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Hey hey

Another one bit the dust


No one blamed you.

Welcome @NomasksCAWelcome, <@712790026139729941> @Deleted User

So what have you seen going around? @NomasksCA

Working a lot and taking care of things.

Lots of suspicious reporting going around

I was off today trying to enjoy the day

I was out all day finally had dinner

Server Gestapo

Eat a couple

Where is the chip located

<:smoke:630919979323359242> <:emoji_28:659351592977563670>

Morning everyone

I'm listening in VC Infowars

Who lol


You wanted to start a civil war over?

I can do an irc

@Tian Fan can you follow me to an irc

Same as discord

Chisel and Hammer sold out

You got fooled with satire @happy . elf forever

Don't make me look back

So are you the one

I'm still looking for my dead military brothers who ended there lives short

Not funny you prick @Tian Fan

Nothing to do with harm at all

Just against the grain

Old man with a grudge lol

I hope she does get sun

I need to get offline

Uncle Sam Needs You Damn It

Yeah better off

<:smoke:630919979323359242> <:emoji_28:659351592977563670>

Big eyes and things

The Communist Think That About Americans

Let Me Not Finish My Thought

I Eat Pussy

I can't right now

I can't see the pic is queen showing me her fur Burger?

Oh ok potato retard ok

Let me stay in my vegetative state please

Da Fook

You snitch @Tian Fan

@Tian Fan who are your roommate I heard sound American

@Clyde#0001 fuck off

Come to daddy lol

Yeah yeah

<:smoke:630919979323359242> <:emoji_28:659351592977563670>

@Raisin 🐺 is that a baby hippo?


Aw look at da baby girl

I thought you turned 18 last year lol


You guys are a bunch of assholes

Uncle Sam wants you

Oh pretty please @happy . elf forever

Confused I know that @happy . elf forever

Huckleberry wud up lady

I see

I want you to start the 1776 revolution

Yeah gov control

We ain't chicken little @happy . elf forever

Not a movie @Tian Fan

Who's lizard

Endless motorboat


Oh no @Dallas is going to kick my butt run

You're not it right @Dallas

Age of knock em down

Not Chuck dude lol

πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹



You don't have my phone number


I've G2G

Good night everyone


Oh baby y'all fighting over me πŸ˜‚

Da babies are crazy yo

Good night everyone

Uncle Sam wants you to fight for the republic

Such a nerd good night everyone

Good morning everyone



He's a quarentine victim


I seen that video

Yeah that type of behavior won't go down well here

What kind of motorcycle?

Hey @BB_TRUTH how's your day going?

The Sandy part of the coast is the beach

Are you ok @Tian Fan

Jumps back and runs

Yo Dallas

Hilarious Alex Jones I will eat your ass

Yep unfortunately time doesn't stop @huckleberry hound

Morning @Ray C

Drop the link @Ray C


Had him on periascope but I changed phones and never downloaded the app

I listened to Jones on that dumped them once he got taken off

Wicked colors on him

Sleep well man cya later ✌️

Thanks, we had one here trading nudes for some type of work or something we banned them immediately.

Seemed like hackers to me

Oh shit VC later on tonight yes

Hey hey @huckleberry hound baby lol

Oh yeah for sure makes for some interesting times

Good so far a little rain we needed

Lol I guess they just like the bang for now they might hurt themselves later on tonight

I would put my lawn chair out front and watch the action later


Ah yeah I got you as long as they have a berm here no bullets wizzing by my place

Then they asking for trouble

Everyone here are old country folks or inherited land

It use to get crazy here back in the day.

Dumbass drunks who didn't respect gun and rifle ownership

My dad was the type of guy that if you didn't show respect for people and property he would show you why.

My buddy has a cannon he live's up north of here but he has the land for it

Kober the goober I call him


Yeah cool guy he took me one time to the race pit in Daytona race

Ok cool

Don't remember to well I think it was after he died 2008

VC my naghty whore's

Oh oh cum find out

I've pleased the best cow head

These Palm nuts are driving me cray cay

Back dat ass up at least

Oh yeah

Lil Visigoths spilling his drink

Kay come on vc

No one will join sad face

I'm out yo y'all suck

Well fuck off

No what you sniching


Nice @Ray C no need emojis

Especially from Google

I know how to fuck these people out there game

Cuz I'm crazy you tranny



You better be be ready any have things set up

Yeah don't name food

Yellow basic American poultry

Which ones are boys or girls @Raisin 🐺

I hope she didn't buy these from the feed store for show?

I raised a gobbler with chickens when I was young and that was a mission

Chickens would try to peck him to death til he grew up

The rooster I grew with him got eaten by a cat with a couple other chicks

One of the hens took him in then I focused on my turkey

People are no fun today @Dallas

Clyde go fuck yourself

Let my son get mad at you bro

Cloud system please

replacingΒ IRCΒ servers with Discord ones.[

Good Bad And The Ugly

Shutdown cost money

Everytime lol

Not much man just stressed about something's.

How're are things going over there.

I feel right about any of this

Internet has turned into a bunch self censoring douchebags

I hope that's not another satire peice like Tigan

That blonde you posted before was a comedians account


I tried helping someone last night and they pissed me off and then ladyhypocrite7k banned me cuz I said fuck in VC

I see Tore has a .com as well and you can listen to all the shows@Ray C

Welcome @DeboraF

You'll get it after a while

you a vampire @kayyy

what is it?

race war and cop killing is a part of the communist rules

oh i got you i seen the video

way out of line and unnecessary

he obviously has problems and needs to get fired and serve time for his actions

but on the other hand i don't have the full story

selling goods

yeah no good

he did more than restrict breathing he held his main neck artery closed to make him pass out

Police have been trained to produce the turmoil with the people





Morning everyone

Lunch is almost ready here

Baked potato green beans and hot Italian sausage


Looks good

What happened to making your own

The picture got didn't it lol

Chalk full of preservatives

Hey @Queen Of Conspiracy whats going on

Good just sitting here catching up on things i missed today.

Yes and now he want's to take action, it's a little to late for that.

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