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oy mates

orange man bad

What made you think they would want to debate it lmao

there are like 2 fascists in this server active rn

Even though you all hate communism

I think the Soviets are underappreciated in ww2

lol what the fuck

oi whats up


i though i removed roles



fuckin fascists

why do they exist


this is some extra zoomery shit

thats impressive

where are yall from


im serbian

this chat is comparable to drunk people rambling



who the fuck has time to decorate noodles

why would i

its 3 minute noodles


what the fuck

allah il ilallah

a fascist marxist kanye west muslim ๐Ÿ‘

kanye west died in the tinanmen sqare massacre

im tryna read the quran in peace

kanye west is a shitpost man

kanye west orthodox

kanye jew in oven


shut it kanye you fuckin muslim

they went on an anime server

the kanye shitposters

the little entente of kanye

i bet you smell like updog

the third biggest political party in serbia is the socialist party


@Deleted User you from where

fascist commie yes i am

russia brother country

russia serbian brothers

yes love russia

my city is filled with chinks ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

ussr come back

stalin was such a nice looking old man

except he killed all his generals but whatever

they wanted to give him a medal for being the "hero of the ussr", and he said how can i be a hero if i wasnt on the front lines

nice mane

our communist leader after ww2 sent a death threat to stalin

so was hitler but hey, only one of them is a hero of europe

and it sure aint hitler


yeah if it werent for him you would be a slave to the germans now

haha nice joke

do you really think stalin is worse than hitler

do you know how many people wouldve died if it werent for stalin

way more than stalin has "killed"

ok if it werent for him the deaths would be in the tens or even hundreds of millions?

and what do you mean "killed"

dont you like know that hitler hated slavs and pretty much anyone that isnt aryan

hitler did what fascinating thing?

reduce jews to ashes?

aint fascinating to me

and he also made germans starve to death but whatever

and deserved to starve?


i dont hate jews

the idea of masterrace existed for as long as we exist of course it wasnt

Hitler hated slavic people but after invading Yugoslavia he said that Croats are not slavic people and they can do whatever they want with the population of yugoslavia as long as they do what they are told

Croats are "not" slavic people

hungarians arent slavic

yes he did

in fact he hated Jews and Slavs equally

along with roms

or however the fuck you spell it in english

When was I talkin bout the Jewish population in Yugo

Italians in fact showed so much disgust in how Croats, the German puppets who "do what they are told", that they joined the Yugoslav resistance forces, the partizans


Croatians even joined the partisans forces my dude

A fuckton of them did

The people that werent complete psychos who adore hitler

Read more about it

It was very anti serbian

all ethnicities in serbia hated each other

The Croats said about the Bosnians that they were "croatian people that turned muslim"

Some Germans though wanted to be moved from the Yugoslavian territory as the Yugoslav resistance movements put up such a fierce resistance that they would rather be fighting the Allied forces

The leader of them was Josip Broz Tito, the most badass fuckin man in europe

Otto Skorzeny could not assassinate Tito

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