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I'm James Franklin, 10 time UFC heavyweight champion, Mr Universe, tech-wizard, top 80's-porn star, and all around great guy.

Just kidding, I'm an unemployed mulatto from the north east just saying hi.


Hi Ryan

hi Dallas

Hi Dallas, it's JFA

Ryan, I said hi, what am I? Some kind of rotten meat bag???

Hey, it's Mark.

How u doing?

Good πŸ‘

I was fucking around for fun, but I think I'm gonna put it back to James Franklin... or maybe just James πŸ€”

Just bored

Yea, just somting to do... not trying to be incognito or whatever, just gradually learning discord. A guy wants to interview me here and I'm techtarded so I wanted to look around and get more acquainted with this place.

Ok, changed it back

Hi Kay, cool...

lol, yea, it's an acronym, but seeing that no one understood it, in hindsight it was kind of retarded

....oh..... thanks πŸ‘

I'm gonna smoke a butt

Supposed to quit, but it's not working, lol

Same pack of bros

Thanks Kay πŸ‘πŸ‘ - @oddball - are u a dude or a chick? ....just wondering if I may...

Where am I right now (if I want 2 come back)?

K, thanks

Ok, maybe if I get high you guys will seem less gay ... brb


I am gonna toke though...

@Deleted User - I'm just being silly

I'm bored and cranky... I need to be medicated


...ok... way better ... I need medication sometimes or I'm a douche

Kay ; cool; toke it, it's sadly true...

What metal do you like?--any?

Do you like Black Sabbath with ozzy and/or dio?

Hi Tyler πŸ‘‹

How y'all doing?

Hello Chameleon Lizard πŸ–

Sup Kay?

Hey Mark!

Lol, cool....

--- I see....

It's still early to me

9:50 pm here

We're digital-partying yo


Partying digital style

Better than nothing-- lol


Both heavy, so good

dork nite, lol

Is that for a needle shooting spider man?

Rhetorical question

Yea, I'm not surprised... hes got his whole own thing going on

He got banned?.. lol

I'm still just learning this shit

Not to be a dick to whoever, but I just can't imagine getting banned

@Deleted User you think I should try to get banned?

Why wouldn't he talk to us?

Poor gus

He's pretty old

Why did Aaron kick him out?

I used to upload singing video's, and Gus was one of my fans (of 3) and he told me I was really good, then we got in a long, bad fight, but we made up and now he's my buddy again, but every now and then he'll out of the blue tell me I'm a horrible singer, lol... like he's still mad?.. I don't know.. I like Gus though..... he's just nuts.

I agree

Oh, thank you Kay πŸ‘

All my songs were just improvised really, and my main thing is really lead guitar, especially with my vocal chords damaged, so, yea.. I was pretty happy with a lot of that stuff... so was Gus, till we got in a fight, then he told me I sucked, lol

I think he's a good egg all around.. hey; he's gusthebroken ...

Yea, really..

Great site

Lizard is typing...

The elite want us to smoke weed now .., oh, hi Lizzard

Hey, fine with me.. thing is, they might stick us with GMO

Like, the government dope you mean?

The government wants you destroyed on drugs; if you're a man, watching porn, saving up for a sex robot cause you're an incel

Video games, lots of video games


It truly is

Most people are asleep, and with the indoctrination of the youth it will just get worse... blows

Let's just be happy were awake

I think Trump is gonna win

Get what sounded?-- Him winning?

I don't doubt it

I don't believe democracy is real

Carroll Quigley

Yea, it was, but now it's turning into a Technocracy

I'm so blasted I don't even know wtf you're talking bout

Where am I? Am I on planet earth?---hey: anyone here think the earth is flat?

A L A N -- W A T T



Gnite RyanπŸ–

They want you/us on edge.. I've been fully aware and alert for 10+ yrs, and it's always something supposedly gonna hapoen... b4 that even, when it was gonna be Y2k in 2,000 and nothing happened, but then they got us with 911 the next year for suprise .... you never know for sure what they're gonna do; I don't bother worrying; I believe in God and I know what side I'm on in that way..... that's all I really care about for the most part.

If you worry about even 1/5th about the shit that's supposed to go down (and almost never does) you'll live your live a nervous wreck.. I learned a long time ago to not do that ........ it's pointless.

Hi Kay ... yep.

You're a cool cat Dallas

Hi Ryan, hi Kay πŸ‘‹


@Deleted User - helloπŸ–


@Deleted User do you have a YouTube channel?

I pretty much am πŸ‘

@Deleted User is it the same name?


That (Go On) was a good song... nice πŸ‘

Hey Mark! Sup buddy?

How goes the battle today?

That's cool πŸ‘

Lol, well good.. that's good newsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

As that where you guys r at


it's usually just more of the same, but I like to tune in regardless... I think it like give you/me a feeling of security or something; staying on top of things, ect., but it can be a bit much at times.

Good Kay!: just chill !

Juuust reeelaaaxx

Breathe in (huge inhale...) breath out.... "woooosh" ... ah better.


I watched Will 4 a bit but it got boring.... I didn't know he had his own channel though.. that's coolπŸ‘

INFOWARS is like a huge army now... I remember when it was pretty much just AJ and Jason Bermis ......... anyhoo - how's the party? You guys feeling pretty Good?


I think you're a good man Mark.. thumbs up 4 you bud --πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

That's me πŸ‘† ... and yes, he is πŸ‘

We are in a spiritual battle.... the satanic freemasonic want to indoctrinate us and make us retarded, but it will not work -- we are in a different caste; a different breed: we are wide awake.

freemasonic = freemasons

The John Birch Society has some great vids on American history... but I digress ...yes; we're chillin; gonna be ok.

I noticed that

He's a real patriot

Hey Ryan!-- how r ya tonight?

Yea, me too.. gotta wake early tomorrow

Back to the week-day grind

Sux.... lol

Not too bad.... it's ok ..

Yea, really ............. Ok.. I think I'm out.. Ryan, Mark, gentleman, ladies.. I may be back if I have insomnia, but if not, I'll c u guys tomorrow πŸ‘

Thanx bud -- ttyl πŸ‘‹

What the fuck

@Deleted User hello friend

Damn, too bad, lol...



I'm James Franklin mother fucker!

I love the name πŸ‘


No prob

@Deleted User - that picture is fucking awesome

It's a riot


What a joke

@Deleted User do you like to apply pressure?

Me too

firmly apply the pressure


That's how you do it πŸ‘

No! You need to apply more PRESSURE!

...fuck... PRESSURE left... damn... I thought he'd apply a tad more pressure.

The name/picture combo had me on the floor

Do I see a bougening romance afoot?

Now I came and fucked it up.. ignore me..... (start over) ..dum de do, oh.. hey... bible whore 1, Infinite... sapnin?

Lol, yea

You like that?

What's happening

Like sup 4 what's up

So how's that new world order? It still suck?.. I hate it; damn new world order 😀

See.. now I feel guilty; I buzzkilled you guys πŸ‘Ž

My bad



Azreal I think is coming.. I just saw him... I get lost in here

I don't know why I'm doing


You're VC?


I'm still up


Going to bed?

Sleep well my friend πŸ‘‹

Peace bro

Operator is typing...

Yea, they like to conflate Zionism and Judaism --- @Deleted User @Deleted User good morning guys πŸ‘‹

@Infinite hey dude πŸ‘‹

I'm drinking instant which is nasty, but I've got this tasty creamer, so it's ok πŸ‘Œ

@Deleted User that sounds about right

@Deleted User that's not nice dude

I'll mind my bussness....

We actually tried that

No, I didn't

That communist bitch sucks hard

Well, it's a new day

That's right

Yea, really

She sure can do it for ya

I love Kaitlyn Bennitt

Damn is she fine.....

Yes I would

I wouldn't say he hid behind me ... you guys are seemingly in the bad-blood zone now

Both parties would have to agree to be cordial 4 it to stop

You both say mean thing's to each other

It's not needed

It's like eye gouging in a UFC fight.. it's not needed

@holmestyles how old r u?

That's not old

@Deleted User oh yea, I did, but I didn't do it in a mean way

Kept it clean

Lol, exactly


That's a pretty good one


In like 10

Ok, I'm stoned now...

You don't have any ? @Deleted User

@Deleted User thank you, likewise

This is all like a weird dream

I still can't even believe Donald Trump is the president

It's like.. heh?

Not for or agasint per re, just saying, it's a fucking trip

He's a billionaire

@Deleted User pseudo Perot, interesting....

This is another level.. Donald Trump never even held a position in office, now he's POTUS .... that's incredible - isn't it?

I mean, love or hate him, that's wild

Hillary is CFR.. husband CFR and Trilateral Commission.. friends with the Rothschild, ect

That's her angle

so it was CFR VS T.V. show... that's wild

@Deleted User CFR/ Trilateral Commission?.. fk yeah... big time... the Noble Orders of High Royal FreemasFreemasonry



Hilary Clinton eats babies ... I believe that ..

She is pure evil

@Deleted User control is the key word, yes

That's got to be fake

It is... I think M.Obama is a man and stuff, but that picture is fake

@holmestyles no.... oh, look

Strange world

I don't doubt it at all

Yea, that's crazy J.Rivers said that at all, but she said it and then died! Lol!

I actually forgot that one

Tyler's got quite a beard

Fk that, I hate having a beard


It's this shit on your face that you want to rub off but you can't, lol


WHITE POWER ! ............ just kidding, I'm half black ..



@Deleted User actually, you did.. cool


The race deal is a mess

@Deleted User what does psychogenic mean?

@Deleted User ok, thanks

I'm out 4 a bit.. I'll be back πŸ‘Œ

Hello good people πŸ‘‹

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