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<@&704854729737502831> any bois in the area of Gallup that can apprise is of the situation?

Don’t think anyone is enforcing masks in my neck of the woods but it’s not being honored anyway

I motion that Oklahoma not be part of the Southwest. But we aren’t really Midwest. Can we just have an “Indian Territory” region? Or “Redneck General”

Hell, can we be North Texas?

I work weekends

Whether he had a gun or not... that double tap at the end

What about this bois?

Yeah I’ve been off work and away from the net for four days

Sounds like an act of sedition to me

Also can I get some evidence?

More video

I’ve deleted my Facebook

I would personally like more information on people involved in these egregious forums, what those forums are, and how that information is being relayed. I think that the lack of transparency, coupled with many other things is contributing to the feeling of unease amongst patriots, and I feel the need for transparency within this group, especially if there is a “see something say something” policy being involved. I have my own self interests and those of my family to be aware of as well.

I see a lot about shelter and projects and such, but how many of you are intimately familiar with edible plants, fungi, and animals within your region?

We need conflict in order to thrive

Everyone says you can’t find joy without having faced challenges. But wisdom comes from conflict and suffering. If we aren’t faced with conflict then we have no encouragement to improve our community, and will fail to thrive.

Green briar’s young shoots are also edible. Sand plums and wild blackberries are also around

No. What’s happening

Need deets

Still need more details than a FB post

Depending who is after him he needs to contact law enforcement, unless it’s them.

I’m unfortunately not available.

McCloud ain’t big

Local LEOs will protect their own. He needs to contact County or HiPo. Someone who provides oversight

But get boogers en route

Is emergency psych first aid booze? It’s mine

We need live feed and support

Can we get him in server and get a live feed up

I’ll record if we can

All help is appreciated.

And honestly likely needed.

I don’t have the book of faces

@Anonymoose anymore details?

I’ve left the Ledbetter server. It’s been compromised and double compromised. It was a shit show last night and it’s no better today.

We need to have a situation room and/or use it exclusively when we respond to a situation, so that we have the mods and experience to control the situation

And left zero admins

We need to not make external servers for situations. The server was compromised and opsec was not followed. Put our boys (and not a few of my friends) at risk. It was a shit show. Server creator bailed after half an hour with no admins to ban people.

@BlurRodriguez A relationship should challenge you, but leave you feeling whole. If you felt disrespected enough to leave, it was the right call. A partner should not disrespect you. Sometimes it’s just incompatibility. Sometimes it’s worse.

There was a situation last night here in Ok. The other server was created to deal with the situation. Lots of invites sent out. Lots of trolls and people fishing for info that we did not know. The whole chat was crap and therefore comms were unable to be secured.

That’s why all situations involving qrf need to be handled in this server

The separate server was the problem, not this server

Yeah he’s one of us.

Also he was posting the backup server thing

👎🏻 to verifies @Gaabriel I’m not verifying anything that can lead to me unless it’s through the server owner as I have reason to trust him

And fairly swiftly

Agreed for vetting

Yo mama is holding onto mine for me

Who is we

Ok can I get an update? I’ve heard reports of shots fired but haven’t seen any evidence of it.

We need to get some boogers on twitch or something

That way we can watch more easily

And just pick a booger to watch like the good ol days

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