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Cobra 2018-07-03 23:28:32 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-07-03 23:31:11 [NSL #general]

idek wts happening

Cobra 2018-07-03 23:33:15 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-03 23:33:44 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-03 23:44:42 [NSL #general]

jews are Gods chosen people

Cobra 2018-07-03 23:45:08 [NSL #general]

just a prank bro

Cobra 2018-07-03 23:46:26 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-03 23:47:41 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-03 23:50:22 [NSL #general]

big gay

Cobra 2018-07-03 23:51:14 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-04 00:06:05 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-07-04 00:07:50 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-04 00:46:01 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-04 02:02:35 [NSL #general]

install rythm

Cobra 2018-07-04 02:19:22 [NSL #general]

got shoad

Cobra 2018-07-04 02:33:46 [NSL #general]

if you want to play on my minecraft server join here www.NazisAreBad.jew

Cobra 2018-07-04 02:34:48 [NSL #general]

which room

Cobra 2018-07-04 02:43:29 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-04 03:14:56 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-04 05:00:57 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-04 05:01:17 [NSL #general]

where tf are emotes I can use

Cobra 2018-07-04 23:31:33 [NSL #news-and-jews]

Woman escorted down after scaling Statue of Liberty following anti-ICE protests

Cobra 2018-07-04 23:31:40 [NSL #news-and-jews]

What is this gonna achieve?

Cobra 2018-07-05 13:54:44 [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]

catch 'n cook

Cobra 2018-07-05 14:22:57 [NSL #fitness-and-nutrition]

oh shit youre smoking it?

Cobra 2018-07-06 02:46:18 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-06 06:29:57 [NSL #general]

I brought him in

Cobra 2018-07-06 06:30:05 [NSL #general]

lol no

Cobra 2018-07-06 06:59:35 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-07-06 06:59:40 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-06 07:00:06 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-06 07:00:12 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-06 07:00:14 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-06 07:00:31 [NSL #general]

Its Cobra

Cobra 2018-07-11 16:04:47 [NSL #guns-and-gear]

lmao you'll be lucky if .45 ACP goes through your enemies clothing

Cobra 2018-07-11 18:15:45 [NSL #news-and-jews]

Cobra 2018-07-14 00:28:04 [NSL #guns-and-gear]

Cobra 2018-07-14 00:28:11 [NSL #guns-and-gear]

Fishing in CT

Cobra 2018-07-14 00:56:31 [NSL #guns-and-gear]

Cobra 2018-07-14 00:57:48 [NSL #guns-and-gear]

Fucking hate weed

Cobra 2018-07-14 14:30:18 [NSL #general]

When you accidentally bring an air rifle to an airsoft game

Cobra 2018-07-14 14:30:41 [NSL #general]

And you land head shots on a bunch of chimps

Cobra 2018-07-14 14:31:08 [NSL #general]

But they don’t die because their jaw that sticks out to China protects them

Cobra 2018-07-14 23:33:52 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-15 00:00:13 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-15 16:04:31 [NSL #general]

Deus Vult

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:07:49 [NSL #general]

It does copy nigger music

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:08:07 [NSL #general]

But since it’s a Russian I’ll let it pass

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:09:11 [NSL #general]

I also don’t understand why one of the comments said long live the USSR

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:10:26 [NSL #general]

Ukraine is on the verge of collapsing

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:11:04 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-15 16:12:09 [NSL #general]

Ukraine does have a good militia for private civilians

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:12:26 [NSL #general]

Fuck that video ^

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:13:08 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-15 16:13:17 [NSL #general]

It’s not even showing me the thumbnail

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:13:23 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-15 16:15:55 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:18:15 [NSL #general]

At least we still have muh gunz and micky d’s

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:19:01 [NSL #general]

It’s the fact that people in the US are not centered on the political scale and ANY strong change would result in a civil war

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:19:42 [NSL #general]

(((They))) selected Trump to prevent the military from going rouge if Hillary the communist got selected

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:19:59 [NSL #general]

Sweden teaches mandatory faggotry in schools

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:21:13 [NSL #general]

That’s the only nation that does it I believe

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:22:10 [NSL #general]

Here in the US for example if schools start this parents will complain to the school district board which will result in a school being changed

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:23:26 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:23:49 [NSL #general]

Homosexuality = pedophilia

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:24:05 [NSL #general]

And vise versa

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:24:35 [NSL #general]

lol vanguard poster

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:25:11 [NSL #general]

I sometimes hate fags more than Jews

Cobra 2018-07-15 16:25:58 [NSL #general]

We DID HAVE IT until someone took it down

Cobra 2018-07-16 02:33:20 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-07-16 03:26:17 [NSL #general]

lol woke nigger

Cobra 2018-07-16 04:23:28 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-16 04:26:23 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-16 04:26:36 [NSL #general]
Cobra 2018-07-16 04:26:43 [NSL #general]

nigger music

Cobra 2018-07-16 05:38:09 [NSL #news-and-jews]

(((Ben Jewpiro and Conservicucks)))

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:10:25 [NSL #general]

lol have fun

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:16:41 [NSL #general]

is there a point to this?

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:17:08 [NSL #general]

so dead

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:17:19 [NSL #general]

theres not even a tune to this 'protest'

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:17:26 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-17 08:17:34 [NSL #general]

thats exactly it

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:17:58 [NSL #general]

i reported some of the tweets as spam

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:19:38 [NSL #general]

it was made for freedom of posting

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:19:42 [NSL #general]

now its kike washed

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:20:18 [NSL #general]

and why are people so triggered that Trump met up with Putin?

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:20:47 [NSL #general]

they call him a traitor because he agrees with Putin?

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:23:07 [NSL #general]

hahahahhaha RIGHT

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:23:15 [NSL #general]

let them waste their time

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:23:25 [NSL #general]

the kikes right now dont have a choice

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:23:43 [NSL #general]

they cant impeach their selection otherwise it will result in a full-out civil war

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:24:14 [NSL #general]

the military will join the 'right' and they will put him back. the commie scum will then have to fight

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:24:39 [NSL #general]

and yes, if they kill Trump somehow, obviously the VP always takes over

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:24:53 [NSL #general]

*ECT intensifies*

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:25:10 [NSL #general]

oh yea

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:25:23 [NSL #general]

Harsh times await

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:26:33 [NSL #general]

I say put the 1st-wave fags in ECT (gays and dykes) and gas the other things

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:30:51 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-17 08:30:59 [NSL #general]

yea niggers will get confused

Cobra 2018-07-17 08:31:17 [NSL #general]

they'll start climbing up into trees and ooga booga

Cobra 2018-07-18 20:30:22 [NSL #news-and-jews]
Cobra 2018-07-18 20:30:24 [NSL #news-and-jews]


Cobra 2018-07-19 01:32:44 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-07-19 02:56:17 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-20 03:21:10 [NSL #general]

@Sartigy its Joint Photographic Experts Group

Cobra 2018-07-20 03:21:14 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-20 03:21:19 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-20 03:23:32 [NSL #general]

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

Cobra 2018-07-22 05:33:39 [NSL #general]

wtf lol

Cobra 2018-07-24 00:28:59 [NSL #news-and-jews]


Cobra 2018-07-24 00:31:10 [NSL #news-and-jews]

Project blue beam?

Cobra 2018-07-24 12:51:34 [NSL #general]

LOL thats a great idea

Cobra 2018-07-24 18:17:24 [NSL #news-and-jews]

Posted and Announced by Doug Rhodes
We lost an old fighter last week.
Harold Covington dedicated his life to the Fourteen Words, and suffered many years of trial and ordeal for it, and yet he never abandoned his post as a National Socialist and Northwest Seperatist.
May his spirit live on in all who wish for the White Race to live free, in a nation of our own.
09/14/1953 - 07/21/2018
Hail Victory.

Cobra 2018-07-24 18:17:34 [NSL #news-and-jews]


Cobra 2018-07-24 18:20:23 [NSL #general]

lmao that meme

Cobra 2018-07-24 18:41:26 [NSL #news-and-jews]


Cobra 2018-07-24 19:23:10 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-24 23:21:34 [NSL #news-and-jews]

Page removed?

Cobra 2018-07-26 12:15:37 [NSL #news-and-jews]

Trump blasts Twitter's Republican 'shadow banning,' vows to probe 'illegal practice'

Cobra 2018-07-26 13:12:06 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-26 13:12:11 [NSL #general]

2 ppl got shoad?

Cobra 2018-07-26 23:15:08 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-27 00:36:56 [NSL #news-and-jews]

old news

Cobra 2018-07-27 15:33:12 [NSL #activism]


Cobra 2018-07-27 15:34:26 [NSL #activism]

OMG this comment just triggered me from the above link ^

Cobra 2018-07-27 15:36:30 [NSL #activism]

replied with this

Cobra 2018-07-27 16:20:51 [NSL #activism]


Cobra 2018-07-28 02:05:52 [NSL #general]

Become a soldier and fight for Israel or join the police force and be a crook working for Israel

Cobra 2018-07-29 00:51:14 [NSL #general]

im about to buy that domain

Cobra 2018-07-29 00:57:35 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-07-29 01:38:41 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-29 01:39:28 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-29 01:41:53 [NSL #general]
Cobra 2018-07-29 02:56:22 [NSL #homestead]


Cobra 2018-07-29 02:56:35 [NSL #homestead]

I thought this was homestead

Cobra 2018-07-29 02:57:06 [NSL #homestead]


Cobra 2018-07-30 04:59:17 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-07-30 21:09:37 [NSL #news-and-jews]

Old news

Cobra 2018-07-31 16:57:38 [NSL #guns-and-gear]

@texan man sure 5.56 is most common but any ak is the most durable; I’d take durability of gun over common rounds

Cobra 2018-07-31 16:58:27 [NSL #guns-and-gear]

These new rifles tend to break down when clogged with dust

Cobra 2018-07-31 17:06:58 [NSL #general]

Why is Jeff Morgan in there?

Cobra 2018-07-31 18:27:13 [NSL #general]

Just got this bad boy

Cobra 2018-07-31 18:33:59 [NSL #general]

I thought you lived in the US and you can actually sue the landlord for not taking care of your property, but in Germany, IDK man

Cobra 2018-07-31 18:34:53 [NSL #general]

Then sue him, they are required to take care of their own property because you pay to live in it

Cobra 2018-07-31 18:36:07 [NSL #general]

"When a landlord fails to make the necessary repairs or maintenance after receiving a request from a tenant, there could be a number of consequences. First, depending upon your state's laws, your tenant could elect to withhold all rent until the repair is made adequately. Some states realize that this is pretty harsh and often require the tenant to put the rent money aside in an escrow account that will be released to the landlord once the repairs are made. In addition, your tenant may elect to simply pay less rent until the problem is fixed."

Cobra 2018-07-31 18:36:34 [NSL #general]

This includes lawn work

Cobra 2018-07-31 18:38:19 [NSL #general]

And if landlord still wont maintain property, you can hire an outside party to do maintenance for you and you can actually deduct the cost of the maintenance from your next rent bill

Cobra 2018-07-31 18:39:33 [NSL #general]

They are required by law

Cobra 2018-07-31 18:41:24 [NSL #general]

I lived half my life in a renting property and we stumbled upon lazy land owners, and ones that were just shit heads, and we threatened them with court for not repairing things and they actually started to repair, until someone else sued them for the entire building complex and the bank took it away from the landlord which was funny as shit

Cobra 2018-07-31 21:15:28 [NSL #general]

Idiot nigger lover

Cobra 2018-07-31 22:25:46 [NSL #news-and-jews]
Cobra 2018-08-01 03:40:41 [NSL #general]

there are niggers and there are negros, one is a stupid dumb nigger and they other is just a negro

Cobra 2018-08-01 04:09:38 [NSL #news-and-jews]

@here who was this?

Cobra 2018-08-01 04:11:11 [NSL #news-and-jews]


Cobra 2018-08-02 03:25:22 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-03 21:31:06 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-03 22:58:42 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-04 02:01:54 [NSL #general]
Cobra 2018-08-04 02:01:55 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-04 02:02:24 [NSL #general]

This isnt mine but I found this on jewgle

Cobra 2018-08-04 05:23:29 [NSL #general]

“Hey I can smoke weed and be a national socialist!”

Cobra 2018-08-04 05:48:10 [NSL #general]

No no no lol. I was referring to that meme someone made from werewolf ops

Cobra 2018-08-06 02:26:26 [NSL #general]

@Gasser I hate hohols

Cobra 2018-08-06 10:40:40 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-06 10:41:26 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-06 10:45:38 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-06 10:46:19 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-06 10:51:59 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-06 11:11:13 [NSL #general]

nice sight

Cobra 2018-08-06 11:59:30 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-06 12:00:26 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-06 12:17:17 [NSL #general]

*then* ann frank

Cobra 2018-08-06 12:17:35 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-06 12:17:40 [NSL #general]

gotta know the jew from within

Cobra 2018-08-06 12:51:02 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-07 12:38:02 [NSL #news-and-jews]

F in chat everyone

Cobra 2018-08-07 12:41:28 [NSL #news-and-jews]

He got banned off everything

Cobra 2018-08-07 12:43:09 [NSL #news-and-jews]

People are so confused over on YouTube, calling him “far right” lmao. HES A ZOG AGENT

Cobra 2018-08-07 12:50:52 [NSL #general]

He was a ZOG agent either way

Cobra 2018-08-07 15:35:53 [NSL #general]

Problem with right-wing media is they hate "Nazi's"

Cobra 2018-08-07 17:01:50 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-07 23:06:49 [NSL #general]

is that what youre rec with

Cobra 2018-08-07 23:58:38 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-07 23:59:40 [NSL #general]

you guys are going to be sitting in jail and we will be here saying "Where were you when - oh wait"

Cobra 2018-08-08 01:08:33 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-08 02:16:23 [NSL #general]

damn **global**ists

Cobra 2018-08-08 02:16:49 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-08 02:17:59 [NSL #general]

Nuck Figgers

Cobra 2018-08-08 02:18:18 [NSL #general]

Wace Nar Row!

Cobra 2018-08-08 03:02:08 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-08 05:10:49 [NSL #news-and-jews]


Cobra 2018-08-08 05:12:08 [NSL #news-and-jews]

Cobra 2018-08-08 05:12:10 [NSL #news-and-jews]


Cobra 2018-08-08 10:56:22 [NSL #general]


Cobra 2018-08-09 11:24:59 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-09 11:25:27 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-09 11:26:00 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-09 11:42:47 [NSL #general]

THE GUNNY join chat

Cobra 2018-08-09 12:00:53 [NSL #general]

Cobra 2018-08-09 12:55:23 [NSL #general]

You are protected with Stalinium - Str0nkest metal on 3arth, we here are screwed

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