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It should be illegal

The punishment doesn't need to be severe, but it should be censored the same as child porn.


Are you a Shia Muslim?


They'll be starving themselves in a couple days

Ramadan soon

It sucks

I lost 30lbs one Ramadan

All muskle

I was

I was raised Muslim

My parents are Iranian


My parents only found a Sunni private school though, so I went there mondays to fridays up to the 8th grade

I went to a Shia madrassa on the weekends

What's your background?

By revert you mean convert?

I know lots of Muzzies say revert because they believe everyone is born a Muslim or whatever

So are you Secular now, or did you convert to a different religion?

The pedo stuff is the only thing that bothers me

I converted to Catholicism anyways though

But I'm not a Papist

More of an Anglo-Catholic

No, I'm in British Columbia.

My parents moved to Canada ~27 years ago

The Muslim school stuff was here

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31 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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