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```China is almost like today's third reich``` Or Imperial Japan, as it is big into territorial claims across Asia.

Robot Trump 2024.

Abortion is urgh.... I don't think the government should shut down privately owned abortion clinics, any more than it should be allowed to shut down a religious hospital for not providing an abortion.

```Is there really such thing as a relgious hospital?``` Yes. There is also a church of Kayne apparently.

Giant Meteor 2020, if I had a choice.

Would you share a room with Epstein or Bill Cosby?

```Religion is a scam``` I became a heretic when I realized that sex, partying, and alcohol, were definitely not worth giving up. 🙃 @Deleted User

```I'm mostly authoritarian``` So Empire of Mankind, The Galactic Empire, or the Romulan Star Empire? 😛

Depends on the state, as they'll vote anything into office in MD as long as it has a D next to it's name. 😛 @beau

Trump won, yet years later...the Hillary voters still won't accept he is getting tiresome.

Ages ago I used to put on Fox News to have a CNN has gone so woke I can't switch it on for a few minutes without getting a headache.

Fox used to be way more biased.

CNN in airports should be replaced with 24/7 video feed of watching paint dry. You'd actually learn something then.

Because there is still some sanity left in humanity for now...


No voting rights.

Judge Dredd should be on to you then...@Deleted User

Which Judge Dredd? The one that shoots up the dystopian ghettos of the future.

I like both.

```Hey btw you type slow as fuck do you by chance have only one finger?``` Discord hates quoting sometimes. 😛

```Drinking vodka at the skate park and beating other kids up``` With the vodka bottle?

KFC smells better than Popeyes. But I am still going to Chick Fil A or Wendy's...

@JesusHand I need my sweet taste of homophobia.

@angie!! Yes. Though...I don't give shit about wokeness, or boycotting things I like to eat.

```everyone in the server gets crucified``` Well, that might be a fetish for some unfortunately.

Google knows everyone.

I never post on social the Zuck and google search is watching.

Zuck probably just has all the world's FB porn on his server...and just jacks off to it, when he isn't banging the Asian chick.

@ExSotericistζ͜͡🍂 Nah. I'd prefer the Star Wars Empire...that can't shoot straight. 😛

Hell is Congress.

@Pelth Trump is worse than Hitler according to CNN, so apparently that has already happened.

Trump is building mini black holes to swallow airplanes.

No word filter?

Hitler was a great man, as he grew up to kill Hitler.

I am pretty sure anyone could find a toilet with a glory hole. If all they wanted was a dick and an STD for Christmas.

```that's what happens when you don't pay attention to your kids``` Never introduce them to the internet, and make them read books instead. Then teach them the outside world is evil and start a Sith cult in your basement to scare the neighbors.

Their propaganda is of worse quality for sure.

Their alternate would be India more like...they've been to war with them at least once.

China is more economically fascist than 'communist'.

It has a capitalist economy that is heavily state controlled and requires corporations have party members on their board.

That's being polite. 😛

It is a group of thugs with guns that use 'communist' ideology and propaganda to con the masses and hold power. I doubt they actually believe the ideology they propagate at this point.

Corruption isn't a bug but a feature. xD

Corruption is fine, as it keeps the elite loyal and supportive of the party.

We are talking corruption in a 'communist' state here, a lot of what they do is technically against their ideology.

Corruption is used as an excuse to get rid of political opponents, which is what Xi's anti-corruption drive was all about.

As long as you are in with Xi, and serve his interests, you are home free within reason.

Till the next leader...and you get purged.

America has a money hole of government waste, that has so many in the trough that it is next to impossible to get rid of.

Academia only gets worse...

Karl Marx set off the communists must have big bushy beards trend.

```A chick with Microsoft paint is your source for information``` Assuming it isn't a troll living in a basement.

Illinois. The least corrupt state in America.

```What do you two think communist society is``` These days...folks with a beard fetish and a love of soviet era weapons.

Is this uber vegan shit?

HK peeps are trolling the CCP right now by calling them fascist. But the CCP still considers itself 'communist', even if in reality they are a bunch of thugs with no morals, and more of a street gang on a national scale.

Both parties are broken for different reasons, and America is in cultural decline if China LeBron is any metric. If people thought Tom Brady could piss off folks, LeBron went hold my beer and sold out human rights and democracy.

I do find it ironic that the poor think the Dems will save them...when their neo-liberal shit show kept them poor in the first place, and shipped jobs to China.

The classical left is pretty much removed from the Democratic line up now...and Cortez, Omar, Warren, Clinton, Sanders run the show. They have no hope in 2020.

```will vote blue``` For the Democrats obsession with social issues and abortion on demand will push them right. Most of them are Catholic after all.

Well according to Democrats points and skills based immigration is racist, even though every rational nation on Earth has it.

Omar wants to release the flood gates and let in her ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood friends...fuck that.

```@beau who gives a shit if they will vote blue and ruin the country?``` So when do we just shut down Congress and start an imperial dynasty with Trump as the head?

I think I'd prefer to just elect an emperor every 4 years.

They put chemicals in the water to turn the frogs gay.

Ironically Jones isn't wrong on a lot of things, including the gay frogs. Way more informative than 5 minutes of CNN.

Nancy Pelosi is in it for money and power, and is a good reason why we need House term limits.

If you engage in open borders you'd need a serious boost to the education and healthcare budget, least the existing society be submerged by divergent cultures at war with each other for dominance. would be easier to just annex Mexico than allow open borders...then you have less of a border mileage to defend.

To marry a Irish guy was worse than being openly gay or marrying a least on the more NE/Vermont side of the family.

```You guys don’t like dress up as Pizzaro and have dreams of killing Incans? ``` Probably a new costume for Trudeau to wear at parties, after his Black face fetish got doxxed.

Brexit is hilarious.

I'll lol so bad if Scotland and Wales break away in the next few decades.

To be fair, the British didn't ruin India as bad as the Indians and Pakistanis did.

Post independence India was built on pseudo economics and religious intolerance. Worked out great.

```guys who watch rick and Morty always have girlfriends``` Know a guy who does and has a latino girl.

But that might be an exception...who knows.


Monkeys are easily influenced by the big banana no.


If I move to can't. 😜

@Monke|Golira gang🦍 So what are your policies?

@Deleted User Why choose the lesser evil? Abort all humans...this generation will be the last.

Oppressing people is fun though...just ask Monty Python.

@Deleted User You worried about being sent to the sperm farms of Mars?

@Deleted User They farm men for their jokes and cum.

CNN is top notch news like 'Trump is Hitler' and 'mini black holes swallow airplanes'...who could doubt it.

Trump just wants more Eastern European supermodels in America.. @beau

Trump buys sex...which isn't rape. Bill on the other hand demanded free blow jobs from Monica.

@Deleted User You realize a naughty corner might just turn people on and not accomplish anything...right?

@Deleted User Such as anime?

```How this couple ran a ‘redneck’ meth empire in an Appalachian county ravaged by addiction``` A fun headline.

@Gerry Is it springtime for Hitler yet? Too damn cold here... :/

Too long to wait.

@Deleted User That is literally a MadTv skit.

So who has Disney+ here?

-8ball is the matrix reality?

-8ball should I go study?

-8ball does Angie have more than 50 boyfriends?

-8ball does 36 really mean 36 an hour?

-8ball does santa give Nazis coal?

-8ball does 8ball have a boyfriend?

-8ball does 8ball have a girlfriend?

-8ball is 8ball a virgin?

-8ball did 8ball have sex last night with someone on the chat?


-8ball is @Deleted User in a relationship with Heather Swanson?

-8ball will @Monke|Golira gang🦍 be President in 2024?

```In Mein Kampf, he wrote that Britain would join Germany in an alliance due to their hatred of France``` He was incorrect. Didn't want a French or German dominated continent.

The UK didn't want a strong continental Europe against them, so a divided Europe was preferable.

Chamberlain was terrified of a continental war and made colossal mistakes as a result.

Yep. Opposite of Chamberlain in that regard.

I got into a debate once with communists who got triggered by me saying that Chamberlain was a bad prime minister. That was fun.

It was odd. I figure it was because the USSR was still at peace with Hitler then.

So it would be critical of Stalin...who was the slimest critter of Europe at the time.

Franco was smart.

Franco stayed neutral and kept out, so he was able to secure his regime whoever won.

Nazis somewhat emulated the USSR, even though they hated them.

Yep. They were fine with open trade, and weren't as insanely centrallly planned as the USSR.

For a bit...till the night of the long knives.

He wasn't entirely wrong.

He couldn't handle criticism. He put his movie idol Charlie Chaplin on a death list after all.

```Hehe I’ve dropped a letter grade in history because of this discord``` Use the channel mute while studying? 🤔

Essays are easy though...just suck up to your teacher with whatever you write. I wrote SJW shit to do well in English.


Stalin was misunderstood...he had great ideas for the industrialization and transformation of Russia...commie professor gives you A.

@JesusHand Become a Reddit mod and start the Great Purge of 2019...😜

Does the server have a swear jar?

Reddit is the best for reps. You can get -1000 for just saying hello.

@Pelth I don't use Reddit. I moved to Political Stack Exchange. 😜

@y e s Being a non-NPC is illegal.

```But why do you hate gays?``` I think people don't hate gays...they hate folks that use being gay as an excuse to be a total ass to everyone. @y e s

@JesusHand Already have a long term bf.

Lol. My bf is a conservative bi guy who loves watching Crowder, and might vote Trump. @rain^

The best political system results in the annihilation of the human race...on account of humans being able to screw up any political system they create.

The CyberTruck looks like a perfect surface to cook me some bacon and eggs.

Is she Xis second or third wife?

@Pelth I hope you pronounced it like vagina...the way Trump does.

Food. Lots of it.

You should hand out all your credit cards and your social security number in chat to increase your chances of becoming a mod... 🙃

I want more blacks in my coffee... 😆

End racism by putting all the sperm through a blender.

Baby Yoda 2040

@JesusHand I think my next thing is to ruin Cards Against Humanity by putting Baby Yoda in with anything close to sexual.

There is no kill yourself first option.

Mao marched all the boys in the yard.

16 hours.

B. I want to be R2D2.


I want a helper monkey that carries a mini lightsaber.

Should require to cut off and mail in your finger.

I am a billion years old and I can still smell the fresh paint from the space Titanic.

```The chinese have always wanted authoritarian type governments
With a large degree of centralization``` Which is why I tend to lol at sinophiles, as command economies tend to wreck themselves.

Folks going on about how China will replace the US and dominate the world, tend to gloss over the flaws built in to the system that will make that impossible in the long-term.

China is making a lot of the mistakes Japan made early in it's development, like a) aging population and low immigration, b) bloated infrastructure spending leading to high gdp to debt ratio, 3) economic development over environment.

Oh they are...but they are long-term problems that don't hit them till ages down the road.

I was describing early on...Japan has laid off that.

China right now is funding zombie construction.

Meaning cities that no one will live in, and economically unviable transport.

I like when folks talk about the glittery high speed trains in China, that run on a massive deficit and are losing money, not to mention have shoddy safety records.

China has just so many inefficiencies in their economy that are state driven, that the US could take advantage it finally cut out it's own govt spending issues and ran a surplus one day.

Lol. Not for many decades at this point...the debt is too high.

You couldn't run a surplus for ages away....but then the China-US competition is going to run deep into the future.

I know that it is a long-term thing, you have to pay off over a long period of time as to not cause issues. 😛

I used to live in New Zealand, which purposely doesn't pay off the debt, as to not mess up the economy, even though it could probably pay it off outright.

Well yep.

Though you can still keep it to a low level.

What is low as a percentage varies by country.

The US would really have to mess up to end up like Greece of course.

Well of course, though my point is that what you can do varies by country.

Greece had widespread government inefficiencies and corruption that led to that mess.

Think we are talking about different things. I am talking about a government budget surplus, and the debt directly related only to that.

```gov budget surplus is terrible goal under fiat monetary system``` No it isn't, it is a long-term achievable goal. Only if you try and achieve it all at once do you mess up.

Eh...multiple countries run at surplus, with gdp growth.

I think that when a country reaches a certain size it can't achieve an outright surplus, as it will require more resources/goods than it can produce internally.

That isn't always the case in smaller economies, even if it might be in larger ones.

If we talk about the Asia-Pacific, countries alternate between deficits and surpluses.

Australia is the most advantageous I'd think as it has massive mineral wealth, and avoided a technical recession.

Tbh, grew up in New Zealand, so larger economies are harder to fathom for me.

NZ is more simple in that it can survive on tourism and niche exports.

Well, NZ did its own version of austerity, which was a mistake as far as healthcare spending for sure.

Basically, the last government raised sales taxes, and cut healthcare and social welfare spending.

So now the current govt is having to pay for the gaps that resulted.

Well, it is more problematic than NZ has a house price boom, and general costs of life are high.

Mostly, NZ is doing well due to exports and foreign investment, but that has its problems.

Housing is built that is not affordable for residents and is more of an investment for foreigners, and never lived in.

Residents can't afford housing, and the government tries to help by subsidizing housing for the poor.

But there is still not enough to go round and there are state housing waiting lists, as well as a lack of affordable private housing.

@Sh0t If you can see a lot of flashy apartments, but also you can see folks living in cars.

Well, govt policy in NZ is to gradually decrease the ratio.

It is openly talked about.

Well, NZ used to build sufficient state housing, though over time governments slacked off, and the mood was to just leave it entirely to 'market forces'.

Though...NZ went through a major economic transformation in the 1980s-1990s, as well as being cut off from the UK market and having the oil shock all at once in the 70s.

NZ used to be an economy that was way more regulated and restricted.

In NZ, policy tends to fluctuate by political party.

Labour is more willing to be flexible, though National has a major policy platform around running surpluses, low govt debt, and decreasing welfare spending.

Every election cycle, the govt debt and surplus level is brought up, as a measure of whether the govt is effective or not.

Both parties though tend to be consistent in policy to reduce the debt to gdp though.

Not the best site, but allows you to see it roughly.

It is hard to stop policy set by the reserve bank and political parties though.

You'd have to change minds in a big way.

Hope you aren't getting frustrated too much talking with me. 😄

I am not really saying more than what I've been brought up to think.

Literally, ask anyone from NZ what they think about government budget deficits and debt to gdp, and they'll view it as a metric of poor government policy.

Well, if you look at govt policy...there was a massive drive to lower the gdp to debt ratio, create a budget surplus, and have low inflation.

From the 1980s-1990s at least.

NZ mostly survives through exports and tourism, and a lot of foreign investment, which is a curse and a blessing.

Mostly the population grows through immigration.

NZ is kinda the reverse of the US in that we spend way too little, even when we know where money needs to go.

NZ govts have a heavy fear of inflation and government debt.

Well, at least from what I see the US is spending the right amounts in education, healthcare, and on the military, but not putting it in the right places or letting it be wasted.

Realistically, the amount the US is spending, it should be getting way better outcomes in education at least...yet school systems are failing, and the response seems to be 'we need more money'.

There are lot of high admin costs, yet teachers are low paid compared to the job they do, and classrooms are without the resources they need.

At least from the way I see it, both major parties have no clue over what direction to go in.

I disagree with both parties, and have pretty much given up on trying to understand where they are going.

Well, on a real basic level, I think the tax system needs work.

The way the US system is set up, tax avoidance is a major issue, and it seems to hurt the poor and middle class.

And the tax avoidance is kinda built-in, and it isn't a bug and rather a feature.

You'd have to figure out how to tax higher incomes.

I've heard some floated ideas, like taxing shares,etc, as well as a flat tax.

I can't say whether it is right or wrong: Though in NZ, it has a high sales tax, coupled with a flat tax system based upon income level, with no exemptions for charities as much as in the US.

My folks kinda feel they are paying more tax here than in NZ.

They paid the top tax rate in NZ, which was 33%

NZ has no payroll taxes,etc, just a general income tax.

Also families in NZ can receive tax credits, though never really looked into how that works.

Yep. NZ has no capital gains taxes, though they have been floated.

Mostly to deal with the housing issue.

The govt recently made some restrictions on foreign property ownership.

Which isn't obviously going to fix the problem, and is more of 'we are doing something' message.

It was pushed in the media as "government bans property sales to foreigners", but ironically it doesn't really do that, as those that buy property in New Zealand usually go through broker agencies whose agents are already citizens or residents.

There are few (if any) actual direct buyers who come straight off a plane, and ask to buy property.

Well, NZ is relying on immigration unfortunately.

Also you can get into NZ through an investor residency system.

Meaning if you buy property/invest in companies, you can get in as a long-term resident.

If you visit NZ, the locals aren't doing as well as recent immigrants who come in with assets in hand, and buy up property.

Auckland (the major city) is full of wealthy Chinese, who got in on the residency visa.

The general feeling of folks that live there is that NZ is great for those that come in with money and skills, but sucks for those who were born in bred there or for migrants from the islands.

NZ has the problem as well that it has a low population that can only support so many jobs in certain sectors.

Well, NZ is basically equal opportunity, in that it takes investment from anywhere without seriously looking into the implications.

The Chinese government is heavy into soft power in NZ.

It gave a preferential free trade agreement it wouldn't give other countries.

Which has a good and bad side.

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