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Anyone who tries that against a Juror should be met with harsh contempt of court punishment; to include the judge. Nullification is 100% legal and moral.

We are in Raleigh.

> This is the only food related channel I can find, I had to share this with someone
@Fabultishere is that chicken?!

If anyone can make it out to Raleigh this saturday, we are doing an event.

We have reached out to him about staging some armed patriots outside his business for reopen, and he has not responded.

not sure if this is verified, but someone said he started a "go fund me" for legal action. which we are not interested in. fuck asking for permission at this point.

If he responds back asking for help, we will send up the signal flare.

We can't do anything about it anyway unless the owners of said businesses ask us for help. otherwise, we will have bad PR.

Yep. we contacted him as well.

people are not ready to admit yet that we are on the brink of war.

@destructospin87 It's not too bad for those of us who don't ask permission to be free. Most places aren't trying to mandate masks because they know they will lose a ton on money if they do that.

Durham county has gone full retard though... Masks "mandatory" everywhere, and they just announced that pools are closed all summer. Definitely the most draconian lockdown.

> So you dont allow freedom of speech than just to those you agree with? If we have communists or ethno nationalists explain to them how they are wrong. This is called civil discourse.
@Tagout1221 you freedom to speak doesn't extend to areas that are privately owned. For example, if you go into a gay biker bar and start hurling insults, the owners of said bar have the right to refuse service and ban you from the premises. In that scenario, no-one violated your rights to speak freely. You just probably didn't like the consequences of said speech.

13 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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