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Whoops wrong one

Well she midway western- *fedboi takes notes*

Soooooooo. That bill is instantly unconstitutional....

Imagination land🤷🏻‍♂️

But they literally put constitutional militia...

But they propose the bring the same “bill” to Congress too. That’s why it’s interesting me.

Well either we’re going to get dick deep in blood and gore or we’re all going to be sheep and roll over.

@Radmin East or west side of pa?

@Radmin you near the shit zones. I feel for you.

Not to be a hater but my dude needs to run more.

@Dirt-Nasty-FAFO I’m not skinny for by any means- I have reason for it, and he has that inactive fat person shape, like he does 20oz curls.

That was a super slow load.

@Ramrod1992 Suspected fedboi report line

@Radmin be careful with signal.

Once you add someone- even if you find out they are a fedboi you can remove them.

Telegram is solid

@Ramrod1992 true- but for some reason once you add someone besides making a new group your sol sadly.

I’ve had help readding a 300 person group..then they booted me for being to radical. Lol. Bunch of fudds

I’ve requested the developers to fix that bug many times.

@Creedmoor negative number two- everyone has your real phone number lol.

@Ramrod1992 that’s not 100% true, it’s easy to get once you’re on the radar but the goal is to stay somewhat off it before you police suicide yourself. Lol.

Would you look at that look at how quick Fed boys got in.

I want to build a m16a3 aero clone.

I still laugh at the fact that a catholic Priest may have raped Vlad. It wasn’t 100% confirmed in history but it would explain why he hated much the hated the Catholic Church.

Really fal are hard to get in the states which hurts my heart, I truly believe the g3 and fal where the best early 308 gun and the us fucked up with the m14

@Das ist gut fn wasn’t dumb is the reason why lol

Two world war baby lol

Oh I always read fn didn’t want to give the right to produce them due to the stuff that happened in both world wars. They super up charge the cost of each rifle to fuck with them.

I’m mildly drunk right now

Makers mark select over ice here. I just need a fire time to eat or throw this away...I hate them but they could be a life saver. Commercial ready to eat meal are so much better but so much more. I get a case off the back of a “truck” for beer money

@Das ist gut I get Constipation no matter how much water I drink.

@Soulless it’s like the ultimate colon cleanse diet lmao

@Soulless I was so constipated from mre’s when I was trying to eat my last expiring batch I literally was constipated for a 3 days and took a 3.5 lb shit lmao.

I might as well share my favorite mag while I am here

My magazines identify as bananas

I wonder sometimes who will be the boog heard around the world. Kick it all off...I hope they don’t die.

Felonies aren’t fair- you do your time and you should get all your rights back as a free man.

A crime is only committed when there’s a victim who suffers directly from your actions.

You know if you didn’t have to pay any taxes you’d be able to afford to pay and and all medical bills with that 30% you get lubed for. I’ve never had a 30k medical bill before with insurance- all I’m saying.

@Das ist gut I collect unique 1911’s, 45 only cool when you upgrade to 460 auto 😂

Think 10mm auto but about 400ftlb more energy give or take.

They suck donkey dick Compared to anything that I carry

Nah they never jam when they are a well build one.

No big sleepy friend

Those are old due

Lmao Silly Remington

Welllll teens are questionable- I do think the legal age of consent should be 16- a lot of slutty girls start fucking around and going to clubs that legally they shouldn’t be at and get older guys in trouble. But that 13/14 year range most humans still look very childish that it’s kind of gross to put your dick in. Cause to be honest I have family that are in the 15-17 yr old range and some of them look to be in their early 20’s.
But you rape a any human you’re a pos..
You touch children you’re a pos...
If your racist and attempt to hurt someone based on those beliefs you’re a pos.

Meh it’s okay. Now rattle snake is the Ribeye of reptiles in my opinion.

Not gonna lie if it walks or crawls and is in North America I’ve probably tried its Species or sub species at some point.

The Midwest is becoming New York 2.0

Yeah I’m in the boring midland and that pretty true, I probably have about another 3 years here and I am out lol

I’m transplanting to mid-state Alaska, I like the cold and I just need internet for my job-Plenty of job opportunities for my wife. Fuck all the softies that live in my area right now.

I was looking west at first and just there isn’t anything I liked.

Ohh I have plenty. 6.5 prc-300win mag -338rcm and 416 Barrett but I need more supplies before I buy that ferry ticket to move my shit. We have a 3 year plan right now.

You can legally own that caliber just not the Explosive shells

Get an at home web dev job- I only make 21 an hour but working from home makes it where you can work from anywhere

Could I get a better paying job yeah- but I never leave my house unless I need too- benefit is I am also a car guy and the race car company I work for allow me to do live chat and phone sales for the Glorious OT

Plus my wife is the money maker- so I don’t need the money unless it for my hobbies but I many just shoot and lift now. Race car stuff kind of died because of electric cars for me.

2 year Computer science degree or... Err YouTube lol when I was confused by certain coding lines or methods. I’m super basic lol. Then fine a board certified veterinary surgeon for a wife and relax lol

My mom I’ve can fix my bullet holes lol

She’s save German sheppys with gsw from bad bois in the street.

Cops are bad, but doggo only hurt you when doing bad, doggo are cops on bite and hold, bad blue shoot for no reason.

I take that back- most cops are bad.

I know a few that will not enforce any kind of laws unless you are harming someone.

This is bestest boogie partner

No need she a fur missile.

Hoplite is coming out with level for dog body armor- it’s worth it

Yes- the kit will be 750 but it will be so worth it. Let me show you what happen in my house when someone tried to break in through the garage

She pulled him in through the the dog, I don’t have the aftermath picture on my phone it seems. I had to take picture for my insurance company when it happened.

I’m going to keep the door as a war trophy when I replace it.

Can still use 30rd p mag and plenty of energy for humans with a 180 and super suppressible

Well 458 cost more, if you have a press you could reload it with 147 9mm pills. I sling 147 @ 2500fps. I honestly think it will replace 300 blk out here soon.

Same with 280 t-Rex in the 350, let me get the pics from my friends and I testing. I think ammo will be as cheap in about 2 years.

Shorter ones a 220. 280’s are subs, things pretty nasty, only thing that sucks since it’s new- you have to sand the ridge out of the pmags so it feeds correctly.

It’s been catching on

It’s a good amount from a 223 sized case. My fav load so far 180 at 2350. Down side this round is limited to about 350 yards on man sized game.. but it carries enough energy... in theory to kill a brown bear.

With the 180’s

Sorry wrong one

Lol get ya a kbar

That’s got to me my favorite knife history is how a kbar gots its name.

Two euro sword lol

Boyds ?

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