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2018-09-03 11:11:23 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

2018-09-07 19:34:00 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

how the hell did they allow him to shoot this

2018-09-08 00:29:03 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

my wife is radibly misogynistic, it scares me sometimes

2018-09-08 00:29:34 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

don't get me wrong, i'm all for disliking women in general, but she takes it too far

2018-09-08 00:44:54 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

yeah, women make up of over half the world's population

2018-09-08 00:44:59 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

our sample size is big enough

2018-09-08 00:52:35 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

you can always delude yourself into thinking you're an exception

2018-09-08 00:53:54 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

then rate my old dogette

2018-09-08 00:54:43 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

mind you that any score below 9/10 will get you shot

2018-09-08 00:55:48 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

i'm cracking up

2018-09-08 00:55:50 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

god i love dogs

2018-09-09 07:23:26 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

haha estoy en el internet

2018-09-09 11:07:04 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

tu eres la frontera ahora, gringo

2018-09-11 11:10:32 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

oh, right

2018-09-11 11:10:42 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

today it's american whining day

2018-09-13 13:42:27 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

fat people

2018-09-13 16:01:33 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

too american to be of any worth

2018-09-16 01:38:18 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

Fish is poisoned, meat is full of hormones, plastic makes your balls shrink, vegetables are sprinkled with pesticide

2018-09-16 01:38:23 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

Basically don't eat anything ever

2018-09-28 22:46:16 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

You want edge? How about this one: Homosexuals are mentally ill people and should either seek treatment or be executed if they ever acted upon it.

2018-09-28 22:47:21 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

There's more: Their bodies shouldn't be harvested for organs, as they are stained with immorality.

2018-09-28 22:47:35 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

Are you passing out yet

2018-09-28 23:07:52 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

Alright, enough of that, boys.

2018-09-28 23:08:11 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

How do you find the tons of sources regarding homosexuals and their deleterious behaviour?

2018-09-28 23:09:41 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

No, I mean

2018-09-28 23:09:50 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

How do you find = what do you think of it

2018-09-28 23:10:02 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

My question was directed at @Sterling

2018-09-28 23:12:11 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

You should educate yourself beyond matters that appeal to you. You'll never grow much that way.

2018-09-28 23:12:35 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

Read the articles, lad.

2018-09-28 23:12:40 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

Read them.

2018-09-29 02:28:19 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

>provide then dozens of proofs
>lmao i wont read them ill just forget tomorrow anywayz xD

2018-09-29 12:08:34 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

that ain't the point, @Sterling you scrubo

2018-09-29 12:09:30 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

after the shitty exchange you two had, he gave you several sources regarding homosexuals

2018-09-29 12:09:46 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

when i asked you what you thought of it, you capped out with a similarly cheap tactic

2018-09-29 12:10:14 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

so it's not like you're some kind of high rhetoric master and the other guy is some emotional beast

2018-09-29 12:56:25 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

quite the gymnastics to just say "lmao whateverz"

2018-09-29 12:57:21 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

>Also, pedophilia and homosexuality are different things (although that part you know) and it doesn't necessarily involve children of the opposite sex. I'd also believe that a homosexual pedophile (now that's something for the stories) would prefer little boys over little girls.

2018-09-29 12:57:49 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

you claimed this, articles have been presented to disprove that

2018-09-29 12:58:20 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

>The danger is not having non-heteros in a classroom, the danger is having them force LGBT propaganda down kid's throats.

2018-09-29 12:58:26 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

read dem articles, lad

2018-09-29 12:58:36 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

would you rather be entertained than enlightened?

2018-09-29 14:18:10 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

the absolute state of radical centrism

2018-09-30 21:00:48 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

meanwhile the chinese don't give a shit about sjwry and the muslims treat women like objects

2018-09-30 21:00:57 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

the west will be steamrolled if this goes on

2018-09-30 21:25:48 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

nah, the future holds something far more grim

2018-10-02 00:16:22 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

don't blacks have higher testosterone?

2018-10-02 00:30:58 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

mmm that seems to be just conjecturing tbh

2018-10-02 07:10:30 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

but in any case, if aromatase converts "excess" test into estradiol, what is the "excess" number? and what prevents it from being higher in blacks?

2018-10-02 07:49:49 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

mmm interesting

2018-10-02 07:50:28 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

however, on an anecdotal note, i was required by my doctor to measure my test and it was above the normal levels, i remember being over 1000

2018-10-02 07:51:01 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

it's perceptible, i'm hairy, gain muscle fast

2018-10-02 07:51:23 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

but i never had any of the estradiol issues

2018-10-02 07:51:51 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

i'd say that the 1070 cap is the real one then

2018-10-02 07:51:56 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

for a real problem to emerge

2018-10-02 07:54:23 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

this is a meta one

2018-10-02 08:00:00 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

we should also remember that african-americans were artificially selected during the slavery period, so the biggest and most resilient got to reproduce

2018-10-02 08:00:17 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

just compare african-americans to the actual africans of the western african coast

2018-10-02 08:01:26 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

the yoruba, which iirc is where most of the slaves were taken

2018-10-14 02:12:48 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

@Sterling explain this pair of dogs

2018-10-14 03:54:48 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

paradox joke

2018-10-14 03:56:23 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

tfw you're trash jew and use niqqud

2018-10-14 18:28:12 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  


2018-10-15 04:14:41 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

what towel? even the brits already wanted unconditional surrender, and the soviets were bloodthirsty to the end. hitler and the germans had only one option left: die fighting for germany, even though all was lost

2018-10-15 05:48:33 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

you don't understand: once the tide was reversed, there was no "surrendering". there was no "aight lets end this fight, ill give you guys some stuff and let us keep our country". it was total war, it would only end with occupation. now, whether allied propaganda managed to completely change his image or not is a whole different thing. what we're talking about is that, once the war had begun, and especially after the setback in late 41 and early 42, there wasn't any "hanging the towel".

2018-10-15 05:51:16 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

and in fact, the soviets were not only amped up by the conveniently-now-nationalistic propaganda, but also by having so many of their own killed. they wanted revenge, and that's natural. the point is that there was absolutely no room for this idea that "hitler should have sued for peace"

2018-10-15 05:54:58 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  


2018-10-15 05:55:15 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

yeah, let's surrender and let them kill us in war camps like it happened

2018-10-15 05:55:21 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

let's surrender and be sent to gulags

2018-10-15 05:55:25 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

and have our women raped

2018-10-15 05:56:31 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

at least the europeans of then that fought to the end managed to keep their pride. what was left wasn't germany, isn't, and it's to be forgotten

2018-10-15 05:57:48 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

truly ain't

2018-10-15 05:58:14 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

nah, let's pretend our cowardice is being "rational" and "pragmatic"

2018-10-15 05:59:46 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

>living to fight another day after the greatest conflict the world has ever seen, with your country obviously doomed to occupation and castration
are you thick or something, my man

2018-10-15 06:00:11 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

do you think that any german soldier of the wehrmacht would have had a chance of "fighting another day"?

2018-10-15 06:00:49 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

yeah, i'll take my dead pride over a living meek pragmatism any day

2018-10-15 06:01:35 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

there are things more important than happiness

2018-10-15 06:01:51 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

such as this alien concept to you, pride

2018-10-15 06:01:53 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  


2018-10-15 06:02:14 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

wrong, hedonist

2018-10-15 06:02:43 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

it being the ultimate individualistic goal of an evolved ape doesn't make it the most important idea

2018-10-15 06:03:14 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

all of your arguments could be used by the most debauched and degenerate of people

2018-10-15 06:03:48 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

you might be misinforming them, then

2018-10-15 06:03:57 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

you seem to have no grasp of the concepts whatsoever

2018-10-15 06:04:12 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

but hindsight is easy anyway

2018-10-15 06:04:20 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

always 20/20

2018-10-15 06:04:35 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

the german people lost nothing. they fought for who they were

2018-10-15 06:04:57 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

what was painted afterwards is just words to the wind

2018-10-15 06:05:10 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

the BRD isn't germany, and any nationalist will tell you that

2018-10-15 06:05:27 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

in any case, the UK won and are knee-deep in shit as well

2018-10-15 06:05:36 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

so did france

2018-10-15 06:06:55 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

if you consider the mere legislation saying something is the continuation of something else, then you're not only mad, but have a cattle mentality of most

2018-10-15 06:07:35 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

you seem to not know the difference between a country and a nation

2018-10-15 06:07:44 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

there is no problem. germany is gone.

2018-10-15 06:08:34 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

people who live in germany and that love germany more than you love your mongrel nation have a higher authority on the matter to me, tbh

2018-10-15 06:08:49 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

but again

2018-10-15 06:08:53 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

going back

2018-10-15 06:09:03 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

there was no "hanging the towel"

2018-10-15 06:09:22 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

(the term being in fact throwing in the towel)

2018-10-15 06:09:46 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  


2018-10-15 06:10:29 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

wtf are you serious?

2018-10-15 06:10:51 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

the geneva convention was AFTER the war, ass

2018-10-15 06:11:47 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

the treaties that formed the convention as a document in international relations were signed in 49, to be added to the previous powerless ones

2018-10-15 06:12:01 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

the two previous ones were as effective as the league of nations

2018-10-15 06:12:15 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

and, in any case, they aren't respected by the big boys anyway

2018-10-15 06:12:47 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

didn't the US have war camps for german prisoners after the war, despite the "geneva conventions", where millions died?

2018-10-15 06:12:56 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

did the USSR not send millions to the gulags?

2018-10-15 06:13:13 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

they did, bud

2018-10-15 06:13:19 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

conventions meant nothing

2018-10-15 06:13:34 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

and still don't for the ones in power

2018-10-15 06:14:03 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

"surrendering" in 1942 would have resulted in the same thing: occupation, war crimes

2018-10-15 06:14:46 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

let me answer you with another simple question: do you prefer to die standing or live on your knees, ernesto?

2018-10-15 06:15:31 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

as you failed to choose between one of the two, i'm going to take from your previous thoughts that you prefer the latter

2018-10-15 06:16:00 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

again, going back to the original point

2018-10-15 06:16:32 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

surrendering before may 45 would have made no difference, except for the fact that germany would have fewer heroes

2018-10-15 06:16:38 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

but someone like you knows better

2018-10-15 06:17:32 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

the young men back then were fighting for their blood and soil, to the bitter end, no matter what. there was no room for some 21st century mentality of "guys, let's surrender and then attack them in a generation or two, right?"

2018-10-15 06:17:56 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

you have a good night, too

2018-10-17 19:18:41 UTC [Redpilling Archive #general-chat]  

it's for facebook neocon mommies

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