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Can we get pewdipie added? That nigga woke

This what it's about, goys

Gotta go, goys.

>Cascadia master race
get fucked urbanite flatlanders

(Is this purity spiraling? I don't think it counts. I'm just shitposting)


Salty took this for me he's a sweetheart irl ;)

I gotta work nigga. Niggas got jobs and shit

>johnny's face when he goes into another chatroom and his hight is brought up

(I wish I knew the context)

Coffin Builder is the best goy. If you don't have him making graphics for your show, you're fucked up.

@everyone Announcement: I am working with Kevin MacDonald, and will be producing the official Culture of Critique audio book. I'm expecting, tentatively, for this to be a six month project, but I hope to come out ahead of schedule and under budget.

That said, I am fundraising. Donations can be made to

Official announcements on major podcasts to follow very soon. I hope everyone is as excited for this as I am. I'm proud to have the honor to take on this very important production.

@Hand Banana I'm quite sure it will, unfortunately.


>100% european

pick one

Elysian Space Dust IPA is amazing.

Look at this DANK jew defending a white nationalist. FUCKING BASED.

This documentary about Morrisey? Is that what you're on about?


Antifa is going to attempt an attack on the Suidlanders in Minnesota this Saturday. If the Suidlanders attempt to go on with their presentation as planned, we're going to need security matching that of Aubern, or greater.

Everyone, spread this info as far and wide as you can. Make everyone aware of this. This is fucking important.


48 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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