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2018-01-31 02:41:57 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

This is glorious!

2018-01-31 02:44:01 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  


2018-01-31 02:44:36 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Let the serpents hiss in their panic and in defense of their "home".

2018-01-31 02:44:45 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

It's only a matter of time until the den is cleaned ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-01-31 02:45:56 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Unity is more needed with him being live than to bring awareness

2018-01-31 02:46:16 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

I've been aware of his administration's actions and I'm *still* learning new things about what's been done

2018-01-31 02:47:24 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Oh I completely agree!

2018-01-31 02:48:06 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

This is why we're not the chess grandmaster and only the spectators and commentators. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-01-31 02:55:10 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

: ')

2018-01-31 02:58:10 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

This completely makes up for observing the flag limply waving in protest that I saw earlier today

2018-01-31 02:59:43 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

It would require their supporting Trump and not having him buckle to their desires

2018-01-31 03:00:36 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

I like his plan due to the balance, but it's certainly a work in progress with details needing to be distributed unlike the "Affordable Health Care Act"

2018-01-31 03:01:21 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  


2018-01-31 03:01:51 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Rush, Savage, and Hannity all brought up good points of why it's happening as such though

2018-01-31 03:02:02 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  


2018-01-31 03:05:49 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Basically that the dems *can't* present something that Trump wants due to their groomed base trained to view that the Dems are standing in utter protest against the dim-witted idiot. To have them come to him with an offer that would be signed may potentially work for them, but to have him come to them would basically betray what their base is believing them to stand on

2018-01-31 03:06:00 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

If that makes sense?

2018-01-31 03:08:05 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

More than a few stood for him. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-01-31 03:08:11 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

I agree with you though

2018-01-31 03:08:30 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

They're living in a different world than reality for certain

2018-01-31 03:08:51 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Either that or payed/leaned on enough to make it appear as such

2018-01-31 03:20:06 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@Deleted User I'd recommend starting off reading your state laws (, read and get to know the Consitution *(* and read it according to the *intent* of what's written.

Sean Hannity ( has an awesome radio show that presents FAR more than what's presented on TV. He's truly a reporter in which the truth is above the rumors

2018-01-31 03:20:11 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Still ongoing ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-01-31 03:22:11 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@Deleted User There's a *lot* more than that, but I'd recommend checking out Prager University's YouTube channel for some *awesome* balance to what you'll be facing ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-01-31 03:22:43 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

I'm admittedly lacking in where to go myself due to viewing the union as a failed situation until the meming started ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-01-31 03:23:14 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

These past two years have seen me growing in knowledge of where to go far moreso than the other 29 years of my life

2018-01-31 03:25:26 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@CITY_F0X The dems are showing in their own small manner that they're not standing in utter unity, but rather showing their approval in small amounts on key topics

2018-01-31 03:32:42 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

The fact that he thanked the Democrats for attending before leaving states a LOT for his character and to what he's facing

2018-01-31 03:36:09 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Just stating the unjaded truth

2018-01-31 04:08:02 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  


2018-01-31 04:08:31 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Come to find out that my takeout customer number was #3333 during the introduction of the SOTU

2018-02-06 19:40:44 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  
2018-02-06 19:41:00 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Stream starts in ~60min. Keeps being delayed though.

2018-02-06 21:07:05 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]

2018-02-08 03:36:37 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Has anyone done embedded file analysis on the PNGs?

2018-02-08 03:37:07 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Strikes me kind of odd that they'd be delivered as such

It ain't that bad, boy

Could've been a bad dragon reference

2018-11-07 19:29:16 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Goes to show that your vote *does count*

Some things in life we're not proud of

But damn it had to happen to someone

So might as well be that guy?

Have to ask though, **__*WHAT*__** the fuck was going through your head if I dare?

I know, but what the godforsaken fucking hell

R34 didn't prepare me for this

Old /b/ didn't prepare me for this

Heh, fair enough

Have already been here for some time and wondered about life choices from time to time, but the rum has loosened my fingers tonight

Pretty sure I missed it

Come back after you pull some real BME stuff

Good dia though

uname is appropriate as well. ๐Ÿ˜›

@Stubbs Hopefully those weren't lead?

Just be careful with such play. Have made some choices that cost me dearly

Will leave it at that

But the lot of ya are out in the niggerfield being ricefuckers

Already in the wheatfields here, so no need to worry about that

Been around for upwards of a year

This server might ping @everyone more frequently, but I know that the old one was a lot more degenerate

Damn discord nazi shitfuckers....

@Innaswamp That is crazy scary close to what's happening to me atm

Time to pull out the shovels ๐Ÿ˜‰

At least the beads would work as a target

@_Nipa There's freezing rain in the forecast for the eastern side of the US

Times like this, IDGAF

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