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I don't wanna cut the conversation but I'm going to bed it's been real goys.

Milk makes me gassy.

@Koba Different kind of gas friend...

@Gray I agree with you, I try to ignore that urge from my libertarian days of seeing it burn down but I'm not sure what else can be done with Healthcare. Total catch 22.


I was under the impression the English still used muzzle loaders

Damingo means well, it's all bantzing

But with that said they need to tighten up their organization.

Fair enough

Yeah the salt is palpable

But I get what he's saying

You'd have to be a dingus to think that we really believe Damingo is gay.

Are abbos really human?

Are abbos superior? The can sustain solely off of drinking gasoline and sleeping in the street

I'd sooner call a black a nigger than bantz Damingo in person I'm not above admitting he could fucking murder me lol.

My bad my phone keeps autocorrecting and I missed it

Why is that Swedish woman just walking by like nothing is happening?

@northern_confederate Are you saying all Europeans look the same?


They're so broken

why's that?

Not supposed to screenshot the discord dude.

Goys, can someone tell me what the grand Mac challenge entails?

Jesus christ

I think I can do it

5/88 minutes is a good podcast then?

What Rockville thing?

What's uhuru?

37 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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