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Lol ive been in that discord

Got kicked twice

One of their allied groups is the Jewish community of roblox lol

Good to know Mattis has some sense

Don’t know about neocon Bolton though

More like Godd Howard

Yo whats up with that forehead guy (second on the right)

If you say so

Because why would the creator of the universe offer salvation only for certain races or ethnicities? Jesus was sent to save all people, it doesn’t mean we can’t retain our ethnic borders and culture.

He seemed to be asking why we should worship a seemingly non-European God. I understand the argument of Christianity being an internationalist ideology, I just don’t see why that’s a bad thing.

Exactly, they’ve been exploited. However I don’t think it’s inherently wrong that a religion include everyone who is righteous and accepts Jesus. I don’t think religion has to be connected to race as European pagans would probably believe. The Catholic Church is indeed corrupt, so I remain a proud Protestant (although one could argue the corruption has seeped into all denominations).

Europeans shouldn’t reject Christianity just because it started in the Middle East and offers salvation for everyone.

I thought they were friends

There are pictures of them together on James’s Instagram

Ya I don’t think that’s real

That’s stupid

My family is mostly catholic and none of them can stand the pope

About to buy it rn

21 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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