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Fucking milo

I literally can't fins a church around me

Becuase they all stand with Israel

Christian or Orthodox Christian

Like Slavic Church

Would be ideal


Dirty southern subhuman slav

Eastern Orthodoxy


Anyways new topic

Ya I went it was awesomely

Family owns property there


Apparently spic dont hit 6 feet

Jared Langley

He's huwhite


Imagine it was all Europeans on the top criminals in Somalia lisy

Stupid Somalians arnt smart enough to male a list

List* make*

I lost audio

Its hard to say

What's your definition of all the way?


Black pigeon always responds to my comments...I like him

I asked him to talk about WG and he said it would get him banned

*cuck alert*

White genocide


That's what I'm sayin

He likes donations


Oh yah

Whito pigah goh hoohh

That video was funny

Based japs

White pig go home



I told that mother fucker what time it is

Oh man I miss twitter

And the best part is when ur a super tiny new account the celebs seem to give you lip service

Makes the frikken frogs gay


Yo Asgard hopp in the chat for a sec if ur not wage cucking

Tiny little wage cuck supren


Top comment on that video

Why did we stop lynching niggers again?

Why are you all posting nigger videos?

You look hungry, eat something

Fix it

You should make some more videos. I'm still subbed

In the oven one is so funny

Holy moly polakski

Shitty buzz

I gotta go to work fam. Hope to talk to you soon

No chat?

No rock hardy in the morning

Equals low t

You should have a ragging one in the morning

If you have it the whole time you sleep plus the morning = super high t

And in that case start working out and taking advantage of it

Sometimes I wake up and feel like its going to explode

Do you really though? 24/7


100 MCG would kill you

I can't hear anything

She's a little young

Muh hero

That's because there not


Knock on wood


Fucking phone? I'm good bruh



I will

Cheers bruddah

I've been actually getting in shape this time @FylnnGardian

I'm got a good thing going right now


Taylor don't bend over! Nooo

D'marcus Hotel Liebowitz



I use to mash this girl with the last name swaggot



Chicken sandwich

Duke Karl Alexander of W├╝rttemberg begins his reign promising to rule with loyalty and honesty, but the treasurer S├╝├č Oppenheimer corrupts him, causing the citizens to complain and pushing W├╝rttemberg to the brink of civil war.

I thought the same weev but the lefties are relentless


Do you have a link for helicopter moms?

I didn't that vodka all the tlme

Its so smooth

Quadruple filter and distilling process

It makes you super strong and fast

@everyone get up in hurrr meow

@everyone except slug_gay

Epic pics

What am i reading lol

Man the new Dave Chappelle is deeeecent

Damigos goys

Good purchases @FylnnGardian

That has booze in it?

Weight belts and grips are for stepping it up a notch

Cernobitch is my archenemy

Caerulus dont beat yourself up brother. You're great at what you do.

I'm drinking with a couple girls and listening to

A decent redpill

Its like if were going to listen to nigger noise we might as well listen to this

Good question fam


Yo @FascistFather start talking nigga

You suck

My mom bought me the best work boots ever


Yeah they're decent

Your mom loving you and buying you stuff is the last sign of implicit whiteness

Tribulus and fenugreek

@Caerulus_Rex yo come in the chat nigga

Right, you have to give it all up, forever


DJ non doxx selfy

Its okay I'm way better looking then that fag


If it grows faster on the sides then top, you're Jewish

Old jew

Fucking conspiracy



No, I'll get steel crowns to nigga in solidarity


I call bullshit


Watch "Veritas Radio - Neil Kramer - The Staircase of Disbelief" on YouTube

Not for the close minded goys

Kushner is 6" 3

Not small

Watch "Militia Confronts Jew Criminals @ AIPAC Conference" on YouTube

I think I might doxx muh twittah

Europians are deadly


Queen is purely huwhite right?

Watch "BREAKING - WHITE couple gets 35 YEARS PRISON for being RACIST" on YouTube

Fake? Narrator sounds gay


Oops viii

Ff 8

Traffic court went good

You should start a baking club. Put up flyers.

Lol Mosley!

I think I'm funny

Nanners without googling it

Are green lights on the top or bottom of a street light

Okay just checking. I could of swore they were on the top

U passed


Man coulter

@everyone voice chat has been deadly

@everyone dead lately lol

Oh okay cool jw





Weissman should be raped with a baseball bat



What's the word with Russian and American relations after the bombing?

Yo somebody hop in da dur chat wit me @everyone

Shitty buzz

I guess your going to have to show them what time it is

Aryan time

14 mins have 8 oclock


Nukes aren't real

Were also not on a spinning ball. I know how it sounds. I was the same way. DO your OWN research. You can go out to the coasts and do simple HQ camera test. The oceans do not curve at the apparent 8 inches per mile sq

Somebody @ me if your going to voice chat

@FylnnGardian get up in the chat nigga

DM me your twitter handles please so I can add you


Serious asset

Syria assad

Lol word play

I'm just fucking around

Hope its not ww3

Thats me in da pic

Y'all ugly


Is that u eli

Ur not so ugly

Naw I do son


I dont kurr

No but yah

Ur right nanners

Its messy

I gassed muh hair


But my hair isn't fat and ugly

Just kidding


Ur sext AF eli

You're sexy AF Eli

So serious up in here

Fucking Saturdays

Cant trust them

Wow such an epic picture

I can't believe he is 40

So jealous

I had to take a picture of this

You can't really see it in the pic but its a black Chen trail

A perfect black line across the sky

Such a trip

I think ur shadow banned caerulus

On Twitter

Ya because you go have innocent jews


You're a fucking Nazi caerulus

White supremacist

Neo fascist

White power guy


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