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2020-09-04 05:39:22 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Anyone here play siege?

2020-09-04 05:42:27 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Use to be a hard lesion main on defense, but after a while i started playing mute, jager, and i would kinda just play whoever the team needed, same with attack. Thermite always seemed to be a good pick tho lmao

2020-09-04 05:43:49 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Bruh once u get use to smoke shotty with the smg 11 the amount of utility you have is insane

2020-09-04 05:45:35 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Fmg wasnt bad, but the shotty/smg 11 combo is insane. Kinda sucks mozzies shotty got taken away tho. With smoke u can make rotations, deny plants, and as long as u dont peek long angles u should be set for most gunfights, or atleast have a chance of killing the attacker

2020-09-04 05:55:54 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Damn, mozzie use to have kinda like a β€œsmoke lite” utility with the super shorty. Not the same plant denial potential and the use of the drones are ehh, but his guns are nice and he had good long range capabilities

2020-09-04 05:56:15 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

The smoke mozzie combo was noice

2020-09-04 06:04:55 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Rip echo deployable tho

2020-09-04 06:05:12 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

The deployable rework was kinda crazy too

2020-09-04 06:06:06 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

The new sight rework is intriguing, its such a major change

2020-09-04 07:02:15 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Yea we’ll see how it works out

2020-09-04 07:02:22 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

@ExcitableBean whats your favorite map?

2020-09-04 07:02:58 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  


2020-09-04 07:03:58 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Yea clubhouse is fun

2020-09-04 07:04:12 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

I really like playing valkyrie on the 2nd floor sites lmao

2020-09-04 07:05:56 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Yea little to no recoil, that nee 1.5x sight might make it crazy

2020-09-04 07:22:41 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

That is true

2020-09-04 07:22:58 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Whats ur favorite gun on attack?

2020-09-04 07:25:15 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Ive always prefered the L85, but i rly enjoyed the ar33 when i started playing

2020-09-04 07:25:24 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

L85 has sum pretty predictable recoil

2020-09-04 16:22:39 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

@ExcitableBean that is true, the ar33 has a faster ads and a pretty solid ttk

2020-09-04 16:24:36 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Honestly if u learn the recoil bucks AR is pretty crazy

2020-09-04 21:12:02 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

@Dolph i like saltwater fishing

2020-09-05 00:01:42 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Gulf, usually bay

2020-09-05 00:02:20 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Also fish in the midatlatlantic (not as good as the gulf imo)

2020-09-05 00:02:47 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Red snapper are great when u go offshore, but when im bay I usually go for specks and reds @Dolph

2020-12-17 06:11:54 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  

Anyone here play siege

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