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Hey Hยณ and community. My question is how to stop grieving for revenge after your bluepill-stage. I realize that i've been used in the second half of my almost two year relationship. Beginning in November, she will study with me again in an integrated degree program. Obviously i will not give her advantage throughout this anymore, before i did way too much for her.

Despite that i still feel the need of revenge. Not in the physical way but to prove her wrong about her respectless manipulative behavior towards me. I am in the stage where loneliness tranfers to soltitude and i volountarily went monk mode after the breakup. To forget what she has done to me, should i fuck some other females with low maintenance to just forget anything emotional attached to her in my brain or keep to the my morals of not giving in to any women anymore. I turned down sexual advances on one girl since my breakup that is over 4 months in the past.

And to advance this question, how do i treat her, when i have to work with her

Hi Men, new to this discord channel. Love Happy Humble Hermit and Alexander Grace. Both of you are turning my state of mind around for the better. Any of you also know Alexander Grace, whats your opinion?

thank your for your contributions. my own answer to myself at the moment, going my own way but i still have strong sexual urges as a young man and it is hard to go celibate. I am not watching porn for various reasons and i am not into one night stands if the girl can contact me after that. I liked the principle Hยณ told once. Three stages. One of monk mode, one of spinning plates, and one of short term relationships in the honeymoon-phase. I consider going that way too but worry if i set myself up for more problems connected with the grieve i still feel for my last girlfriend.

To dig into this, i would be inerested in the three stages you told once in one of your videos. Monk, spinning plates, and short-term relationships. how experiences with this affected you and how you see that activities in terms of happiness and social interaction with females and the value of these interactions

Do some of you listen to Mac miller? When i listen to the track "wings" i always feel like he wanted to go mgtow but got struck before he could overcome his demon.

Hey @Happy Humble Hermit i would love to see a testimonial type of section, where people can write down their stories and why they found mgtow. I see you're using wordpress so people could theoretically categorize for reasons and so on. I would love to read the individual stories. I have a story on my own that dragged me thru alot of shit and would feel comforted in the brotherhood of likeminded

this possibly could bring you more topic ideas and make us less prone to patterns in the dating world

I am friends with girls if i dont feel attracted to them and they don't love me. It generally opens the doors to new girls

It is biologically hardwired into our brain to be attracted to girls with some minor exceptions. I am thinking about writing a short essay about the three instances model of Freud to explain how this confusing way of thinking is created. if Hยณ doesn't do it before me. This has nothing to do with the millenial evolution. Listen to the boomer generation making miserable love songs like Angie or all this "give me another chance"-metal-balladds about their waifus that fuck another guy yet they are still in love. Cucks always existed, MGTOW always existed. But now it is the time a movement was neccesary

Another funny thing i wanted to write about is how in the middle-age Hypagamy was just so much more honest. Then, Women got told to marry this particular guy for his wealthy being or social status. Nowadays you have to fight through many layers of cogntive dissonance of modern values in their heads until in the end when the possibility for them arrived this desire of women eventually shows itself as it is.

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis

Yea, he is one of the most influentia thinkers of the twentieth century concerning Psychology

it actually combines good with the evolution of todays society and the maslow pyramide

With evolution in this case i just ment the progression of the society perceiving a certain moral value as good

Yes, exactly. If you look at it from distance the society is more like the framework that influences the conscious way of thinking but in the end you see the same patterns in every society. The more you read romances from completely different ages the more you seem to understand that.

Like Hยณ and many other influencers of the MGTOW movement pointed out, our modern framework of values in western society is gynocentric and feminised. That means it is more in the female nature - hedonistic and has lack of purpose. Especially the Video about South Korea of Hยณ is an eye opener in this sense.

Thank you.

Here in Germany there are heavy demonstrations against refugees and the conservative-right wing gains alot of Patriots that are full of the decisions made over their heads. With that said, poor Swedistans culture is so declined in the past years that is really just saddening. The same goes for France in the biggest cities by the way.

Having the chance to ask a native - are the nogo zones as real as reported? I've seen reporters getting tried to run over by cars and things thrown at like apes

wow interesting, i may tune in

if you can speak English in voice

In Germany, it is mostly at the train stations, for example there is huge drug dealing zones in Frankfurt on the Main

Dortmund is in a bad economical place for germans aswell, this makes it even more sad

I have some valuable experiences with Refugees that i can share with you if i tune in, i camped with 9 of them at a see for 4 days. It was a good time and gave some perspectives

I myself live in Bavaria and i gotta say you have to separate the South and the North Aswell as west and east.

see you

@Odd it is less the feminist ideas but more the liberal cucks that want to dig their own graves. Every Party that wants to limit refugges are thrown upon in the media but if you ask in the general population they have huge support.

Even my Ex, a goth that is lgbt-queer poisoned (feminist ideas) has a bad opinion about letting more refugees in

In the bigger picture it does in Germany too but many individual women also are against the refugee-politic as it is at the moment

Yes, we have federal states. But that is a bit much to discuss while working, maybe today in the evening.

For example in one part of germany you are allowed to smoke in bars, in others not. it is hard to explain in text

I love Sushi

I am an integrated degree student

roughly make 700โ‚ฌ a month but in a year this will be four times as much

then i can finally be a beta bucker like i always wanted โค

@Odd @MeepMeepRonin i bought a headset so i can join in

Hยณ since im 19 i work a 8 to 4 schedule and sometimes i work on the side, i turned 21 recently. Unfortunately this makes your social life suffer a bit.

If you want an easy full time job go networking

@Seven Of Swords It doesnt appeal to me that you have any methodology to get through life. Providing criticism without solution is not very usefull. Maybe you really should take the local roadwhore advice and see how far it gets you.

The thing is even if the system our western system is corrupt, you can go an easy path suited for you if you have devotion and take of your shekels to obligations like women. With that said, the bitterness i still feel for sometimes can be hard.
Yesterday my dog was already weak and i realized he will day in a few days. I dont know why but it kicked up feelings for my ex and now i have to mend again. The mental prison of monogamous servitude-expectations really have driven me crazy

For me it is the shekels of "The more you put in, the more you get in the end". That is simply not true for our society, especially regarding women.

@Seven Of Swords You can decide that no methodology of this world suits you, but then you might aswell kill yourself, because you are at the wrong place. You are under 25 which puts you in the section of young man. what did you do with your life yet? Sit in your room and avoid all things, because you think they are all shit? Thats sociopathic. Get out there and shape the world around you like you need it like a man should.

can you give me rights, i have a fucking great picture

thank you kek โค

The total state of bluepilled men

"i have never done this"

Today a big intelectual german newspaper released an article with critical hints against feminism

translated quote "Mens and Womens personalities differ more with higher equality in a country.
This makes it seem that in terms of equality there was not a huge progress made meanwhile. In job-areas with mostly men women are seen as slowed down in their self-actualisation. But recent studies show otherwise. Maybe it is needed to endorse the differences between and women"

You're preaching the choir, people here already know that lol

can you reference me a link for that in pm?

Detach from your things, then you can start to stop getting wagecucked

move somewhere with job-prospects, go hard for three years and then reap good wage for a long time

I don't know how old you are, but nowadays i wouldnt recommend you to go to college anymore

Blue-Collar jobs have much better future at the moment, cause all the millenials don't want to work them

Making your happiness depend on your parents makes you as dependent as with women

i would prefer family before women any time though

Living with your parents creates a dependency to some degree. There are some quite possesive parents out there. Sometimes it can dwell on your creativity and productivity to hold against that.

Personally, i live a more productive life if i am in the apartment with my roommate. It depends on the family situation overall.

The thing is tradesman my parents get child support for having me. 180โ‚ฌ/month

My rent is 220โ‚ฌ month when i live with my roommate

Nah, its support from the government in general

Government pays child support until you finished school and job education or when you reached 25

For the moment zero

i pay for insurance and rent only at the moment

because i am still in my traineeship

@ZODD not before the age of 35

@The Tradesman That are measures made by the government to push up the native birth rates aswell as the creation of new companies

next to my workplace a so called "makerspace" was opened recently.

you can use 3d printers, cnc-cutters and alot of crafting stations for free

it usually works in combination with governemnt funds that supports the first steps in the ( never ending ) document-work you have to do in germany to create a company

Especially digital companies are getting good Tax-support because germany wants the next "Google"-type of company originating from Germany. But with our harsh privacy laws in the internet i guarantee that will not be the case.

isn't that like a mail program?

I mean yea, when it come to security in web applications Germany definitely shows qualities

But for the distribution of new Ideas, especially concering Augmented Reality and Innovations for the world-market the data-privacy-regulations speed down the process of development pretty hard

basically you can't collect any data of any user without letting them know explicitly what it is.

@Dark_Prophit You have to use your time resources better man, watering down on stories destroys your debating-power

A smart man can describe things with few words

who was the guy listening to german music

Utopia is an unreachable state for mankind

@Dark_Prophit You are influenced by the idea that destroying modern feminism would be the solution to making women faithfull again. However that is not true.

Mgotw = Man, going their own way; Men getting themselves outta whoredom

@Dark_Prophit Think about this basic MGTOW-Statement in our manufactured society.

Women have Authority without responsibility, men don't want responsibility without authority

I love the Scripts of Marcus Aurelius

do you have a girlfriend @MadShangi

When did you have a sexual encounter the last time

If a debatist would behave like you, he would be bood offstage

Stop discussing on this level @eclipseNF ๐Ÿ‘Œ it makes no sense

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