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2018-11-12 06:50:25 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Fallout 4: 2

2018-11-12 06:53:17 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

And the cherry on the shit pie was a microtransaction system

2018-11-12 07:00:26 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

Should I be feeling empathy or joy? I'm kinda happy

2018-11-12 07:04:41 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

It's telling when the state of Fallout is controlled by fandom mod makers while the real devs are getting shit on by everyone. You'd think they would take a hint.

2018-11-12 07:05:34 UTC [Scale brigade #general]  

What was your last entry?

2019-07-11 06:28:19 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-11 06:28:39 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

This is so not Epic, Gamers.

2019-07-11 06:29:04 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

that npc meme is a repost and it doesnt make any sense

2019-07-11 06:29:29 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-11 06:30:13 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

txless societies, all 0 of them

2019-07-11 06:31:23 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-11 06:32:29 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

trigger the boomers

isthat what i think it is? @Uksio


2019-07-11 06:38:04 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-11 07:01:33 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-11 07:04:04 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Hors suppression results in the endless revolution

2019-07-13 17:41:43 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

It's like, just go wash your lobsters penis in you newly cleaned room, man

2019-07-14 00:42:08 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  


2019-07-14 01:10:56 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

@matchstick09 not streaming, just a discord thing for us

2019-07-14 01:14:30 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  


2019-07-14 01:16:24 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

its be a mercy killing by nature

2019-07-14 01:17:35 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

All we would lose is normie trash sites and other garbage nobody wants

2019-07-14 01:18:31 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

@Shekel Stealer yah, u say that likes its a bad thing lmao

2019-07-14 01:19:34 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

@Shekel Stealer This 1 doesn't do the Alt-Tech, :<:pepelaugh:544857300179877898> <:pepegun:588019479401726001>

2019-07-14 01:20:59 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

@Shekel Stealer it's almost6 like YouTube is aprt of a vertical monopoly and if it was eradicated along ith the rest of monopoly sites, alt tech would grow, use ur brain

2019-07-14 01:24:29 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

@Shekel Stealer implying thats a universal rule, yt was a pioneer, the road has already been paved, the tech has developed and spread. losing yt would be ok. u cant offer an actual reason why it would be objectively terrible

2019-07-14 01:27:28 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

@Shekel Stealer what about it, they had a shit business model, cucked to msm and tried to live on advertisers. its not hard to realize thats all the wrong decisions

2019-07-14 01:48:27 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

DiscordStream is ending and so am I <:why:462286147473637407>

2019-07-14 01:49:02 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  

<:angrypepe:497157904743268363> <:angrypepe:497157904743268363> <:angrypepe:497157904743268363> <:angrypepe:497157904743268363> <:angrypepe:497157904743268363>

2019-07-14 01:49:56 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  


2019-07-14 01:50:25 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  


2019-07-14 01:50:27 UTC [Athens #public-gallery]  


2019-07-18 08:42:38 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-18 21:41:47 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-18 21:43:40 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-18 21:45:34 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-18 21:52:09 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Diversify your mind

2019-07-18 21:55:26 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Not dying from leftist genocide or famine is a pretty good form of indoctrination to be fair

2019-07-18 21:56:58 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

"capitalism starves", the irony is killing me <:pepelaugh:544857300179877898>

2019-07-18 21:58:03 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

@Edog wait is baba a real nigger? I though he was just baiting and shitposting, not an actual comie

2019-07-18 21:58:17 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-18 21:58:21 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

oh hell yah

2019-07-18 21:58:24 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

its been to long

2019-07-18 21:59:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

to be fair pinochet DID nothing wrong

2019-07-18 21:59:07 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-18 22:01:56 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

They are watching you Tor

Every other Tweet from trump has Isreal in it

just spill and leave the mess behind

welll duh

2019-07-18 22:12:17 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

according to Stalin, communism and sjwism isnt for fegs, they are banned

2019-07-18 22:12:51 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

sorry i forgot

2019-07-18 22:13:00 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

forgive me comrade

2019-07-18 22:13:53 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

**real nazism hasn't been tried**

2019-07-18 22:15:42 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Food is the opioid of the masses

2019-07-18 22:16:19 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-18 22:17:10 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

not culling mentally ill with abortions

2019-07-18 22:18:16 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-18 22:18:23 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

observing reality is punishable by death

2019-07-18 22:19:22 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

The idea of a sane world, and the thought taht it ever existed is in itself, insane

2019-07-18 22:22:21 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Truth is, the world was rigged from the start

2019-07-19 07:08:11 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Same person, dif accounts

See that should already disqualifies her from holding any political power.

ur mum

2019-07-19 07:20:45 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Lemme correct that: Black is Violent

2019-07-19 07:21:41 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

There is like 4 black people in my whole city

2019-07-19 07:23:19 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Are black women the reason why the men flee and never raise their children? <:thinkgon:560211224923734026>

Chris Gay Gun


2019-07-19 22:50:47 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Lost Habsburg descendant

2019-07-19 22:58:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-21 05:47:55 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

no u

2019-07-21 05:55:58 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

dont oppress me is oppressive you fucking bigot

2019-07-21 05:56:19 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

prepare to be oppressed in the name of freedom

2019-07-21 08:05:14 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

If you don't think Tali is best partner than you're kind of a nigger tbh

2019-07-21 08:06:44 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-21 08:07:13 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Mordin made me happy

2019-07-21 08:07:32 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

^ look at the thighs causes instant nut

2019-07-21 08:09:40 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]

2019-07-21 08:10:38 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

pics so we can see setup

2019-07-21 08:10:44 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

i'll Sethbling this shit

2019-07-21 08:13:46 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

cant even get a piston door to work

2019-07-21 08:13:49 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-21 08:16:08 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

*vomitting sounds* epic

2019-07-21 08:17:05 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-21 08:19:19 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Edog is showing his boomerness

2019-07-21 08:20:00 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-21 08:20:13 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Fuck the mods

2019-07-21 08:20:30 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  


2019-07-21 08:20:57 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Mekanism, ic2, foresty, ae2, cant beat that shit

2019-07-21 08:21:26 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

๐ŸŽ Zoomers begone @Edog

2019-07-21 08:22:02 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

You can have my mum as long as I can Have **Tali**

2019-07-21 08:22:22 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Kys nigger

2019-07-21 08:23:03 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Not anime, that shits cancer

2019-07-21 08:23:36 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Thats the question

2019-07-21 08:24:31 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

Tali is the best anything

2019-07-21 08:25:22 UTC [Athens #the-writing-on-the-wall_memes]  

>liking humans

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