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images id like
but i dont

because this server is gay

no step on snek

@Mazianni ur gay bitch

furry sticker nigger

worst meme 2018 upcoming V V V ⏬

@Mazianni mtf fag gay 2012

u are cold.

show me its front

they can tuck brub @Double Negative

thats why u dont jerk off to images

how do you know this

mtf trans 1984

@wamps kilazt Bizta

@wamps Watching the decoys

@wamps stfu u mt fag



i look in a mirror and i see face

wtf so fucking deep

i saw my face

and its like.. flipped


thats so fucking deep. mirror univers eguys

i do but not for your gay garbage

le art

le art le hitler, le mirrors guys

old idea

because u gay furry communism name

follow th leader bitch. 1981

if i was smarter i wouldnt be using discord

oh wait

I know!

not much at all for aero reactions actually

random shit
ill be honest i just joined, ask @Deleted User

this is one of the more actuive/alive ones actually

from what i know its just a joke to piss off trannies and freaks

oh yeah
with the @AeroBot profile pic and shit
for some reason normalfags get really irked by it

based off another discord bot but made cooler i guess

@Deleted User i mean it is trve
i put up the 3rd person guise for the people not so aware

ive effectively only used it to harass trannies

like i make them tell me their secrets

irl it would be obvious i use this just as a tool

i did that entire srat on him actually

the reason why you all know hes a tranny is because of me

early this year i got him to tell me his hrt bullshit

then i told the big ass active server he was in and known in

then i just sent him planes until he stopped acknowledging me

mightve been earlier than this year, though

i do not respect trans identifications

don't you know i'm just being hypothetical

this is a hypothetical situation, actually

just not actively mentioned until now

1,061 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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