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can you explain that a bit more?

Or it might just cause a lot more headaches that will need to be undone later

adding to that list might not be wise

that is a scary thought @Fitzydog

i can't argue with that @Fitzydog

I don't want to see it happen

there are definitely people who want that outcome though

how do you think it would be divided up? @Fitzydog

a youtuber called Balck Pilled did a good video on that recently, it was focused around the movie pleasentville @Fitzydog

aka women and the mentally ill

they'll just have to change that whole white male thing eventually , if they want to keep santa



surprisingly the Europeans are resisting some of the PC stuff around Christmas and other traditional things

It was good back in the day, but those guys seem like weird lefty douchebags now

maybe you're just old

the energy has been low it seems

If he actually went after the Fed, he would be the best president ever

unless they took him out, which they would probably try

it's an art thing, everyone thinks they're special

you see these art hoes trying to set themselves apart, but they all end up looking the same


you really need practical people for that, 'artists' are trying too hard to express themselves instead of just doing the job

you can get an ego from anything


nice, do you still hire people though?

there aren't real artists anymore

that's interesting, i thought he was a PC bro @Fitzydog

not good

all i know is red line go down means not good @M4Gunner

are you going to unsubscribe? @Ondsinet

when people say tradition is bad, it makes me think they haven't actually thought that hard about it

what do you mean by that?

was that just a piece of information, or were you trying to make a point that i'm missing?

oh right, agreed

the left have a narrative of progress that a lot of people don't even think about, they just absorb it
it turns into the "it's 2018, come on people" fallacy

better stuff


you need to mix up the wrapping paper

socks and underwear are really good gifts when you get older

you sound like a total diva

for some reason i pictured a wood burning iron as a clothes iron that runs on wood <:thronk:441701565607444482>

the vibration is the worst part about those things, and the blades are usually shit

so you can get friction burns on your butthole?

power grabs, and how shitty the migrants were really gonna be

the good guys come together in the end, and evil is always defeated

yeah, you need to find a way to get the information out without sounding like a nut

that big flood stuff is legit though

that flood had to be so big that all these cultures remember it, that blows my mind

speaking of Atlantis though, I saw a theory that it's actually in Africa, supposedly there are these rings in the desert, not sure if i buy it though

they are big earth mounds in circles

what is that?

here is a short thing about that africa atlantis

haha, yeah that's not gonna load for me

Merry Christmas

i'm pretty sure that is a parody account if that is what you are asking

first tolerance, then inclusion, then ?

state enforced homosexuality, sam hyde was right

these people are really smart, they make it a taboo to criticize something BEFORE they implement it

all the phobias and isms are in place already, god forbid you don't want unchecked migration or any other thing they are pushing for

"well you just hate fill in the blank"

so shut up

the best option is to homeschool your kids, or find a nice private school that isnt insane. at least before it becomes illegal to do so

and that is better than the state ideology how?

yeah, but that will never happen

which was kinda my point

the left can't stand that, it's really funny in a way

nah decentralization is the way to go

i'm not very optimistic either, but you never know what will happen @Fitzydog

Thomas Sowell speaks highly of charter schools

public schools are bad in general

we learned the same thing in every grade

if you say stuff like that, people will act as though you shot their grandma

leftists are really emotional about any sort of change in that direction

how much good would it do if we just got rid of teachers unions?

they don't get paid shit really, but yeah i'm with Fitz, most of this shit would be better privatized

was this in the ghetto or something?

no, that kid would be gone

so who is even gonna go to this school?

yeah, pull an alex jones

you just need to show up, don't let them shut you out

talk about how you have hot blood and so on

your mayor is a black woman?

```Immediately following her election, Mayor-President Broome convened a team of 300 diverse residents to be part of her transition team. Residents ranged from millennials to seniors, who represented various races, education levels and socioeconomic statuses. Among the issues covered were flood recovery, community-police relations, education, economic development, race relations, and transportation.```

maybe start redpilling them on bigger issues, hand out some literature

What is it with leftists moving to libertarian areas and fucking it up? i guess they can't see that they are the problem

yeah put a big sign up that says no Californians and have some good old boys in the back of a pickup truck next to it

some people should not be welcomed into the community

gotta give them the stink eye

and spit tobacco on their crocs

So what is the policy with these types of migrants, do they get sent back?

how compassionate

where else do you think they would be from?

i think it also said, iraq and afghanistan

they don't look black, at least from that photo

I actually do wonder who these 'smuggling gangs' are though, it didn't say, unless i missed it

```Groups such as Britain First and the English Defense League and advocates such as Tommy Robinson continue to lead movements in favor of restricting Muslim religious freedom.```
what did they mean by this?

you'll never be able to do that as long as there is such a thing as protected classes @Fitzydog

that ACLU article makes it seem like the only bad thing about mass surveillance and biometric recognition technology is that it will be used against minorities, which i saw as the only possible upside

```Because those that are narcissistic are drawn to the Left```
this is very true, i'm working on a project that explores this idea, not sure if it's gonna be just an essay or possibly a video, but it's something i've been thinking about for a while now. @Fitzydog

behind the scenes of what, where is this?

2018-12-25 22:16:15 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  

haha, what does he even mean by benefit? not to mention the fact that 83% of black Americans are Christian, and most of them probably celebrate Christmas in some form.

sure you do

you don't have to be a Nazi to see the bullshit in that , but you might be right

so she was 13 when they took her, pretty sad

haha, those types of videos have the best comments

very predictable

they should sell the fabric ones, less likely to be thrown away

the tinman needs a heart not a brain

that's how you know it was a good move

you intercepted an alien transmission

2018-12-26 15:52:56 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  

fake news

I have never felt white guilt, am I racist now?

yes, i'm talking about the mark collett video

oh canada

2018-12-26 16:29:40 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  

Swedish State TV: Virgin Mary cloned herself, and Jesus was transgender

very cool

is that a black person in the background?

2018-12-26 16:33:36 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  


haha, I was talking about the elbow on the right

how do you think ww3 will go down?

that is some expert analysis


all memes die

it's the circle of life

you really think so?

do you see anyone using the really old memes? no

those are new re-purposed memes

if they take on a new meaning, then it's not the same meme

no u

i'll be big some day

is this how you treat your guests?

i know who got coal this year

good clean coal

trapologosits haha

are you a trap?

!rank was your guys Christmas?

no drunk family arguments then?

are you really a Christian?

and you? @M4Gunner

not cool

anime was made by the devil

apparently pol thinks that mossad is trying to clone the antichrist from jesus dna they found on the shroud of turin, lol
I was having quite a laugh at it last night

idk, there were like 4 threads about it

had something to do with oliver stone

they sanctioned the hit though

mel gibson cares

you talking about metokur?




I watch his stuff, he is low energy recently though

not into that

I like sargon

why so defensive?


what is wrong with butts?

got em

says the gay

no u

i've seen no evidence of virtue here

just baseless attacks on my character

haha, who works at a soup kitchen?

is that how you make friends?

we could be family, but you choose to shun me

i'll get there soon, dont you worry

what caravan?

i have no clue, i think some of them are getting processed

the lady with the kids got in iirc

the other kid was fake news remember

they never learn

even the dad said it wasnt their fault

it's just fake news emotional manipulation

kids are too young to die, use your head, it just doesn't make sense

oh jeez, now we're at the blame game stage

they took a risk, they knew what was up

most of those migrants were men

and they got a nice bus ride

haha, yes

put them on a bus, and then it turns into the fortnite bus and takes off over the ocean



it's good

i saw it at a friends house a long time ago

they were probably on their own at that point, south Americans have kids at like 15, they're basically adults, not like american man babies


haha employee owned, i doubt that really means anything

"you guys are killing us, let us in"

do you have a link to that one?


"the policy of turning people away at the border is putting families in danger" <:thronk:441701565607444482>

i saw that before @LumpyAcidFish


i dont see the big deal here, am i missing something?


this changes nothing

dude, they're getting on the fortnite bus, dont worry

anyone want to go down there and make some citizens arrests with me?

force them to build the wall at gunpoint and then trebuchet them over afterwards

i thought i was being original


would it be possible to have a processing center in mexico, so that they can bypass the time limit?

we should try and do that

people arent illegal! <:triggered:382980748115968000>

accelerate global warming, California burns and Florida sinks, problem solved?

is this pokemon?

is that pokemon?

oh, so it is pokemon

i like charmander

i see you are a cultured individual

what about the spanish

i can't argue with that

```I wonder if organizers would go find the migrants with the sickest babies and tell them all, "you should go cross the border illegally and turn yourself into the police because they have better doctors" knowing full well some of the babies will die in custody.
too paranoid?```
nothing is beyond them, you should know that by now

are there really that many furries here? oof

would you eat a booger for a million dollars?


are you white? @EnderOctanus

just use your privilege duh

that is why networking and making friends is so important, the best way to get jobs is to know someone who will vouch for you

how feminine is the dick?

I hear that it can, but i'm not sure how

to blackmail you later?


porn is not as glamorous as it used to be

Wow, you guys really are degenerates

you are very unlikely to get aids for straight sex, as long you are the one with the penis

the beans make it better

i am offended, i thought this was a christian server

who is the retard?

what is that pic from, it looks familiar? @EnderOctanus

haha, why am i retarded? @Durtle02

what do you guys think the chances are of the two, percentage wise?

those old ladies are cute

dont post stuff that breaks the rules, how is that hard to understand?



good observation

I am not an autist, does that make it worse to be here?

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