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Toaster Pixles

Principled Catholics​


What people don't realize is that dutertes "war on drugs" is also a war on the huge Islamic extremist faction they have there

Duterte will be the next Pinochet

Helicopters and all

He is doing what we should be doing right now

@YUGE I like where you head is at

White Sharia moto death squads

BMW R1200GSA with rifle scabbard and a pannier packed with extra ammo

Sidecar option available

We talking off road or suburbia here?

They did

@YUGE yes I have and do. I daily ride a BMW F650GS Dakar with a tuned suspension

Have a BETA 525RR for the single track stuff

Fuck yeah

@YUGE I was torn between the KTM and the BMW

That's the impression I get

The BMW has been solid. Just had to sort out a few electric things here and there.

But it is a 2001 so I expected as much


My buddy has 3 KTM 640's and he loves his

After he rebuild them all from the frame up to fix all of ktms mistakes

Have you had to crack the heads yet?


Those 1100 motors are very solid

Yeah, but BMW conceded the off road stuff the KTM awhile ago

I really want to ride one

Yeah, the super Enduro is definitely on my dream machine list

I hear they are like a super Duke but off road

Stupid power

No weight


What didn't you like about the Duke

Where are you in the world?

I can't find anything to back that up. Any source?

That Reddit thread is hilarious. They are all bitching about not organising or having a solid plan of action.

@YUGE If they pulled something like that it would be a shitstorm for them

Yeah, the FCC and teh feds don't play games like the local yokels do

@badtanman actually was hitting on a card carrying member of the local commi party.

Felt disgusted with myself after I learned that she was a communist and drowned myself in liquor

I'm glad I have a hwyte delivery driver

viva la france

D'Marcus, is that you?

@Vanguard I got to play around with one of the programmable grenade launchers

Cool af

Thats awesome man

God those things drive me up the wall when I see people using them

2d women are pure, unlike the degenerate 3d women

Idk what's worse. The fact that she did this or that she has a steady boyfriend

@here anyone have a fashy Spotify playlist?

What's his Spotify?

@D'Marcus Liebowitz what's your Spotify?

Ah, dammit. I need shit that is offline.

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