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counter signal anglin get banned

this is a zero tolerance zone

yoyoyo invite me to the AW server

enough siege faggotry

shut the fuck up and go be about it dont talk abou tit

siege fags dont do shit

will end up like james mason packing 2 by 4s into mexicans pick up trucks at home depot literally

yea we win with war and 90 pound faggot larpers dont win wars

dont say shit to me about siege

go live the siege life show us what you are about and ill respect it

i dont respect faggots that talk shit all day

yea im tired of people insulting anglin and others when they have done nothing themselves

keep that shit to yourself

anglins sieging harder than mason. mason works at fucking home depot. come on

what have you done period. not for th emovement. period. youve done nothing

no siege fag has

so dont talk shit about others

ok so prepare and shut the fuck up

im better armed than any siege faggot

go arm yourself and train

shut the fuck up

i can survive in the woods indefinitely

is that not prepared

or should i learn how to properly stack 2 by 4s on shelve like mason is that being prepared properly

anglins better prepared than you

fucking richard spencer is better prepared than any siegecuck and he wears ladies underwear

the answer to the whites mans problem is not siege

go siege shut the fuck up keep it to yourself

dont attack others especially if you arent man enough to do shit to them

you siege faggots cause so much drama and lure away good young people with your bullshit

you pull a mcveigh hypothetically my opinion of you will change until then SHUT THE FUCK UP

its ok to be pro siege not ok to push the shit on everyone else constantly when you arent living the siege life at all

im more siege than anyone in atomwaffen

im dropping off the grid going to fucking southeast asia to live in the jungle

i didnt say that you fucking retard

ok if you want to keep people out of prison shut the fuck up

dont discuss anything that can be seen as violent online

dont allow muslims into your group

just stfu and be low key

the yenta cage is bowlly rays personal yenta echo chamber

where he can hear the screams of his yenta victims



the yenta cage gave him time to think

he really had time to reflect

fuck frank sensitive twat hell be back

ill message him

bowly ray did not quit becaus of siege fighting

bowly ray finally admittd his yenta adictions

lol race traitor

you little faggot

if you got a whiff of tila tequilas cunt youd probably give up your beliefs and convert to judaism

i caught mason fingering a mexican janitor at home depot the other day so if you call me a race traitor so is he

coming from the guy that talks about joining the mile high club with blitz daily

yes its a joke if you say it once or twice or even five times

but not every day. and no i dont think your a homosexual just a fag. blitz is definitely a closet queer though

jews turn into salamadners whe reincarnated

sammy hit em with hatefacs



copy and paste some liberal faggot shit


bowlmuda triangle

in that employee of the month pic, take masons face put it on the short one, put a skull mask on the tall one

because siegecucks are so irrelevant even antifa doesnt give a fuck about them lol


im about to go bowlserk

to mamz a man when hes sleeping is the lowest of jew tricks

yea converting established people with money power and resources is fucking stupid

not convert but lots of older people feel like we do

not all boomers are cucks

oo ok


nazis took over europe in rags while holdiing out a beggars cup i forgot about that

its good to have powerful allies

with money


you need lots of money for a war

war of information then? takes money to get info out

people ike anglin are rare

imagine if anglin had millions and had a cable news station

you need money to get anywhere nowadays

lol ok

america is a lot different than fucking africa

or cuba or something

different time

you forgot about the tanks, helicopters

etc etc etc

special forces units

guerilla war is fought from the woods, he mountains

hitting and moving

you hide when you are fighting a gigantic force like the american military

strongest military the planet has ever known

lost? really? america lost in vietnam and iraq? couldnt of fucking flattened them with bombs anytime they wanted?

not all objectives completed. but only because of restraints america put on itself

most powerful armed force the world has ever seen, best tech, best weapons, you are fucking retarded if you hink otherwise

you would need disciplined fighters all over the country

burger militias are not fascists

this is the corner of my room right now

thats not all my guns ya tard

there is no foregrip on the right

or are you suggesting that i should have a foregrip


im storing all my shit

its a free floated barrel

m lok

dude i have shotguns

lol thats not all my rifles im oiling them and storing them since im leaving thats why some are out of the safe


star with a 22

if you are broke get a savage 64f from walmart only 99 bucks

learn the basics

if you want a good cheap shotgun get a mossberg maverick 88

i got mine new for like 180 from walmart but you can get them cheaper used

its basically a mossberg 500 with some parts made in mexico and the metal isnt as good of quality

i put a camo skin on mine and use it as my turkey gun

thats my 88
















@neat lmao if they are the only hope the white race has left i might as wwell just start pumping out hapas now

so fucking cringey holy shit lmao

lol fevs is a good kid

lol the strolls are fucking great

please no attacking other groups

attack the jews

or the niggers raping our women

ok enough

lets taalk about our hatred for jews

check your pms

Dylann "one shot one kill" Roof


thumbs down spread it around post anti faggot comments

supposedly he chased james field

causing him to run into those faggots

im sure it will be ignored by the media



you have to change your name fam

has to be bowlcutcentric

death by a thousand bowlcuts maybe


dont blaspheme to bowl

the bowl

can we make a bowly rays greatest hits

well i guess hoahwin made one

il padrino del incesto

giussepe mongelli

filthy whore

kill joos

welcome bowlther



@Illegal Aryan looks like your modeling in career in china is ruined

your ghetto tattoos and du rag that you always wear wont let you be on tv fam


hope some of the faggots burnt to death inside


this server is now yenta lover free

yes it will. it will make spics riot and go nuts

illegals will be deported

most of them already do sit in their homes and work and thats it

you report them so they feel as if they can never assimilate

that is the point

so theres a spic family down the street you say? clean cut, all work, all college grads? fucking report them to child protective services. looks like little juan may be hungry and not bathed in a while huh?

if fucking ben carson moved in next door i would report that nigger for jay walking

sitting back and doing nothing wont do shit. letting illegals ruin shit wont do anything. you have to make them angry and terrified. cause more division

they will chimp out when the cops are at their house every fucking day

child protective services takes their children

cousin juan gets arrested on the front lawn for smoking a joint or whatever

spics chimp out. they are not as dumb as niggers but they chimp out

you want subhumans to think that every white person they see wishes them dead. i know some claim they already feel that way but its bullshit

there are different degrees of spic

but they all need to die

from the light skinned mestizo to the dark squant injun

all gassed

yea its my peoples fault

we know we fucked up, should of just wiped em all out

but i guess guys were horny from being away from women for years

so they stuck their dick in mud creatures

yea why would conquistadors bring women dude

why the fuck would you bring women to war lol

the spanish brought their women and families once established

but it took them a while to explore 2 continents basically

and conquer it all, so they did a lot of raping

if they wanted to rape them whatever as long as they killed them after

its the catholic bullshit

converting savages

but nobody bred with the niggers. spanish didnt breed with niggers in their african colonies, neither did the portuguese lol

the french did a lot of race mixing

created a ton of mullatos

dumb fucking indians

gasoline huffing monkeys

but nothing is worse than the aboriginal

they literally have commercials on tv telling them to not fall asleep in the street

not one of these people is more than a quarter abo. with several of them lookling like they are like 5 percent abo or less

lmao they are trying to fill a car tire with air with a bicycle pump in that abo team vid

who the fuck fucked those things

the women are fucking disgusting

they would of went extinct already if it wasnt for white charity

fucking apes

new username, why?


and i have never talked about anything like that

you are fucking delusional

if i recall i probably was talking about me and my bud having a thot over and convincing her to put clothespins on her nipples

but if you are such a white knighting faggot that doing that translates to fucking rape whatever

and you shouldnt slander people with shit like that faggot

thats some jew tier shit

you just said you sperged ou about something so hard dmarcus kicked you out

what did you sperg out about then? are you confusing me with someone else?

maybe i was talking about white sharia?

so you sperged out over white sharia?

i never talked about passed out white women

2,441 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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