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lmao, Biden would probably forget to load his pistol

lets face it. when space force gets bigger, theres going to be some awesome unit patches

duck duck go is 1000 times better than google

the results are actually accurate

look up american nazi party then

google doesn't link the official site

duck duck go does

I just searched 4chan on ddg and it was the first result

I cant either, their site is probably down

yeah, but fuck Biden more

Finally something I can store all my racist memes on

among us sus emote

drugs will do that

wish I could find a based gf <:PensiveCowBoy:690282021301518749>

hate anime

I'll kill you for liking anime

floppa emote



because you do need it

lol, everdence guy uses facebook

"it people I know"

the local antifa femboy group?

wait till they find more ballots

Be racist

be very racist

tbh I have no clue what its from

I just seen it on another server


why not

says the new user LMAO


(Note) those low days I did not have my phone on me

Become natsoc

I hope Joe Biden gets hit with a Minecraft arrow on jan 20th

then shoot her with that Minecraft bow too

love Minecraft

Does anyone have the original raw video so we can check this 2:11 claim for ourselves
how American politics should be

April 20th is his birthday

not having a computer that can connect to the internet is mega privacy


I am awesome at monter hunter world

think he was banned


Hitler was right about many things

love the cheese clown party

praise the ccp

theres programs for it

they better not override the internet. I need to listen to BIG BIG CHUNGUS BIG CHUNGUS BIG CHUNGUS

lets talk about



@delsinrowe doesn't count if its just degenerate shit posting

ncSTL lives matter

me as a truck

smoking is bad

is it a rare bill?

Biden/Kamala are going to kill the 2nd amendment

don't comply
(in Minecraft)

because you ate a knife

racism is based

we need a based rich guy to buy discord and fire everyone

dont post anything incriminating

Cleared roles just incase they crackdown on those

yeah, Parler is just timing out

wish I could but crypto, but all the places to buy it at make you confirm your identity and im still under 18 (until February)

should I buy a p80 frame right now

prob going to be banned soon

why only let kids believe in santa, the santa tracker app is proof he is real so everyone should believe in him

Probably best to get rid of any roles before discord bans for them

and 88 ticks for the I, the Gs, the E,.and the R

Imagine being an anti fascist server, smh

Yooo, oompa loompas are real

IPs only give approximate location

like a few area codes away

Mine showed an area code from across town

just deleted element after finding out it grabbed your IP

use tails, its 100% on a usb drive and saves nothing so there is nothing the feds can get

an operating system

@Dio security

@Dio why didn't you burn that copy of the communist manifesto yet?

good point

@CyBeast wtf is that sonic vhs

what sonic movie, thought the only one was the new one

purged again

Dear federal agents, I do NOT condone any violence are that anyone break the law

TRS telegram when?

or fully migrate to Guided

The turtle server


how dare they disrespect bob ross

listening rn

Isnt this where


$20,000 cabinets are the best

this last election is proof of it

we need a strong on party system

someone should shoot Joe Biden and Kamala with a minecraft bow (obviously in minecraft)

and like weimar germany, we need a new Hitler

then feed your damn cat

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