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thanks! In this time of censorship we have to support each other 🦾

There I started. I hope I think to check it. I'm terrible with Gab

find me and follow me so I know who to follow lol


I plan to mention it if I am able to go live tonight. Mind if I drop one of my youtube videos in the recommended youtubers to follow section?

Did you create this social media platform


I subbed

ok I use OBS and plan to go live in 1.5 hours. Usually do on sundays

for stream yard?

yeah I will. I've work so much on and with OBS, it's hard to leave something like that

I'll play around with it some time later

all the cook kids I bet

can you use a window capture with it

oh man. I already pay for OBS prime

I better stick with that

thanks mucho

thanks! Glory to God

Good morning β˜•

good morning

check out new Destiny Lab song where I got to produce the video!

Good morning

Good morning

Blessed thank you how about you

That’s ok. You can always watch later 🀣

I'm blessed... still waking up

it's praying hands

no the genocide of a Godless country like China is real at at hand now

good luck

xenophobia and racism against china? Umm sounds suspect

I still post in the Catholic channel once in awhile @Karnivore


Please do when you can ❀️

Good morning

Blessed thank you and hbu

Definitely sorry to hear that

How can I pray for you

I am praying peace over your situation as well

I cancel and reject these attacks on you in the name of Jesus!

it's 5g testing likely

with a recent mandatory vaccine and latent viruses

Good morning

Nice to see you too @Deleted User

I just got my colloidal silver started taking three days ago

good morning

β˜• 🍩

I did not know

I already use streamlabs and have a website but it's worth checking out thank you

oh it says I can integrate

well I need this then

it says you can integrate all these including OBS

I'm still trying to figure out how to go live through discord

Thanks again @Lil Brit for schooling me on the live stuff

2020-03-08 20:47:26 UTC [PatriotLand #help-desk-text]  

Join me tonight πŸ™‚

2020-03-08 20:47:31 UTC [PatriotLand #help-desk-text]  

9pm MST

Good morning

China was reporting curing with large Vit C doses

not that you can believe anything coming out of China

gonna watch thanks

> Aaron detires said this is junk silver what yall think?
@Dallas junk silver is any coin before 1965 aka constitutional silver

@Karnivore thanks for reposting. Love Devon and all his work. He’s very thorough

Thanks! Devin stack is Black Pilled on YouTube

As well as bitchute as you saw

thanks @Karnivore done!

@Deleted User sorry I didn't go live I meant to change the date to the 19th and cchanged the wrong video


78 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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