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2020-05-21 21:53:10 UTC  

<@&704842384596402296> check it out. Go support him if you can. We need people in the ground if possible.
Gym Owner & USMC Veteran Harassed & Criminally Charged by police

2020-05-21 21:53:28 UTC  

Where is this?

2020-05-21 21:54:15 UTC  

Wrong link. Wait one

2020-05-21 21:54:44 UTC  

We have reached out to him about staging some armed patriots outside his business for reopen, and he has not responded.

2020-05-21 21:55:01 UTC  
2020-05-21 21:55:29 UTC  

not sure if this is verified, but someone said he started a "go fund me" for legal action. which we are not interested in. fuck asking for permission at this point.

2020-05-21 21:55:33 UTC  

I watched his video on zuccbook earlier. That man got fucked so bad

2020-05-21 21:55:34 UTC  

I’ve talked to some people up that way how do I get in contact with him @Blue Igloo ? Or if you hear back about it can you contact me directly?

2020-05-21 21:56:03 UTC  

If he responds back asking for help, we will send up the signal flare.

2020-05-21 21:57:01 UTC  

10-4, thanks for posting this here I seen it earlier and meant to make a post about it, a restaurant on my town for shut down for opening up early like 2 weeks ago... couldn’t do shit about had the kids with me and only my sidearm...

2020-05-21 22:00:48 UTC  

Is that the snap fitness?

2020-05-21 22:02:12 UTC  


2020-05-21 22:06:13 UTC  

We can't do anything about it anyway unless the owners of said businesses ask us for help. otherwise, we will have bad PR.

2020-05-21 23:34:05 UTC  


2020-05-21 23:35:00 UTC  

Apex tattoo denied help also, didn’t wanna push the issue I guess

2020-05-22 01:17:28 UTC  

Yep. we contacted him as well.

2020-05-22 01:17:44 UTC  

people are not ready to admit yet that we are on the brink of war.