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not sure if anyone has popsted this i was afk for a little but Corsi's site on youtube is down now too

good evening , just wanted to share some strange events I have been experiencing the past 3-4 days. many crashes, non responding , not found , isp drops and when sharing videos in dm the link will show but won't play. it's happening on my widows and mac laptops, my Samsung tablet and my android tv nexbox and android cell phone. as far as browsers chrome seems to be causing the most problems but I'm also having issues with Firefox and safari. apps for yt periscope and discord wonky as well. I work for an isp as a phone support agent so I well aware of trouble shooting and have taken all normal steps to resolve without much improvement . most of my activity is viewing many of the channels that have been banned , researching current events monitoring q post and DM a select few. very suspect, wasn't having any issues prior to feb. 14th

oh! but when I go through VPN for work don't seem to have any of these issue, too bad I can only use for work. right now it's not in the budget to get my own VPN I've heard VPN + tor might be the way to go

has the fl ban on AR- 15 then retracted already been posted?

just had amazing experience, 1st time I had the honor to red pill a frustrated american. Im working from home as a tech agent customer called frustrated about more than just the speed of his connection. I 1st took care of business but then stuck my toe in the water to take the temp of this customer, couldnt say a whole lot because all calls are recorded but enough to get this person in the right direction, tell him about Q suggested some sites and the guy was excited to get off the call so he could get started. just hope the call doesnt get pulled for grading😊

good afternoon , i'm at work so i dont get to chime much but this is ba nan nas ''wait until you learn who hass been talking to you here.'' wow is it our POTUS

@Dustin Nemos dont feel bad i was watching your maga video so i missed some too

good morning have we heard from Q or POTUS about a certain low-life being paid a visit?

theres someone tweeting so interesting things it seems like he maybe trying to give us some intel


and theres activity in dc possible bomb

hi just checking in do we have word on the babe yet?

no Q, austin bombings are being linked together as a hate crime (we knew that was coming) thats all i know right now i was at work all day

theres been alot of resignations but i dont have names looking into that right now, we have a new female head of the clowns

seems like Haspel was into waterboarding

i liked it when i thought it was a water sport but can unknow what i know lol

Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell were trying to get her to testify on their behalf and THEY were in trouble for being the architects of the enhanced interrogation program that was designed to break Zubaydah and was subsequently used on other detainees at the CIA's secret prisons around the world.

no wait they do say she was involed in some "tuff stuff Haspel ran a "black site" CIA prison located in Thailand in 2002.[13][20] The site was codenamed "Cat's Eye" and held suspected al Qaeda terrorist members Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah for a time. The Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture specifies that during their detention at the site they were waterboarded and interrogated using no-longer-authorized methods.

@Barbara 13 I agree but what i want even more is a way to stop this all together

so glad I made it thru those years w/o catching charges for attempted murder of many boys lol

it seems like nothing detours them and studies show they cant be repaired so they just need to go wipe them from the planet but w/o any fan fare make them less than 0

yes! my hubby remembered he and i started dating i was 15 h he was 19, he said "what was your mom thinking letting me date you?" ha

but he did wait a long time a very long time before we got intimate

thanks got that video and passed it on

she really is beautiful like a little doll

i got my 1st grand baby coming in sept i cant wait

even though i dont feel old enough to have a grand child lol

but my daughter is ok with vaccinations ive got 6 months to get her to understand

im getting a grandson they're naming him Kellen

yesss wont do the sugar, but i have plans of spoiling him other ways lol

its so peaceful over here im also in qnn sometimes its too hard to think with voice chat on other times its great lots of good ideas

the elction in pa isnt looking good

it seems he may have hit on somethings im getting ready to dig into it had to reboot my other computer, all devices are getting a work out these days

Do you have the Hitler series, the greatest story never told? I don't want to post and waste space

this is the 1st email that popped up on my search notice the phrase?
Here are notes from the Keystone rollout call. *Timing Clarification:*

- Avail after health care event will *NOT* happen so this will happen at
ed board (if it happens at all)

*Tick Tock:*

*5:30-6:00 pm*

sorry didnt mean to bomb the board i placed it in wrong area

good evening all I've been meaning to come hang out with ya all for sometime now but been either working my 9-5 , helping in QNN or researching ,

I'm digging in vault & but its connecting with the podesta emails, so if anybody else is working on that and has questions needs a sounding board i'm happy to collaborate

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