UTC [The Ice Wall #conspiracy-discussion]  


2019-03-23 21:48:33 UTC [The Ice Wall #conspiracy-discussion]  

when your argument about life is based around the fictional creations of a science-fiction film

2019-03-23 21:53:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #conspiracy-discussion]  


2019-03-23 21:54:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #conspiracy-discussion]  

it's both

2019-03-23 21:54:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #conspiracy-discussion]  


2019-03-23 22:04:14 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

right I can't see any of that because it's a fast moving gif without a link

2019-03-23 22:05:28 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  


2019-03-23 22:05:43 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

you seem to get pretty tilted by people arguing with you

2019-03-23 22:05:53 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

if you're already in a bad mood

2019-03-23 22:08:12 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

what was?

2019-03-23 22:09:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

you mean the gif he posted?

2019-03-23 22:09:29 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

still lost me

2019-03-23 22:10:03 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

who listed what without explaining that

2019-03-23 22:10:09 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

had this argument like 30 mins ago

2019-03-23 22:10:16 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

already forgotten

2019-03-23 22:12:05 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

yeah but like what part of the argument were we applying it to

2019-03-23 22:12:07 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

cba to re-read it

2019-03-23 22:12:17 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

or the whole thing

2019-03-23 22:13:23 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  


2019-03-23 22:17:00 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

I did lol

2019-03-23 22:17:01 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  


2019-03-23 22:17:41 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  


2019-03-24 00:17:18 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

Every planet/most satellites in space has been observed to be spherical yet the earth just isn't because why not

2019-03-24 00:17:52 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

Really reminds me of the arrogant attitude people took centuries ago thinking the earth was the center of the universe

2019-03-24 00:18:08 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

It's not special and it makes literally no sense to be flat

2019-03-24 00:19:13 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

It should be spherical for about every reason, including how it would have been formed in the first place

2019-03-24 00:19:57 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

But of course I'm just a believer in pseudoscience for going with the standard opinion and observation because it's been proven to make sense

2019-03-24 00:20:26 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

And I'll get censored in a few days for daring to have that opinion anyway

2019-03-24 00:48:50 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

@Citizen Z right, for a start, I don't think a bunch of movies or YouTube videos are a good place to start with evidence for anything, not going to bother watching them because I'm about to sleep, secondly I know what background radiation is, what of it

2019-03-24 09:40:48 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

@Citizen Z so let me get this straight, you think the earth is also the center of the universe as well

2019-03-24 09:44:11 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

And instead of asking me to watch a film explain it yourself I'm not going to bother wasting my time on watching something to de-bunk it

2019-03-24 09:45:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

I'm here to argue not to have to watch stuff I don't want to

2019-03-24 09:59:54 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

Explain how background radiation shows the stars to be on shelves don't ask me to watch a film

2019-03-24 16:35:20 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

I literally just told you I don't want to waste my time doing it

2019-03-24 16:35:36 UTC [The Ice Wall #flat-earth]  

if you can't explain it yourself then you clearly don't understand what you're talking about

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