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> I mean they fit the same description as communists. *low-key not people*
@John Public Whi is that?

Ah Yes, the idea that geographical location of your birth dictates what rights you have available

Thatโ€™s totally not like me to start shit with my very first post in a server LOL

Iโ€™ll get more familiar with the various servers today. Not trying to fuck your shit up, my bad

Fuck wrong server, still appropriate here though

Iโ€™m still trying to watch it right now actually, on the road.

Is that the snap fitness?

Apex tattoo denied help also, didnโ€™t wanna push the issue I guess

Iโ€™m not too familiar with Discord so I donโ€™t know how to listen but I do run big boys so Iโ€™m hoping I can help

Big igloo bois*

Never mind, itโ€™s a fucking riot in Minneapolis

In response to those cops killing that guy

Iโ€™m watching a live feed on YouTube right now

Is anybody organizing any type of QRF to assist in this?

Is there any type of QRF being organized for this?

21 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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