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2018-11-02 04:19:32 UTC

super gay

2018-11-02 04:19:33 UTC


2018-11-02 04:19:40 UTC

move the general channel up smarty

2018-11-02 04:20:27 UTC


2018-11-02 04:20:37 UTC


2018-11-02 04:21:04 UTC

is tiktok based

2018-11-02 04:22:10 UTC


2018-11-02 04:22:27 UTC


2018-11-02 04:29:16 UTC

the original had joseph goebbels

2018-11-02 04:29:20 UTC

she changed it

2018-11-02 04:29:21 UTC


2018-11-02 04:36:28 UTC

I hate woman now tfd

2018-11-02 04:39:56 UTC


2018-11-02 04:40:34 UTC

Spencer a qt

2018-11-02 04:40:57 UTC

spencer's gaped asshole is the last stand of implicit white identity

2018-11-02 04:44:26 UTC


2018-11-02 04:44:41 UTC


2018-11-02 04:44:49 UTC

that''s going in amsalem's server

2018-11-02 04:49:21 UTC

listen to this

2018-11-02 04:50:01 UTC


2018-11-02 04:51:01 UTC

sounds familiar

2018-11-02 04:51:29 UTC

It's good music

2018-11-02 04:51:32 UTC

you nigger

2018-11-02 04:51:34 UTC

Oh fuck

2018-11-02 04:51:38 UTC

I'm becoming a normie

2018-11-02 04:51:51 UTC

Watched some gore and actually felt really bad inside

2018-11-02 04:52:07 UTC

it comes with having a heart

2018-11-02 04:52:28 UTC

I used to be a fucking edgelord

2018-11-02 04:52:37 UTC

want some more gore

2018-11-02 04:52:40 UTC

desensitized and depressed

2018-11-02 04:52:55 UTC

you guys should give going outside a chance

2018-11-02 04:53:00 UTC

you might even find a gf

2018-11-02 04:53:40 UTC

some unlucky girls they would be

2018-11-02 04:56:00 UTC

whose dick do i have to suck to get promoted around here

2018-11-02 04:56:26 UTC

@F-Star actually it would be their loss

2018-11-02 04:56:35 UTC

Women are so shallow

2018-11-02 04:56:43 UTC

that's a shallow statement

2018-11-02 04:56:45 UTC

but somehow they can give meaning to men's lives

2018-11-02 04:56:46 UTC

It is

2018-11-02 04:56:48 UTC

Like women

2018-11-02 04:56:53 UTC

I love how my PC's USB ports dont output enough power to charge my tablet eben when its off

2018-11-02 04:57:00 UTC

They get everything just because having a pussy

2018-11-02 04:57:04 UTC

men give it to them

2018-11-02 04:57:06 UTC

But it can somehow keep it running

2018-11-02 04:57:18 UTC

men better themselves so they can look better to women

2018-11-02 04:57:20 UTC

@F-Star Hey what happened to security

2018-11-02 04:57:22 UTC


2018-11-02 04:57:38 UTC

Your average men is more personally developed than your av woman

2018-11-02 04:57:42 UTC

kirk demoted staff who were in the herc server

2018-11-02 04:57:43 UTC

Is that a word?

2018-11-02 04:58:00 UTC

@F-Star Oh, can you come to PM please

2018-11-02 04:58:11 UTC


2018-11-02 04:58:34 UTC

on the average gender personal development, i would give that one to women

2018-11-02 04:58:39 UTC

@Tinker Tom check the connections bro

2018-11-02 04:58:41 UTC

that cant be right

2018-11-02 04:58:48 UTC

they're often a lot more emotionally developed

2018-11-02 04:59:26 UTC

@Double Negative I dunno dude its outputting enough power to have it not die at 0% but not enough to bring it to 1%

2018-11-02 04:59:27 UTC

more like they only care about the money

2018-11-02 04:59:41 UTC

They're thought to use men for their

2018-11-02 04:59:42 UTC

you know

2018-11-02 04:59:57 UTC

Or social capital

2018-11-02 05:00:04 UTC

They're more emotionally manipulative in that way

2018-11-02 05:00:05 UTC

Aka not gamers

2018-11-02 05:00:08 UTC

but the power they have

2018-11-02 05:00:12 UTC

is given to them by men

2018-11-02 05:00:24 UTC

The USB 1.x and 2.0 specifications provide a 5 V supply on a single wire to power connected USB devices. A unit load is defined as 100 mA in USB 2.0, and 150 mA in USB 3.0. A device may draw a maximum of 5 unit loads (500 mA) from a port in USB 2.0; 6 (900 mA) in USB 3.0.
@Tinker Tom

2018-11-02 05:00:39 UTC

if you stop caring about impressing women and realise the fact you're better than them just because you're a guy

2018-11-02 05:00:52 UTC

You get to be in charge

2018-11-02 05:00:57 UTC
2018-11-02 05:03:23 UTC

I expected someone to call me a fucking virginm

2018-11-02 05:04:06 UTC

@MrSpac chad

2018-11-02 05:04:08 UTC

i didn't want to say it

2018-11-02 05:04:11 UTC

You hate women, because you are weak. You lack the necessary skills and talents, to charm them to your way of thinking. Were you the kind of person who spent a large percentage of your waking-hours dedicating yourself to a singular purpose; a hobby, a career or perhaps a healthy mix of both, you would find that most, if not all of your hatred and focus would be redirected as energy into that activity. Instead, your hatred is directed at women because you are lazy and unmotivated.

Even men who, for all intents and purposes, are considered "ugly" by society's standards, manage to attract good-looking, available, personable women because they know ... not think, not feel, not believe, but KNOW ... that they have acquired enough skills through sheer hard work, for their confidence to be justified.

You would know this also, if you did a single day's worth of hard work in your life.

2018-11-02 05:04:21 UTC

Nice copy pasta

2018-11-02 05:04:50 UTC

A hard working mongrel

2018-11-02 05:05:09 UTC

I'm going to sleep

2018-11-02 05:05:16 UTC

Have a nice one my fellow incels

2018-11-02 05:05:19 UTC

don't forget not to fap

2018-11-02 05:06:14 UTC

Yt dum Maro dum

2018-11-02 05:06:31 UTC

.yt dum maro dum

2018-11-02 05:06:37 UTC

My worthless cunt neighbor had sex once again and she moaned like the fucking whore she is. Moaning is one of the most primitive behaviors that still exist today. It's a whore's call for the nearest males to come and fight eachother to death so that the last survivor will claim the femoid and breed her pussy with his superior genes. If we still lived in the jungle and i heard that noise,i would approach the male fucker and knock him out with my cavemade bat but since we live nowadays in a civilized society with laws and shit,i can't do anything about that so i have to resort to punching my fucking walls. This is why moaning must be criminalized. It disrupts the peace of mind of the male inhabitants of a civilized society. If that whore wants to moan,she can freely go to the amazon rainforest and moan like the fucking primitive animal she is,otherwise she must face either the rope,the electric chair or the flamethrower.

2018-11-02 05:06:42 UTC

Wrong one

2018-11-02 05:06:51 UTC

@Double Negative stop posting incel pastas

2018-11-02 05:06:54 UTC

Ollivious Tudore

2018-11-02 05:06:58 UTC

I wanted the 70s one

2018-11-02 05:07:03 UTC

"Ram, ass, and horse, my Kyrnos, we look over
With care, and seek good stock for good to cover;
And yet the best men make no argument,
But wed, for money, runts of poor descent.
So too a woman will demean her state
And spurn the better for the richer mate.
Money's the cry. Good stock to bad is wed
And bad to good, till all the world's cross-bred.
No wonder if the country's breed declines-
Mixed metal, Kyrnos, that but dimly shines."

Theognis of Megara on eugenics and dysgenics, circa 520 B.C.

2018-11-02 05:07:18 UTC

Simple , I'm looking for a submissive, playful , sexy Slut. You need to do all that I say and obey all that I tell you to do. I'm looking for a slut for this weekend . You need to be curvy , Big boobs are a must and very eager and willing to please. I love giving oral and receiving as well. I'm athletic and in great SEXUAL shape, If you a submissive cumswallowing whore , who likes getting your pussy sucked and nibbled on and have an interest in getting a load shot down your throat, a load shot deep into your moist pussy and a hot thick load shot into your ASS. Then contact me , Put ' red rubber super ball" in the subject line and i will respond. looking forward to cumming in you.
I WILL only respond to REAL reponses

2018-11-02 05:07:22 UTC

.yt dum maaro dum 70s

2018-11-02 05:07:36 UTC


2018-11-02 05:07:40 UTC

why won't girls date me


2018-11-02 05:07:44 UTC

honestly I'm attractive

2018-11-02 05:07:46 UTC

I'm good looking

2018-11-02 05:07:49 UTC

I drive a nice car

2018-11-02 05:07:51 UTC

@Groovy id date you

2018-11-02 05:07:53 UTC

the supreme gentleman is eternal

2018-11-02 05:08:07 UTC

because you haven't won the lottery

2018-11-02 05:08:14 UTC

Should have found himself a fellow happa

2018-11-02 05:08:22 UTC

Honestly I just know the next time is the one

2018-11-02 05:08:35 UTC

get your hopes up

2018-11-02 05:08:35 UTC

When I visit home and I hear my whore sister getting fucked by her bf

2018-11-02 05:08:51 UTC

@F-Star stop giving bad advice

2018-11-02 05:08:57 UTC

Itโ€™s foolish

2018-11-02 05:08:59 UTC

she's 16 and already on her knees opening her legs to chad

2018-11-02 05:09:10 UTC

I'm 22 and I'm still a pathetic virgin

2018-11-02 05:09:13 UTC

why is life so unfair

2018-11-02 05:09:16 UTC


2018-11-02 05:09:19 UTC

he demoted gordon too

2018-11-02 05:09:26 UTC

@Rael let me see how you look like

2018-11-02 05:09:27 UTC

i assumed i was talking to a dead man @MI6

2018-11-02 05:09:29 UTC

geist can you tell kirk to chill

2018-11-02 05:09:33 UTC

fuck off off starscream

2018-11-02 05:09:38 UTC

kirk is offline

2018-11-02 05:09:38 UTC

@F-Star ah ok

2018-11-02 05:09:44 UTC

when he gets back on

2018-11-02 05:09:52 UTC

@Rael I know you big eyebrows

2018-11-02 05:09:56 UTC

@F-Star can I not be brown

2018-11-02 05:09:57 UTC

he's just stirring up unnecessary problems

2018-11-02 05:09:57 UTC

yeah i'll tell him to chill

2018-11-02 05:10:08 UTC

it's a shit color and its hard on my beautiful eyes

2018-11-02 05:10:14 UTC

kirk unmodded tom too even though tom was only in hercs server to snitch

2018-11-02 05:10:20 UTC

Kirks going a little tough

2018-11-02 05:10:29 UTC

stupid dumb genome brown scum

2018-11-02 05:10:30 UTC

i know smirnoff, the autism is too mcuh

2018-11-02 05:10:43 UTC

I only fell down and got a little mud on me

2018-11-02 05:10:50 UTC

shut up genome

2018-11-02 05:10:50 UTC

let my true colors shine through

2018-11-02 05:10:56 UTC

shut up furfag

2018-11-02 05:11:00 UTC


2018-11-02 05:11:02 UTC

go get AIDs and die

2018-11-02 05:11:04 UTC

@Groovy I canโ€™t date you

2018-11-02 05:11:05 UTC

no u

2018-11-02 05:11:12 UTC

@MI6 why not

2018-11-02 05:11:15 UTC

@Groovy you said colors tsk tsk

2018-11-02 05:11:16 UTC

I'm the surpreme gentleman

2018-11-02 05:11:21 UTC


2018-11-02 05:11:23 UTC


2018-11-02 05:11:25 UTC

you happy now brit

2018-11-02 05:11:37 UTC

By the Queen

2018-11-02 05:11:37 UTC

Ok now itโ€™s a possibility

2018-11-02 05:11:56 UTC


2018-11-02 05:11:57 UTC

How do I install stuff on Linux

2018-11-02 05:12:05 UTC

sudo apt get

2018-11-02 05:12:06 UTC

i think

2018-11-02 05:12:07 UTC

Like I want IceCat but I dont have the right repo

2018-11-02 05:12:10 UTC

>How do I install stuff on Linux

2018-11-02 05:12:13 UTC

@Tinker Tom ask herc

2018-11-02 05:12:13 UTC

Yeah but I dont have the repo

2018-11-02 05:12:16 UTC

Oh wait

2018-11-02 05:12:17 UTC

if you're on linux, sudo apt-get install

2018-11-02 05:12:20 UTC


2018-11-02 05:12:23 UTC

how do I install stuff on my new iMac

2018-11-02 05:12:24 UTC

i mean on mint

2018-11-02 05:12:39 UTC

@Groovy App Store

2018-11-02 05:12:39 UTC

I want to use Microsoft Word but that program's not on my Mac

2018-11-02 05:12:50 UTC

gulf war syndrome

2018-11-02 05:12:54 UTC

Unix was a prank
In an announcement that has stunned the computer industry, Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan admitted that the Unix operating system and C programming language created by them is an elaborate prank kept alive for over 20 years.
...we decided to do parodies of the Multics environment and Pascal. Dennis and I were responsible for the operating environment. We looked at Multics and designed the new OS to be as complex and cryptic as possible to maximize casual users' frustration levels, calling it Unix as a parody of Multics. We sold the terse command language to novitiates by telling them that it saved them typing.
At one time, we joked about selling this to the Soviets to set their computer science progress back 20 or more years.
Unfortunately, AT&T and other US corporations actually began using Unix and C. We decided we'd better keep mum, assuming it was just a passing phase. In fact, it's taken US companies over 20 years to develop enough expertise to generate useful applications using this 1960's technological parody. We are impressed with the tenacity of the general Unix and C programmer. In fact, Brian, Dennis and I have never ourselves attempted to write a commercial application in this environment.

2018-11-02 05:12:55 UTC

Buy it

2018-11-02 05:13:30 UTC

@Double Negative my brother knows Linus torvalds personally

2018-11-02 05:13:40 UTC

Pretty cool eh?

2018-11-02 05:13:42 UTC

unix is furrys

2018-11-02 05:13:44 UTC

what does he think of linus bending to SJWs and allow them to rape his code and his community

2018-11-02 05:14:06 UTC

once upon a time someone didn't gas enough furries

2018-11-02 05:14:06 UTC

@Double Negative my brother?

2018-11-02 05:14:10 UTC


2018-11-02 05:14:14 UTC

a certain someone should've done his job better

2018-11-02 05:14:27 UTC


2018-11-02 05:14:29 UTC

@Groovy who, stalin?

2018-11-02 05:14:30 UTC

if that quote is for real, it changes everything

2018-11-02 05:14:34 UTC

He has different views than me

2018-11-02 05:14:43 UTC


2018-11-02 05:14:57 UTC

nah stalin did good

2018-11-02 05:14:58 UTC

@Double Negative he lives in Bay Area for god sake

2018-11-02 05:15:02 UTC


2018-11-02 05:16:15 UTC

wsj going hard

2018-11-02 05:16:22 UTC

And Works for a company called Juniper networks @Double Negative

2018-11-02 05:16:27 UTC

So yeah

2018-11-02 05:16:56 UTC

@F-Star fuck wsj

2018-11-02 05:17:08 UTC

Laura Loomer

2018-11-02 05:17:12 UTC

and her Tire's Bloomers

2018-11-02 05:17:21 UTC

I only watch Bloomberg

2018-11-02 05:17:22 UTC

isn't she jewish

2018-11-02 05:17:34 UTC

she's very jewish

2018-11-02 05:17:49 UTC

controlled jewery

2018-11-02 05:19:36 UTC

what happened to the old foxhound server btw

2018-11-02 05:20:01 UTC


2018-11-02 05:20:02 UTC

a good question

2018-11-02 05:20:13 UTC

the new one a shit

2018-11-02 05:21:24 UTC

im going to guess just being cautious in case of server purges

2018-11-02 05:21:25 UTC



2018-11-02 05:21:41 UTC

I survived through 5 purges and 3 famines

2018-11-02 05:21:45 UTC

@Double Negative Iโ€™ll take that image of your hands

2018-11-02 05:21:51 UTC

How much for it

2018-11-02 05:22:25 UTC

Change your name back to double negative

2018-11-02 05:22:31 UTC

discord isnt exactly censorship happy but they will cave to sjws and libniggers

2018-11-02 05:22:31 UTC

This is stupid

2018-11-02 05:22:48 UTC


2018-11-02 05:22:52 UTC



2018-11-02 05:23:00 UTC

@K3 like you

2018-11-02 05:23:03 UTC

@Groovy good post

2018-11-02 05:23:07 UTC

.yt elliot rodger supreme gentleman tribute

2018-11-02 05:23:11 UTC

no u

2018-11-02 05:23:11 UTC

this is why you keep your head down and just shout nigger in the ch aos

2018-11-02 05:23:25 UTC

.yt buying boku no pico

2018-11-02 05:23:26 UTC

@Nadeko how old are you

2018-11-02 05:23:40 UTC


2018-11-02 05:23:47 UTC

@Double Negative thanks fren

2018-11-02 05:23:57 UTC

nice name btw

2018-11-02 05:23:57 UTC

@K3 how old are you

2018-11-02 05:24:00 UTC

very aesthetic

2018-11-02 05:24:04 UTC

92 years old

2018-11-02 05:24:14 UTC

@K3 divide by two

2018-11-02 05:24:22 UTC

Thatโ€™s who you can fuck

2018-11-02 05:24:41 UTC

my balls hit the floor when i stand up

2018-11-02 05:24:47 UTC

it's n/2 + 7 you nigger

2018-11-02 05:24:48 UTC


2018-11-02 05:25:02 UTC

my balls slap my kneecaps when I walk around

2018-11-02 05:25:16 UTC

@Groovy ah yes Iโ€™ve been in the kitchen too long

2018-11-02 05:25:21 UTC

I forgot

2018-11-02 05:25:33 UTC


2018-11-02 05:25:39 UTC


2018-11-02 05:25:43 UTC

nuke japan twice again

2018-11-02 05:25:46 UTC

Double nooooo

2018-11-02 05:26:02 UTC

@K3 the nukes only strengthened japan

2018-11-02 05:26:05 UTC

I hate boat girls

2018-11-02 05:26:08 UTC


2018-11-02 05:26:09 UTC

Please stop

2018-11-02 05:26:10 UTC


2018-11-02 05:26:19 UTC

Or else

2018-11-02 05:26:26 UTC


2018-11-02 05:26:28 UTC

I post some real shut

2018-11-02 05:26:29 UTC


2018-11-02 05:26:34 UTC


2018-11-02 05:26:44 UTC


2018-11-02 05:26:54 UTC


2018-11-02 05:27:02 UTC


2018-11-02 05:27:32 UTC

You canโ€™t @K3

2018-11-02 05:27:33 UTC

.yt nuke japan

2018-11-02 05:27:40 UTC

Theyโ€™re too powerful

2018-11-02 05:27:49 UTC

ahahah ok

2018-11-02 05:28:02 UTC

does japan even have nukes?

2018-11-02 05:28:07 UTC

@K3 nuke Ireland

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