Final Solution

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Gas all commies

Gas the kikes

I'm half Spaniard

I'm poquito

By the English

Damn kikes

It's ok to be whiteb

Ain't nothing wrong being white

Long sleeve national socialism

14 words

I'm a national socialist you fucking commie scum. You know what I'm getting my boots on

Gas the kikes race war now

Excuse me sir but don't make the white kids angry you will see us bring hell bitch

You blacks didn't even know how to fucking wipe your own fucking ass

@Deleted User I know brother

When kikes die thats when we will have peace

End Jewish Supremacy!!!!!

@็พ…ๅคงๅ“ฅtoni wow you have that Jewish cancer I feel bad for you man

Traitors deserve the ropes


Stallin is a piece of shit

Oh God here we go again

estรบpido cerdo comunista vete a la mierda

Todos tus amigos judรญos se habrรกn ido y te unirรกs a ellos

Estoy orgulloso de ser un nacional socialista. A la mierda el comunismo

Bueno, estamos llegando ante ustedes, judรญos bolcheviques

Cรกllate a la mierda los comunistas

Tus amigos cerdos judรญos van a estar en juicio y en cuanto a los comunistas como tรบ, serรกs ahorcado

Soy un nacionalsocialista

Y que estas cerdo

Por quรฉ

ยฟTienes un problema?

Eres judรญo

Fuck offb

Commie piece of shit

Yes I am

Hijo comunista de puta

ยฟQuiรฉn diablos crees que eres? desafortunadamente estรกs en el lado equivocado de la historia

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At this moment I can't I'm at work but will someone be a be able to do it later on

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