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lost a couple hundred in just the 5 minutes i had it up

just 800 thousand more

@Oliver Starley wringing his hands over alex jones being banned


Take the Social Media redpill

@Orwell & Goode Looking for a cohost then?

Guise, Sargon is crying out for help

This place is a dead zone

95% of discord servers die within a few months

chalk it up to a lot of things

mostly the "oh new and shiny" mentality

any nibbas here use Xara Design?

watch this or kys

>getting text alerts from daddy


wish it would have said "its time"

All Hail Cesar

if anyone's bored ive got memes in the <#400779589300912138> channel

anyone up for some lemonaids?

>black flight

is that real?

probably of interest to some here


shitposting, commence

Leftism is atheists attempt at not being religious

Ironic seeing as it's based on strict moral laws that require you to suspend belief

live and edgy

ban me for this if you have to

i really dont care either way

86 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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