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Union county area whatโ€™s up yโ€™all

I honestly figured his thin blue cuck mother was behind the whole thing

Had to watch a restaurant get shut down today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ nothing I could do to stop them

Create a proton mail chat group

For anyone interested... thereโ€™s a developing event in Weirton Ohio, one of our boys is emotionally distraught and posted a bit of a manifesto online, if anyone is in contact with Austin buxton of Weirton Ohio, he is in need of assistance of the emotional kind before he pops off and gives us an even more ruined image

Not yet, he hasnโ€™t posted since early this morning said to watch the news gave his story, said it would be tonight or this evening and has gone dark since

People are contacting him through fb messenger but he hasnโ€™t responded to anyone, theyโ€™re trying to get him too calm down before he gets himself killed over emotional distress

I havenโ€™t, Iโ€™ll add a photo of the last post he made that I know of as well

For anyone interested and able to support this man, he is going through a rough patch and has posted online that heโ€™s gonna pop off in Weirton this evening or tonight, he could really use someone in that area to reach out and talk to him, talk him down before he gets himself killed for nothing and ruins our image even further

List? He put his reasons down in the comments of one of his last posts if thatโ€™s what youโ€™re talking about

That post is to a group, he put it in multiple but that particular group is trying too talk him down

The man he tagged is the group owner

Ight I got an update, some of the guys from the group have managed to get a hold of him and are working on calming him down at the moment, hopefully he stays calmed the fuck down

Yeah theyโ€™ve talked him down already

Where is this?

Iโ€™ve talked to some people up that way how do I get in contact with him @Blue Igloo ? Or if you hear back about it can you contact me directly?

10-4, thanks for posting this here I seen it earlier and meant to make a post about it, a restaurant on my town for shut down for opening up early like 2 weeks ago... couldnโ€™t do shit about had the kids with me and only my sidearm...

Unable, with friends currently, will there be a written summary?

Dr_acula, were you in Ivanโ€™s group in proton mail?

Fuck Iโ€™d fuck something up on the promise of guaranteed bacon

Can we get a link to the stream please, ive got people asking for info

Iโ€™m all the way in NC but Iโ€™ve been in contact with several groups across the country people everywhere are moving in prep for whatโ€™s coming

Sigh Iโ€™m trying to boost it but apparently it isnโ€™t available on iOS

Fuck you and your permanence

Who cares where it pops off

Whatโ€™re yโ€™all seeing I canโ€™t see anything?

Fuck I wish I was close enough to roll this is about to get ba

Yeah the app wasnโ€™t meant to handle groups this large at one time

I just want to let yโ€™all know I love all of yโ€™all for grouping up so quickly to get intel and get everyone ready for whatโ€™s coming

Iโ€™m bouncing between gen1 and gen3 any updates?

No 40mm was an injury not a fatality

Do not dump water for mace youโ€™ll fuck tousled up...

Any confirmation on a pop off in Chicago?

The militia that were there are likely just 3pers but who knows

@Tagout1221 probably wouldnโ€™t work with the current environment

It wonโ€™t be national news

With the situation that would be beneficial to us

They wonโ€™t allow it

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