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i think Sargon was just butthurt over the spencer thing

they're both idiots

Sargon is a sophist and Spencer is a paid shill



could he have had this leaked as red meat for his base to cover for the daca negotions?
i mean, that would be fucking beyond brilliant

he got ticked for manspreading

some white countries are shitholes... no wait... i cant think of one... nvmd

but its pretty

you only need to nuke a handful of cities to clear it right up'

i hope they have bad aim and hit Ottawa

Sargon is a butthurt sophist
Spencer is a dirty shill plant

lol there are rules?

he is a fraud

^knows what rick & morty is

both Judaism and Islam are existential threats to western civilization... but thats none of my business

@Kunarian I am a registered member of a political party... why?


well gee it only took 9 months to charge him

poor white cops get charged as soon as the news hits that they shot a black thug

i guess pretty white aussie gals aren't as valuable

we'll know the banning is complete when Hickok45 gets b&

The Russians must be interfering with our weather too

@Legiondude The US Military wasnt integrated in WWII... that black dude must be lost


the Marines fought primarily in the pacific... but the Army wasnt integrated either... there were black units and black companies but not integrated ones... the Army primarily fought the Nazis so i think the cartoon is depicting them.. if so... aye that black dude is wondering "wtf?"

ya that explains why they are overrepresented but the fact remains that they are over represented communists

and communists are bad m'kay

i love this old dude

you're talking about the hydrodynamic shock factor

a hypersonic round striking anywhere on the body can cause hemorrhaging in the brain


a large calibre supersonic or even subsonic round causing kinetic damage

any super or hyper sonic spitzer tipped round

vs a blunt nosed ball or wadcutter round

ak is supersonic


hypersonic is usually referred to as above 3x speed of sound ( 3600 fps)

anything faster than the speed of sound is supersonic

you can get 6.5 creedmoor +P with a 20 inch barrel to go hypersonic

7.62 is a win .308

avg 160 gr @ 2700 fps

big heavy and slower

avg 5.56 is 55 gr @ 3100 fps

the milspec loads are hotter

and the rounds are sometimes are solid alloy

in europe they cant buy NATO rounds so they buy the .300 savage

5.56 NATO and 7.62 NATO

civi versions are the .223 and the win .308

milspec 5.56 is 55 gr @ +3300 fps

milspec 7.62 is 148gr @ +3000 fps

milspec = military specifications

you in germany the best ammo you can buy is the .300 savage

its the parent casing for the .308

its a damn good round

fukkiing Germs

why did we save you again?

i cant remember

once you cleanse the brown stain from your country you wont need to carry

i'm Canadian... we have pretty serious gun control... but if you are a law abiding citizen you can get away with un authorised concealed carry np

if you use it to defend yourself

you will go to jail

well... not always... but usually

in Canada we are specifically prohibited from carrying anything for the sole purpose of self defence

be it a gun, a knife or a roll of pennies

ballistic vests are verbotten in canuckistan

we arent allowed to defend ourselves

the government wants to maintain their monopoly on the use of force

which is why there will be a civil war in canada in the next 10 years

ppl are sick and tired of not being able to defend themselves legally

which is why farmers are getting away with shooting robbers

ya... we're going to drag our politicians out of the parliament by their heels and hang them from lampposts

canada will one day join the USA as states

we need to hang trudeau

to start

he is not a smart man

he is our forest gump


i'd vote for W twice over Trudope

W was a moron... but he meant well

Trudeau is a moron and he has bad intentions

not a good combo

naw... they get off'd quick

the only reason trudeau is still alive is that he appears harmless

ya how that faggot avoided assassination is beyond me

rockafeller, brezinski, soros, kissinger all need to die along with their progeny

interdimensional psychic pedophile vampires

that whole "if you could go back in time and kill baby hitler" thing... ya no... i have a totally different hit list

George bush Sr, Kissinger, Rockafeller, Brezinski, Soros, Hilldawg

i used to read books

now books read themselves to me

what a timeline

fantasizing about killing commies

tim pool annoys me

im not drunk

i opened my Good Friday vodka an hour ago

werkin on it

1/3 scott 1/3 mick 1/3 injun

what chance do i have really?

waiting for my pot guy to wake up

lazy stoners

never give up the drink

life's blood

smoke weed

alcoholism cant be cured with weed
Salvia divinorum on the other hand

try salvia

salvia divinorum

go all the way into the hole

and you wont need a drink for months

trust me

its almost impossible to get in canada now


rebirth is s great way to describe it

salvia shows you exactly how small you are

very humbling

dont say anything you shouldnt say


salvia isnt a recreational drug

no one does salvia to 'get high'

its serious business

do not handle firearms while under the effects of salvia

so... 6.5 creedmoor vs win .308

AR chambered in creed 6.5 is superior to all

128 gr 6.5mm creed @ 3450 fps


thats a nice round too

but the creed rulez



thats only if you dont understand hydrodynamic shock

the 5.6 wasnt designed to kill

it was designed to maim

to create wounded that needed to be taken care of


written by the winners


learn the history of the .30 cartridge

its the history of the 'assault rifle'

the 3030, 30-06, 30-08, .300 savage, .308, 7.62 NATO

evolution isnt a theory

ya with a larger calibre

the original AK was an 8x50mm round


thats the big arguement

smaller faster or larger slower

which is why i love the creed

6.5 128gr @ 3450 fps

now, i prefer the 1911 .45 acp +p as a pistol but i also love the 5.7 197ssg milspec loads

totally different guns

totally different loads

1911 is class

5.7 is fun and with milspec loads its probably the best hangun in the world

solid alloy 45gr rounds at 2300fps will zip thru anything

230 gr .45 acp +p will stop a horse

the p90 makes me cream

when he was explaining it to the jafaa?

the p90 is a work of art



big nibba

luv the teal'c

ive seen all SG at least 5 times

probably more like 10 times

>poor germs

unable to understand the comedic genius of Richard Dean Anderson

RDA is probably the least revered comedien of the 20th century


>german inferior language

tsk tsk


i maqde it simple

german guilt?

assgaard rox



i may be a new world mutt... but i know my history

great show


i luv it

stuff it right in ther faces

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