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2021-01-08 05:30:57 UTC


2021-01-08 05:30:58 UTC

noo i was look at meme

2021-01-08 05:33:43 UTC


2021-01-08 05:41:42 UTC


2021-01-08 05:43:46 UTC


2021-01-08 05:45:59 UTC


2021-01-08 05:46:13 UTC

Cat posting hours are back

2021-01-08 05:46:51 UTC


2021-01-08 05:52:46 UTC


2021-01-08 05:54:34 UTC


2021-01-08 06:06:28 UTC

be poop

2021-01-08 06:06:42 UTC


2021-01-08 06:14:47 UTC


2021-01-08 06:15:01 UTC




2021-01-08 06:23:07 UTC

ching chong ching ling

is it a rare bill?

2021-01-08 06:24:25 UTC


2021-01-08 06:24:30 UTC


2021-01-08 06:25:06 UTC


2021-01-08 06:26:26 UTC


2021-01-08 06:26:30 UTC


2021-01-08 06:26:36 UTC


2021-01-08 06:28:05 UTC

shitpost doesnt have to be shit

2021-01-08 06:28:12 UTC

you can post quality shitposts too

2021-01-08 06:28:16 UTC

no harm in that

2021-01-08 06:28:19 UTC


2021-01-08 07:03:49 UTC

Some blacks are weird folks

2021-01-08 07:05:33 UTC


2021-01-08 07:10:38 UTC


2021-01-08 07:13:23 UTC

And yet Biden still won <:pepepoint:707714856618295348>

2021-01-08 07:15:38 UTC

What's funny is zoomers can see the statistical improbability of a minecraft speedrun means the guy probably cheated but think all this statistical evidence the presidential election is suspicious is wrong

2021-01-08 07:16:22 UTC


2021-01-08 07:16:28 UTC

Fuckin insolent and retarded

2021-01-08 07:16:56 UTC

well with evidence like "republicans won across the country" who could possibly deny election fraud

2021-01-08 07:17:41 UTC

Biden won nearly half of Obama's number of counties yet got like 10 million more votes

2021-01-08 07:18:10 UTC

Isolated in corrupt democrat cities where there was witness of fraud and rushed mail in rules etc

2021-01-08 07:18:10 UTC

Biden won 509 counties, Obama won 873, clearly maths not ur forte

2021-01-08 07:18:46 UTC

But it doesnt matter, more than half of the country's population lives in less than 5% percent of counties just 143 heavily populated counties

2021-01-08 07:19:05 UTC

Friendly reminder trumpite morons that land doesnt vote, people do <:pepepoint:707714856618295348>

2021-01-08 07:20:15 UTC

I love how big cities only in states Trump needed happened to get votes well over 100% in certain precints where there was evidence of fraud

2021-01-08 07:22:14 UTC

"where there was evidence of fraud" <:kek:689880730930642962>

2021-01-08 07:23:48 UTC

Love how demographics in Atlanta changed so much but not Miami or San Antonio

2021-01-08 07:24:00 UTC

Oh wait they didn't

2021-01-08 07:24:32 UTC

Damn bro convincing evidence you should take that to the courts

2021-01-08 07:24:43 UTC

u might just overturn an election <:kek:689880730930642962>

2021-01-08 07:24:45 UTC


2021-01-08 07:26:29 UTC

I don't have time to list all the numbers to a fed why don't you do a 5 minutes google search and there is video evidence of Atlanta counting votes after they were supposed to close and sent all observers home

2021-01-08 07:26:43 UTC

>I don't see any evidence of fraud

2021-01-08 07:26:56 UTC

i thought google was biased liberal commie media <:pepepoint:707714856618295348>

2021-01-08 07:27:09 UTC

>Litterally won't take 10 minutes to look at the evidence it doesn't exist if it's not on WaPo or my twitter feed

2021-01-08 07:27:12 UTC

Only reason to deny fraud is confirmation bias

2021-01-08 07:27:38 UTC

yeah US judges have confirmation bias <:kek:689880730930642962>

2021-01-08 07:28:01 UTC

Judges are never corrupt

2021-01-08 07:28:03 UTC

Confirmation bias isn't selective

2021-01-08 07:28:04 UTC

That never happens

2021-01-08 07:28:10 UTC


2021-01-08 07:28:18 UTC

Judges are only corrupt when you want them to be <:kek:689880730930642962>

2021-01-08 07:28:35 UTC

"Everyone else is corrupt, EXCEPT trump!!"

2021-01-08 07:28:48 UTC

Never said that

2021-01-08 07:29:07 UTC

"media lies, supreme court lies, government lies, judges lie, literally everyone else lies, except trump!"

2021-01-08 07:29:41 UTC

Supreme court didn't lie they just made an excuse

2021-01-08 07:30:02 UTC

All hail trump

2021-01-08 07:30:08 UTC

not to take the cases and many where thrown out before hand so they didn't legally need to see them

2021-01-08 07:30:10 UTC

@Chill did dream cheat

2021-01-08 07:30:17 UTC

Trust no one but Trump

2021-01-08 07:30:23 UTC

idk dont particularly care

2021-01-08 07:30:31 UTC

okay zoomer

2021-01-08 07:30:44 UTC

okay, says the one asking me about minecraft news

2021-01-08 07:31:04 UTC

This is shitpost

2021-01-08 07:31:07 UTC

this is too easy

2021-01-08 07:31:07 UTC

you're a zoomer, don't be disingenuous about being obsessed with minecraft youtubers

2021-01-08 07:31:08 UTC

We shitpost

2021-01-08 07:31:12 UTC

in Shitpost

2021-01-08 07:31:16 UTC

if u say so

2021-01-08 07:31:35 UTC

ur right i guess this is a pretty shit post <:pepepoint:707714856618295348>

2021-01-08 07:31:52 UTC

>there is no everdence why didn't TYT show me the evidence of fraud I guess there wasn't

2021-01-08 07:31:55 UTC

yeah, it's the shit

2021-01-08 07:32:08 UTC

Chill do you have an answer for why Biden didn't follow Benford's Law?

2021-01-08 07:33:04 UTC

yeah tyt, cnn, fox news, msnbc, pole watchers, poll workers, voting machines, literally any news outlet that doenst suck trumps ass, bill barr, election security,lower courts, appellate courts, supreme court, they all lie
Trumps the one telling the truth!

2021-01-08 07:33:06 UTC


2021-01-08 07:33:31 UTC


2021-01-08 07:33:47 UTC

why did the inventor of email analyze Biden's vote dumps for hours and concluded they were pushed through an algorithm that changed votes from Trump to Biden with mathematical certainty

2021-01-08 07:34:26 UTC

why does China own 75% of Dominion Voting Systems

2021-01-08 07:34:54 UTC

real cool, mind sharing proof?

2021-01-08 07:34:54 UTC

Why did they lie to the government saying the machines weren't connected to the internet when they were

2021-01-08 07:35:24 UTC

Okay, gish gallops are cool and all, but without evidence that hasnt been debunked i frankly dont care

2021-01-08 07:35:47 UTC


2021-01-08 07:36:00 UTC


2021-01-08 07:36:59 UTC

Chill watch the video

2021-01-08 07:37:05 UTC

It would be awfully bad if it proved you wrong

2021-01-08 07:37:08 UTC

wouldn't it

2021-01-08 07:37:17 UTC


2021-01-08 07:37:22 UTC


2021-01-08 07:37:34 UTC

ahh, fake news cause it disagrees with u

2021-01-08 07:37:45 UTC

Okay well guess im done here

2021-01-08 07:38:00 UTC

He still doesn't follow benford's law lmao

2021-01-08 07:38:03 UTC

I can write an article and publish it on medium right now lol

2021-01-08 07:38:28 UTC

yeah, the point is for u to read the article as this isnt the only article giving backlash to this guy

2021-01-08 07:39:02 UTC

I forgot in the constitution where it says "If benfords law is not followed election must be fraudulent"

2021-01-08 07:39:22 UTC

Benford's law is an indicator of fraud lol

2021-01-08 07:39:24 UTC

This is old shit thats been debunked months ago

2021-01-08 07:39:32 UTC

The defense was "voter dumps" right?

2021-01-08 07:40:32 UTC

He says in the article he didn't go through the data himself

2021-01-08 07:40:37 UTC

So what's the point of that

2021-01-08 07:40:44 UTC

oh it "could be misleading"

2021-01-08 07:42:44 UTC

Change the c in your name to s

2021-01-08 07:42:56 UTC

Because the guy who suggested it can be used in fraud

2021-01-08 07:43:04 UTC

said it doesn't seem out of the ordinary

2021-01-08 07:43:05 UTC


2021-01-08 07:43:07 UTC

therefore it didn't happen

2021-01-08 07:43:17 UTC


2021-01-08 07:43:31 UTC

I love journalists based in Madrid with a masters in Science Communication how credible

2021-01-08 07:43:41 UTC

If u knew how to read im sure you'd be able to identify why it doesnt apply for reasons other than "it said so"

2021-01-08 07:43:51 UTC


2021-01-08 07:43:51 UTC

That is literally the defense lmao

2021-01-08 07:44:09 UTC


2021-01-08 07:45:35 UTC

"In this paper I study a statistical method intended to help detect election fraud. Other methods, using regression-based techniques for outlier detection,have previously been proposed to help detect election anomalie"

2021-01-08 07:45:48 UTC

When his method is applied in this scenario

2021-01-08 07:45:55 UTC

It comes back with the same rate of detection

2021-01-08 07:46:03 UTC

but now he is right because he said no?

2021-01-08 08:19:25 UTC

If you think about it the brain named itself 🀯

2021-01-08 08:33:40 UTC

If you think about it no one cares

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