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2020-05-02 02:32:16 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

I bet they get him tonight.

2020-05-02 02:37:56 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

I’m black or something

2020-05-02 02:39:16 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #boogaloo-talk]  

Yeah they’re moving on him I’m sure

2020-05-02 02:42:13 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #boogaloo-talk]  

His FB said he was fighting stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma I believe

2020-05-02 02:46:13 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

But you invited us

2020-05-02 02:56:46 UTC [P A T R I O T wave #general]  

I feel like I was invited to a party by the guy nobody likes and now I’m casually trying to blend in while simultaneously trying to get out the door

Here I am

7 years since I got my CDL. HAZ, tank and triples. Have been an O/O for the last two years

Millennials start in 1981 supposedly.

Thank god I’m not the oldest

Says he lives in Georgia so probably a lie. Three Apaches flew into Butte over the weekend, but it was for nat guard training I heard.

Canada isn’t even helping itself. Lost cause.

Has to be said. They’ve been free falling into socialism for years. Maybe if they stand up to it I’ll consider some support

I don’t think you’re trying as hard as we are to fight it, and we aren’t trying very hard either. Those poor bastards in Hong Kong worked harder

Yeah that’s pretty much it. The political process has been proven to be useless since it’s so corrupt.

The majority of every population is against it, but sometimes it’s what has to be done. I used to really believe in the process, but I cannot see a way out anymore. All the countries have been not so quietly overtaken by the big money corporations. We seriously have Bill fucking Gates advocating for vaccines. The dead heads here want Elon Musk as a president. It’s absolutely absurd. It’s literally to the point of yeet or be yeeted by the power.

He’s an opportunist. Great way to build a following when you say the things people want to hear.

Lyman Bishop seems like a genuine guy although I question his methods. Then I wonder why we even need a leader, a free people shouldn’t want to be governed by an arbitrary figurehead

And didn’t Musk name his new baby some absurd collection of symbols, and say they are raising him gender-neutral? Not something I could sign on with.

Do you have one of those salt shotguns? They’re pretty damn fun

Not sure if I should laugh or feel pity

Where did you get them?

Right. Level IV ceramic?

Where did you order the “compliant” plates from?

Yeah when it comes to getting shot at that piece of mind helps

Of course you could get shot in the face which would piss me off after spending money on plates

😆 that’s a shit explanation

Not very reassuring.

Yes I would have done the same

I bought plates and a carrier from Spartan. Got it on sale in February for less than $500. 11x14 plates, 6x8 side plates and their XL carrier since I’m built like a whiskey barrel

Yeah they’re... uncomfortable

Oh yeah I can shoot from a squat or prone position no problem

When walking though they do tend to dig into your arms a bit so I just hang the shoulder straps. In a combat situation I’d rather be mildly uncomfortable and have that extra protection.

Hang on to the shoulder straps

Smaller guys can probably get away with not having the side plates. Hoplite has some nice shoulder plates. Would be a nice addition if they were made to work with other carriers

I think one or maybe two is plenty lol

Plan on applying those TQs with your mouth?

Yeah if your the medic then carrying that stuff is a priority. I can’t see me needing more than two TQs. If I get hit that much I’m not going to make it anyway


I can’t comprehend being able to do that much damage control on myself in a combat scenario.

I’m not ex-military so I haven’t been in that situation

Interesting. Good advice. I just pictured getting shot in the arm, putting on a TQ and having someone take care of the rest

Any suggestions on the best complete IFAKs to buy?

I just want to buy one. I don’t have the patience to piece one together. Maybe if I had a list of exact instructions


See the Allegheny FB page must’ve got zucked. All the recent posts are gone. What kind of shit storm is going on out there today in our fabulous country?

Bring it on, I’m tired of waiting

Yeah that north Ireland guy could be a nice ally

Greek, Serbian, Italian and some English mixed in my DNA

Fuck we aren’t going to live long enough to use it. They’ll probably start stealing investment money next to help pay for the selectively unemployed

It does not kill 50% of the people who get it

I was about to lose my mind

Kalispell is good

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