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@Brad Small Loves this song, heard him singing it while he delivered pizza

take the yellow pill, very feminene penis
What did 8chan Mean by this, is there more drama?

Tbh some of skeleton kangs memes have been pretty funny

Hey man

Well thats like you opinion pal


I hate people of other Colors

you guys like memes?


i didnt want to post here anyway


you like memes?

@wyatt Why are you sperging out so much in that thread lmao

No wyatt its going to fucking ruin his career

I know you want to troll the angryfrog guys

but come on dude


posting what shit?

It seems like it is just you posting private stuff lmao
Like posting about what happened at TRStlemania

Also bringing up argentina lmao,

It wasnt true your being a fag lmao

you left way before any of the shit happened in argentina

Wyatt is being gay that is what is going on


its his thread

just highlight OPs ID and read what he posted

idk, from my knowledge the TRStlemania shit was private

they didnt talk about specific events though

He is bringin' up discord drama in a 4chan thread , that is what erks me

He posted something about ghoul, so people said "Ghoul fucks trannies" and he started bringin up shit

IDK someone mentioned your thread, dont remember who

I did what now?

I agree

Thank you

I try


Did you put em in a choke hold?

This is what I do to all the bitches

@Eli Mosley a glitter bomb? Were they trying to just annoy him?

anyone know a good IWB for a m1911?

I saw that, but idk, seems a little awkward.

havent watched reviews yet so will do that

I just made up a slogan for all the single guys (Unless someone has said this without me knowing)
" I got 14 Problems but 88 ain't one"

Why haven't we wiped out muslims

do you speak polish @Convo ?


no matter who you are, you will never be as cool as this guy

Fucking almost 100 for tickets to the maiden concert in STL FOR LAWN SEATS

Ticket master are jews


King Wolnir is a good boy, follows the rules

Can't be king of you break the rules

Only good boys can be king

Got some crocs

Is this what people mean when they say they don't like crocs?



That was someone else I believe

He made memes of shit never heard him lie

Only good boys can be king

That was some fag who ended up getting banned

Can't remember

Just remember the higher ups were like "we took care of it" when i asked

We didn't have a log so we couldn't check who got banned

@Convo calm down dude he literally hasn't said anything, you are mad cause he made memes of famous people. Just take a breather no one here wants to start stuff.

Wait he is gone why?

What did he do right now to get him banned lol


I will

Hmmm ok

You are mod

Not gonna argue

Yea, people dont like him apparently


Oh god no spam

@wyatt lol I hate that

If I ask someone what they want to eat


What exactly is that?




I wish you liked me

We need to get Wyatt on GOMAD

What would happen if a neet went GOMAD?



We need to find a neet

Like a real neet neet, and make him do GOMAD, see what happens

I don't know what my squat is, I literally just do reps with water jugs filled with dirt, and body weight exercises

I don't have and can't afford equipment

Who me

Only 5'10 king of the manlets range

I can lift my body weight

I need to pack on more weight, but I have a hard time gaining weight. Any tips?

Yea I will just stay lean and fit lol, my genetics are not fit for bulking, No one on my father's side has ever been fat, or Has been insanely bulked

Yea my dad lift well over his body weight, but he is a skinny dude.

Same with my grandpa

Nesquik is the only protein drink you need


I worked out a bit harder yesterday than I usually do, and the left side of my back is fucking killing me

What the hell did i do


I stretch

The thing is I worked out, then went and did a ton of yard work

Maybe it was the yard work that done me in



Its the way to go

Been rockin a stashe forna little bit now

>not only listening to Southern Folk music and Australian folk music

>dont forget the Rodies too

UDI state of mind, and Troopie Boy you Won are my favorite

Niggers all look alike

I hate the metric system

trying to jew us


what did he mean by this

>GPU Usage : 36442784% 52 C

I like it

unoptimized as FUCK

If my computer just restarted then I can run it

If my PC has been running for more than like 3 hours though I have to restart before I can play it

I get Max 60 on low and medium

but I get Random Freezes and Random Drops

They are gonna add modding and custom servers

They want people to make custom maps/guns/gamemodes and stuff

is this a good Hair Cut?

I am getting something similar

just a basic bitch undercut

kinda like this a bit

but better

cause my baber is awesome




I usually am


I dont trust myself for the fancy stuff

@Campin' Carl I used to just buzz it off

Like my video

just kidding

but watch it its funny

not fashy

but regular

@Bero We are talking about berries get in here


speak of the devil

Hael Hatlir

used to have an arsenal AK-74m

had to sell it feels bad man

ammo is a little pricy

but the round is great

Might be better than 556 tbh

but it is debatable

My main Rahowa gun is gonna be a AR10 or FAL

know dudes who have both


Mine was just basic bitch

I had a rail that clamped onto the mount on the side



yea 556 is not really something I use

.45 and 5.45 is what I have experience with

cant believe this dog can sing this good






See ya man

Hail Victory

U 2


why is barzil like this


Eu como o queijo de bunda

that is why

I love cron


yea never call yourself that here

being a Hoosier is really fucking bad here lol

Hoosier here means you are Dumb/Rude/White trash

Missouri is best state

quit being jelly

great video

I know hoosier just means you are frim IN

but here it literally is a different words

@Forum Anglorum Sprรฆc รžu ร†nglisc?

@Forum Anglorum Ah Iฤ‹ sehe


this dude gets it

just your username dude you are fine

I have a beta version of the spotify app

free premium dude



if anyone has an android and wants free spotify premium

there is a beta version of the app I can link you to

The first time I ever saw someone die was a little jarring

dude got in a car accident on the highway and was fucking ripped in half

right in front of us

was fucking crazy

literally half of him stayed in the car the other half was ejected

It was crazy dudes his innerds were fucking spilled out from the car to where he was ejected too

dead before he hit the concrete, no doubt

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