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2017-02-12 16:05:42 UTC [Realism #general]  
2017-02-12 16:05:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

How are you doing?

2017-02-12 16:06:43 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 16:06:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

You're a lowly rat

2017-02-12 17:02:22 UTC [Realism #general]  

Don't you know about Jedidah Isler, @Death Strike's Bat ?

2017-02-12 17:02:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

Leading female intersectional physicist

2017-02-12 17:03:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

The next mariah cary

2017-02-12 17:04:11 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 17:04:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

Marie Curie

2017-02-12 18:12:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

Heavy metal radio

2017-02-12 18:12:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

On <#279635339285626880>

2017-02-12 18:13:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

Tune in

2017-02-12 18:21:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

Are you cargest or yarfy, @Yarf Mangione ?

2017-02-12 18:21:21 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 18:21:25 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 18:21:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

That wasn't it

2017-02-12 18:21:40 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 18:27:08 UTC [Realism #general]  
2017-02-12 18:29:35 UTC [Realism #general]  

DO you want to play a game, @infinitycoda ?

2017-02-12 18:29:47 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'll play the first 5 seconds of something, and you have to tell me what it is

2017-02-12 18:30:15 UTC [Realism #general]  

Or less

2017-02-12 18:30:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

Ok, get ready

2017-02-12 18:30:36 UTC [Realism #general]  

You'd only need to tell me of the band

2017-02-12 18:30:56 UTC [Realism #general]  

Ok, what was that?

2017-02-12 18:31:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

You have three tries

2017-02-12 18:31:11 UTC [Realism #general]  

Each time

2017-02-12 18:31:26 UTC [Realism #general]  

Take a guess

2017-02-12 18:32:01 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 18:32:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

It was Pathologist - Exhumed Dead Body

2017-02-12 18:32:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

Ok, round two

2017-02-12 18:32:36 UTC [Realism #general]  

What was that?

2017-02-12 18:32:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

Incantation - Iconoclasm of Catholicism

2017-02-12 18:33:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

You only have to guess the band

2017-02-12 18:33:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

Round three

2017-02-12 18:33:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

What was this?

2017-02-12 18:34:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

Voivod - Chaosmongers

2017-02-12 18:40:57 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 18:41:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

Playing on <#279635339285626880>

2017-02-12 18:41:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

Game over

2017-02-12 18:41:18 UTC [Realism #general]  

ksava 4/10

2017-02-12 18:41:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

= false

2017-02-12 18:41:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

Do you want to play the game, @Death Strike's Bat ?

2017-02-12 18:42:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

You'll do better than Ksava

2017-02-12 18:47:44 UTC [Realism #general]  
2017-02-12 18:47:45 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 18:47:47 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 18:47:48 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 18:48:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

I could make these out in a quarter of a second, or less

2017-02-12 19:13:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

hellhammer is half morrocon

2017-02-12 19:22:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

styx likes goth

2017-02-12 19:22:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

And thinks the latest burzum electronic albums are better than old burzum

2017-02-12 19:23:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

I think he has said so, @Death Strike's Bat

2017-02-12 19:30:33 UTC [Realism #general]  

Supuration - The Accomplishment

2017-02-12 19:32:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

Best part coming up

2017-02-12 19:35:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

Yeah, they are great

2017-02-12 19:36:31 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 19:56:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

Spencer has brown eyes

2017-02-12 19:57:00 UTC [Realism #general]  

No, I've mistaken

2017-02-12 19:57:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

He actually has blue eyes

2017-02-12 19:58:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

blue eues

2017-02-12 19:58:35 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-12 20:00:23 UTC [Realism #general]  

Sep 10 20:21:44 <Exilarch> brb superior because blond hair, better shave it off

2017-02-12 20:49:42 UTC [Realism #general]  

"Let’s indulge your complaint…"

2017-02-12 20:50:15 UTC [Realism #general]  

There's footnotes in the article he footnoted

2017-02-13 21:01:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

Gays get off on being transgressive.

2017-02-13 21:01:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

Rubbing it on everyone's faces is half their fun.

2017-02-13 21:02:11 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-13 21:14:48 UTC [Realism #general]  

I don't think that has much to do with it.

2017-02-13 21:15:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

Homosexuality is sexual narcissim(wheres heterosex is centered around the woman, to both the man and the woman), their displays a naturally extending from that.

2017-02-13 21:17:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

What are examples of high caste homos?

2017-02-18 20:14:45 UTC [Realism #general]  
2017-02-18 20:15:35 UTC [Realism #general]  

Yeah, you can block him

2017-02-18 20:15:47 UTC [Realism #general]  
2017-02-18 20:16:35 UTC [Realism #general]  

@sampletext you were in the 8chan irc channel, right?

2017-02-18 20:16:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

I was there a minute ago

2017-02-18 20:16:54 UTC [Realism #general]  

Let me get on

2017-02-18 20:26:05 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-18 20:26:48 UTC [Realism #general]  

Though, it wouldn't lookl right if you're not viewing it on a pc.

2017-02-18 20:27:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

As it text wraps

2017-02-18 20:28:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

This pretty much has all metal worth listening to.

2017-02-18 20:29:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

Maraat disapproved of it

2017-02-18 20:31:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

It's not a strict seperation

2017-02-18 20:31:22 UTC [Realism #general]  

It's a vague seperation

2017-02-18 20:32:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

And why shouldn't the B bands be listed? This isn't a top only list, but every good metal listed.

2017-02-18 20:32:57 UTC [Realism #general]  

You think Grotesque are great

2017-02-18 20:33:11 UTC [Realism #general]  

And should be on S or something

2017-02-18 20:33:42 UTC [Realism #general]  

No, Bathory is better

2017-02-18 20:34:23 UTC [Realism #general]  

The ratings SAB are relative to the genre, So S1 dm isn't equivilant to S1 bm or S1 heavy metal and so on

2017-02-18 20:34:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

Dismember have one good album

2017-02-18 20:34:55 UTC [Realism #general]  

That's right, @Hagel

2017-02-18 20:34:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

bm is better than dm

2017-02-18 20:35:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

Not like that

2017-02-18 20:35:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

Only the best bm is much better than dm

2017-02-18 20:39:29 UTC [Realism #general]  

The important metal people were largely driven by the absence of their views from view, once that was no longer the case their motivation died, and so it becomes increasingly harder for them to make good music once again, most don't

2017-02-18 20:40:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

Then real life hits, and the current model compels frequent releases, and so drudgery or parodies follow

2017-02-18 20:41:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

Classical works were commisioned

2017-02-18 20:42:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

The classical guys made good music throughout their lifetime, and haven't blown their loads in the first handful of works.

2017-02-18 20:43:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

But such a model wouldn't necessarily help metal, as that youthful energy, mostly irretrievable in old age, is vital to it.

2017-02-18 20:43:49 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-18 20:44:30 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'd perhaps only count Summoning and Burzum.

2017-02-18 20:44:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

Though their later work is much different from their old work

2017-02-18 20:44:42 UTC [Realism #general]  

And isn't metal.

2017-02-18 20:45:07 UTC [Realism #general]  

Sammath is the most legitimate example.

2017-02-18 20:45:31 UTC [Realism #general]  

Godless Arrogance is end of the world music.

2017-02-18 20:46:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

Burzum and Summoning mellowed with age

2017-02-18 20:46:36 UTC [Realism #general]  
2017-02-18 20:47:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'm mainly thinking about how the metalguys almost exclusively make their best stuff while 18-25

2017-02-18 20:48:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

That becomes inevitable

2017-02-18 20:49:56 UTC [Realism #general]  

It's the only good one

2017-02-18 20:50:48 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-18 20:50:56 UTC [Realism #general]  

Good night

2017-02-19 23:25:31 UTC [Realism #general]  
2017-02-19 23:28:32 UTC [Realism #general]  

I have a bot with many commands, @diversity_is_racism

2017-02-19 23:29:03 UTC [Realism #general]  

It can fetch youtube links, and has a dictionary, and other stuff

2017-02-19 23:32:32 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-20 00:05:35 UTC [Realism #general]  

Add me to metal

2017-02-20 00:42:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

What, @vry_o ?

2017-02-20 00:43:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'll check it out tomorow

2017-02-20 00:43:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

Going to sleep

2017-02-20 00:43:18 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:00:15 UTC [Realism #general]  

+Talked with a lisp

2017-02-21 13:00:29 UTC [Realism #general]  

+was flamboyant

2017-02-21 13:00:35 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:01:28 UTC [Realism #general]  

How would it be undermining, vry_o ?

2017-02-21 13:02:03 UTC [Realism #general]  

Organs wouldn't get donated to him, as doctors would know what's up

2017-02-21 13:02:19 UTC [Realism #general]  

You'd just think something else was behind his sickness.

2017-02-21 13:04:21 UTC [Realism #general]  

His sister kept youtube commenting on metal videos

2017-02-21 13:05:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

Even commented on Decrepit Birth vids

2017-02-21 13:05:47 UTC [Realism #general]  

"I'm asking you nicely, did your brother die of aids?"

2017-02-21 13:06:20 UTC [Realism #general]  

"Yes, he did :)"

2017-02-21 13:08:17 UTC [Realism #general]  

Acerbus is allergic to worthwhile music. That's why they never make any.

2017-02-21 13:08:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

Yeah. They're great, like Deeds of Flesh.

2017-02-21 13:09:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

His sister would post on hundreds of death vids

2017-02-21 13:10:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

On music videos, remasters, youtube covers, ...etc

2017-02-21 13:10:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

Yeah, but devourment is br00tal, not fun.

2017-02-21 13:10:53 UTC [Realism #general]  

Jungle Rot is fun

2017-02-21 13:11:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

And those rap slam guys

2017-02-21 13:11:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

The ones with the long name

2017-02-21 13:11:16 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:11:23 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:11:33 UTC [Realism #general]  

Another dumb name

2017-02-21 13:11:35 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:12:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

He spoke with a lisp

2017-02-21 13:12:13 UTC [Realism #general]  

And wore cat shirts

2017-02-21 13:12:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

That were knitted

2017-02-21 13:12:41 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:14:43 UTC [Realism #general]  

Gay jew

2017-02-21 13:15:52 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:16:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

Laughed when I knew

2017-02-21 13:16:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

Yeah, I told you

2017-02-21 13:16:38 UTC [Realism #general]  

Sony music ceo

2017-02-21 13:18:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

If you're not ready to cull, you don't deserve 120+ iqed, 100%+ blue-eyed/buttchinned populations.

2017-02-21 13:19:36 UTC [Realism #general]  

If you're ready to cull, you deserve to witness how horrible that many smart people can be.

2017-02-21 13:20:28 UTC [Realism #general]  

transcendental garbage men

2017-02-21 13:21:22 UTC [Realism #general]  

intelligent people just want irl star trek

2017-02-21 13:21:40 UTC [Realism #general]  

24/7 scienceing

2017-02-21 13:22:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

Lasers inside colons so you never have to shit

2017-02-21 13:22:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

vr homosex

2017-02-21 13:25:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

Different people should be considered as puzzle pieces

2017-02-21 13:25:58 UTC [Realism #general]  

Completing a whole of a people

2017-02-21 13:26:26 UTC [Realism #general]  

One sort of puzzle piece can't make up a picture

2017-02-21 13:28:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

Yeah, cause such stories are masturbatory.

2017-02-21 13:28:16 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:28:20 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:28:25 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-21 13:33:01 UTC [Realism #general]  

There's a certain type of commenters who would drain you without giving much back in return. They're ones that should be lurking more, but don't, and so just waste both side's time.

2017-02-21 13:34:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

Yet, you don't know exactly which comments he's blocking, so you can't really say.

2017-02-21 13:35:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

Hesitation deters unthoughtful comments.

2017-02-21 13:35:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

Imposing hesitation*

2017-02-21 13:36:12 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'm sure he's reasonable, and would accept comments well intentioned and well thought out and relevant to the article.

2017-02-21 13:38:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

Perhaps the limited flow of comments haven't spurred a reconsideration of policy.

2017-02-21 13:38:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

John has much more people commenting on his articles.

2017-02-21 13:41:53 UTC [Realism #general]  

It also has to do with what's talked about in the article, and how elaborately. In this regard, bruce articles don't invite as much comments as john's.

2017-02-21 13:42:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

John expects comments to complete his articles.

2017-02-21 13:42:16 UTC [Realism #general]  

Bruce doesn't.

2017-02-21 13:42:47 UTC [Realism #general]  

John will often leave things open ended, to be possibly concluded in comment discussions.

2017-02-21 13:43:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

There's a great bit of the later as well.

2017-02-21 13:44:28 UTC [Realism #general]  

Bruce also is more of a loony, that discourages participation as he's hardly matched.

2017-02-21 13:45:35 UTC [Realism #general]  

Yes, people are humbled, acting humbled(shutting up and not commenting).

2017-02-21 13:47:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

Did the latest post come off as a bit sudden to you?

2017-02-21 13:49:26 UTC [Realism #general]  

Sometimes, I wish to live as a ghost, and see things get a hundred times worse

2017-02-21 13:49:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'm curious how far things can be taken

2017-02-21 13:51:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

It's not so bad that this appreciation could be reached without such practices.

2017-02-21 13:51:34 UTC [Realism #general]  

I don't think that always could be the case.

2017-02-21 13:52:43 UTC [Realism #general]  

How do you know whether it is things not being bad enough, or that bad necessarily proportionally numbs you to badness?

2017-02-21 13:53:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

Not much worse.

2017-02-21 13:53:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

If any much worse.

2017-02-21 13:54:50 UTC [Realism #general]  

Yes, it's as true that a ball is outside the court, if it's a meter outside the court, and if it's a mile outside the court.

2017-02-21 13:55:37 UTC [Realism #general]  

I'm more interested in people's thresholds rather than they're being or not being damned.

2017-02-21 13:55:45 UTC [Realism #general]  

The latter is clear to me, the former isn't.

2017-02-21 13:56:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

I should be the one forgetting, as it's much easier for me now to, fallot

2017-02-21 13:56:36 UTC [Realism #general]  

Will check it out, @spaceplacenta

2017-02-21 13:57:14 UTC [Realism #general]  

How you listened to his sineo track?

2017-02-21 13:57:24 UTC [Realism #general]  

Or whatever it was called

2017-02-21 13:58:05 UTC [Realism #general]  

Goatcraft - Sine Sole Sileo

2017-02-21 13:59:56 UTC [Realism #general]  

" - Exposing Feminism and The New World Order"

2017-02-21 14:00:06 UTC [Realism #general]  

I hate such stuff

2017-02-21 14:01:04 UTC [Realism #general]  

The site is designed like those ad sites

2017-02-21 14:02:27 UTC [Realism #general]  

Selling youLink an article, fallot

2017-02-21 14:02:30 UTC [Realism #general]  
2017-02-21 14:08:59 UTC [Realism #general]  

Will read the articles tomorrow, I'm going out for ~hours then sleeping when returning

2017-02-21 14:09:06 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-22 20:30:35 UTC [Realism #general]  

<Psalmanazar> If you can't see why SA is awesome 1:30 in then you have a problem.

2017-02-22 20:31:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

@Psalmanazar, 0:15-1:7is better than SA

2017-02-22 20:31:17 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-22 20:31:24 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-22 20:31:45 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-22 20:36:30 UTC [Realism #general]  

I think having you constantly be reactionary and on the defensive is one of their strategies. It keeps you busy.

2017-02-22 20:36:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

So they can sneak up unnoticed and push the next small thing

2017-02-22 20:38:37 UTC [Realism #general]  

"The graphic has a large American baseball bat, wrapped round with barbed wire, and covered with blood.

2017-02-22 20:38:37 UTC [Realism #general]  

"This image relates directly to the practice of assaulting black people in America.

2017-02-22 20:38:37 UTC [Realism #general]  

"We were shocked when we came face to face with a new T-shirt with a racially explicit graphic and text," he told The Sheffield Star.

2017-02-22 20:38:37 UTC [Realism #general]  

"It was fantastically offensive and I can only assume that no-one in the process of ordering it knew what they were doing, or were aware of its subliminal messages.

2017-02-22 20:38:39 UTC [Realism #general]  

"It is directly threatening of a racist assault, and if I were black and were faced by a wearer I would know just where I stood."

2017-02-23 13:15:31 UTC [Realism #general]  

Your drinking was criticized as you advertised it, @spaceplacenta

2017-02-23 13:16:08 UTC [Realism #general]  

You were criticized only as often as you've made a show of being drunk, not more.

2017-02-23 13:20:07 UTC [Realism #general]  

alcohol is haram

2017-02-23 13:20:09 UTC [Realism #general]  

stop it

2017-02-23 13:27:43 UTC [Realism #general]  


2017-02-23 13:28:03 UTC [Realism #general]  

If you're dying and alcohol can save you, you can drink it without sinning

2017-02-23 22:17:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

I just experienced the most racist customer at my job today. He was talking to another customer and was saying , "Fuck Muslims and I'm tired of seeing the rags on their heads because this is America and when Trump gives the word I'm going dip my bullets in pigs blood and kill every fucking Muslim I see."

2017-02-23 22:17:49 UTC [Realism #general]  

It took every fiber of my being to not say anything and I didn't make eye contact with him. You read about people like that guy but then when you see that they actually are real. I probably would have been fired if I exploded.

2017-02-24 16:58:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

<hella_pitted> It's not even that the audience is not discerning. Everyone I talk to about metal outside this circle KNOWS what is derivative and what not. They just don't care. They genuinely love metal music and seek out the experience of it.

2017-02-24 16:59:07 UTC [Realism #general]  

They don't care as it has been reduced to a hobby. No sense in making a big deal out of what's essentially a time waster.

2017-02-24 17:02:46 UTC [Realism #general]  

<fallot> in the last 16 years, Infamous's first album and Sammath - Godless Arrogance is all I can name

2017-02-24 17:02:51 UTC [Realism #general]  

You meant to say last 6 years

2017-02-24 17:03:02 UTC [Realism #general]  

I've said as much yesterday

2017-02-24 17:03:07 UTC [Realism #general]  

"Only good metal albums in the last 7 years are: Divine Eve - Vengful and Obstinate (2010), Infamous - Of Solitude and Silence (2011), Sammath - Godless Arrogance (2014)"

2017-02-24 17:03:25 UTC [Realism #general]  

Sucks ^

2017-02-24 17:04:47 UTC [Realism #general]  

If the music isn't taken as something that inspires and expands imagination, the important differences separating great bands and mediocre ones are rendered trivial.

2017-02-24 17:05:35 UTC [Realism #general]  

Sammath becomes Marduk

2017-02-24 17:06:00 UTC [Realism #general]  

Sacramentum becomes Vinterland

2017-02-24 17:06:10 UTC [Realism #general]  

Bolt Thrower becomes Benediction

2017-02-24 17:08:41 UTC [Realism #general]  

Wasn't directed at you, @vry_o ^

2017-02-24 17:11:22 UTC [Realism #general]  

It wasn't a thing. Such things can't be a thing. They're as inconsequential as countless other contrived niches.

2017-02-24 17:20:53 UTC [Realism #general]  

He believes you'd react differently to what he shares with you were your judgments momentarily pent, so he usually only asks of you to keep an open mind and still your attitude.

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