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Hello from another new arrival. Looks like this place is buzzing with activity!

@John O - no problem. Anthony interviewed me, we had a great talk

Wordpress is easy, imo.

Office of international students would have to take you if you claimed to be a gay Jew.

* rambles about muh social justice during interview *

@TylerHess I think you're right. When I investigated this at my alma mater, it seemed that getting a double major didn't decrease your odds of having a job- neither did being involved with clubs, etc.

Some students would just do all that stuff. Conscientiousness.

But here's a weird one: double majors didn't consider themselves harder working on average. They were just smarter, per their SAT scores.

Honestly, if you're good at stuff, just load your schedule. More ammo for the resume gun.

Rich kids were less likely to do STEM. I didn't get the chance to figure out why. I thought it was weird, though.

@Trashboat you're new too? Exciting to see the place grow right around me.

@Asatru Artist - MD but White kids were the richest! I wondered if it was a bunch of Asian engineers. I graduated before I could look further.

Dude, I've wondered about that. I don't think Asians are as feverishly married to the Democrats as Blacks are. If we axe affirmative action, and liberals come howling for all the jobs we got those Asians- I think a lot would flip Republican.

Bone marrow transplants would be much more effective. But PAINFUL.

I've wondered if some people are against circumcision because they don't want to deal with certain demographics.

15 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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