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Thanks @Adrien Arcand Interesting platform. Heard about it plenty but never bothered to check it out.


I think we're more organized online than everywhere in Europe, but Europe is more organized on the street.

But their lack of online organization means their street work isn't as optimized as it could be.

Sure, I didn't say there's NO online presence by these people, and leading up to an election is going to bring about increased activity, but you don't have anywhere near the amount of range in types of content being created (strategies described in articles and podcasts).

Lol, it's hard to assess the strength of a faction of nationalism when a country has it's own language not spoken through much of the world and also has a small number of people compared to the Anglosphere.

Probably sums up to their royalty losing to our royalty and the people have paid the price in historical influence ever since.

Lmao, the casualties/losses section.

Yeah, all stemming from the Masonic revolution.

There's probably some fully woke people, but they'd be pretty overwhelmed looking at their country now and looking at its history.

We're mostly looking at just 50 years of nonsense (although plenty leading up to that that caused it to happen) but they're looking back over 200 years.

200 years of backpeddling would seem daunting to me. I'd be tempted to say fuckit.

I'm /GovanKilgour on twitter, fb, and youtube

Full gray would be a convenient dress code for urban situations.

Beige jackets with the funny old British hat.


lol yeah

But the jacket...

If you see anyone bringing up MoldyLocks, be sure to mention she's condoned the use of explosives and was photographed throwing glass bottles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4ftMf35LTw

Gray urban camo?

Like with the tiled broken pattern

Like grayed out camo that has light and dark patches.


Black and green

or Black and blue

blue = conservative
yellow = libertarians
green = those combined

Combine with black


Fine edge between meme funny and meme try hard

27 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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