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Thanks for inviting us

Thank you!

Thanks, it's good to meet y'all

That sounds awesome, I should make us coffee too... We were up really late but it's hard for me to sleep nowadays

Haha that's a daily struggle for me too

Thanks so much brother!!

We try to do a devotional each day

Thanks for watching and subbing

Adam has a good one coming up how to season a cast iron skillet

Exactly, that's so important

It's just good to be around nice people!

Yeah, for sure something is brewing

Appreciate that. Haughtiness is rather unattractive

Understood, He Always is. Indeed

No condemnation

I do some Scripture Art, is there a good channel for that?

Nice to meet you!

I'm Katey (Adam is my other half)

Yes we are

He's sleeping!

He works as a bricklayer during the week

No, that's the Blue Ridge Mountains where I've camped my whole life. In Virginia

Nice to meet you too!

It's Katey πŸ€“

Thank you Jesus!


We're all individuals

Your name?

Nice to meet you Bittu

Cool, NY here

Hey guys

Ever read the space trilogy by CS LEWIS?

Which ones?

The Screwtape Letters is really good too

But the Perelandra series is amazing

If you like sci fi

Yeah same here, I mostly read the Bible nowadays.

Haven't read those, although watched the movies. They came out the year before I was saved

It's so crazy to see so much prophecy unfolding before our eyes. I never thought this would happen in my lifetime

Knowledge is increasing for sure

In good and bad ways


Have you seen the videos where they connect all the news reports? It's all scripted

Industry of what?

Oh, yeah well I could imagine so

Predicitive programming indeed

The Matrix says it all

Yep, totally

Sometimes I listen to an indie band or music without words, but that's it

If we watch stuff it's mostly to do research and be an annoying truther... It's like Mystery Science Theater 3000 in our house

Yeah, it's so insidious

Advertising too

Buying products and the manipulation behind it. They bank on peoples' ignorance and stupidity

I've worked in retail most of my life, gained a ton of insight into human behavior. Both the victims and the perpetrators. It's a dark world out there

@Lil Brit how many in NY?

MORNING @Deleted User 😸

We're in NY, they declared state of emergency on Sat

People are oblivious here still but the local news is instilling fear

They keep pushing this on our news.... The Red Cross needs more blood donors.... People are scared to donate because of coronavirus... Hmm wonder why they need so much blood....

It went from not talking about it at all to all of a sudden everyone's upset (but no one is) like HUH??

The elite need their blood sacrifices

68 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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